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“In the beginning was the Word”

Another follower of the Way in/of Jesus.

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“In the beginning was the Word”

By ‘worksbyjj’


That Word was the word of truth.

“…and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

God the Father is a spirit known as the Spirit of Truth, the Word. Hence the truth of the Word is alive with the Word’s spirit.

Thus we are created in God’s image, a body made alive by a spirit. Only our spirit that brings life to our body is just the opposite of God’s body; the Word of Truth is his body and that truth emanates a living spirit.

Our body emanates nothing, but the refreshing of our spiritual breath; and our blood keeps our body alive. Take away our life by either the loss of breath or the loss of blood and we die a permanent death.

Yet the life we are conscious of is kept alive in the spirit, but without a body’s mind to host our memories, and a heart to host the spirit of life, in our death we know nothing. There we await judgment to life or death.

All that you know in the world is colored by death, yet we can fight to know life in Jesus by walking in his ‘Way’.

Now in the beginning we lived clean sin free lives and we could live for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, if satan hadn’t butted in and caused decay to begin in sin. The fall of man in the Garden of Eden began a corruption of life and the health of all life was altered with human life being limited to 120 years max, with most dying earlier.

As man and empires grew without the presence of God in Truth and the lies of satan along with his influences of power and wealth infiltrated everywhere, the world became blind to the ‘Hidden’ in the Word of Truth and the Love it emanates in spiritual life.

As the empires grew and the corruption of life grew with them, the sins of corruption in man grew with no reason to change except a sickness of heart.

We can experience a wide range of emotions and though we cannot know God’s Agape love until we are born-again and then only in direct proportion to the measure of faith that was given to us. With none of us given to know the fullness of faith until the new life with God in Jesus is come and we are changed in an instant.

We know humanly love…Eros, Phileo, storgee, epathurmia…and through these we can see a hint of God’s Agape love and we can desire to know it firsthand though Christ Jesus.

With the utterance of a sinner’s prayer asking for God to grant you salvation and a new spirit so that we can experience God’s Love, we become born-again. We are now able to find God’s love on an increasing basis.

In the immediate sense we experience God’s Love in a joyful union that is felt in true elation, but when that wanes because of our continuing on in living in sin, we can find it in the steps that reflect our faiths measure. Each step is a closer walk in love until our measure is filled with the understanding of God’s Righteousness. A Righteousness that is inherent of the Truth.

Steps we have yet to take after our salvation is indicative of receiving the Holy Spirit.

The awesome feeling of God’s Love, given at salvation, precedes the Minds comprehension of the knowledge found in God’s Love, and the magnitude of pure truths emanation of total love from total truth is kept from destroying our minds ability to grasp concepts of understanding that would take us forever to become aware of and cause us to shut down or overload and pass out or die from shock, except that we are only given to know a measure less than the total. A measure of faith that reveals only a measure of God’s love until the time of ‘instant total transformation’ and what we can know in part becomes known in full, even as I AM. Thank you Jesus the I Am that I AM!

The key is in the becoming fully known as ‘I AM’. What we know is, if, Jesus starts something he finishes it. And our complete transformation after salvation is guaranteed; but if we ever want to know the Joy in God’s Love in ‘this life’ we need to set feet to walking in ‘The Way of Jesus’.

In the beginning the Word of Truth finds it’s consciousness in the living Spirit of Truth. Both being distinctly separate yet unable to live apart simply because the spirit of the Word finds its life in the knowledge of the Total Word of Truth.

How long did the awareness of God contemplate the many possible paths a life can take in diverting paths caused by incomplete awareness of the fullness of spirit which gives the Word the fullness of life that the love of God makes complete in spirit?

The possibilities are as endlessly different as the totality of life’s truths are able to exist in endless parts. In other words: how many parts or sections can truth be split apart by untruths?

When you can see the many truths that our lives depend on to live, both physically and spiritually, down to the invisible parts as well as the visible, then the totality of truth in the totality of spirit can be seen to be immense. So immense that it is written that the whole world couldn’t hold the needed books that could be written to record every detail of the knowledge used by God to create all things and plot the paths of each person to such a degree that all things work out for the best for those that love God.

God the Father contemplated the fullness of the time needed to bring man into the family of Christ Jesus, and knew all of the ways of erroneous choices that fallen man can travel unless they learned to discern the way of Love that can only be known if man was able to receive the Holy Spirit of Truth which makes possible the learning to see the need for love and truth and move to acquire the knowledge of truth made known in the spirit by Jesus.

Jesus, who came into an existence separate from the Father, having a separate fullness of the Word with a separate fullness of the Spirit…grants us his equal measure of Word and Spirit, that we can only know in part until the time of His Kingdom Come and we who know in part will be given to know in full.

Then we will know God in Spirit in fullness, and we will know that Jesus and the Father are One, yet Jesus saw no shame in being called his Son from whom he existed before becoming I AM.

Thus Jesus who brought all of creation into being by his spoken command given in full agreement with the fullness of the Word and it’s life in the Spirit of the Father, because when the Word became I AM, a complete image of the fullness of God the Father became co-existent with the Father having been created from: ‘The substance of eternity’ enabling the making of an incomplete humanity complete in both, the Word and the spirit of the Word whereby through Jesus we are become one with the Father. And our non-emanating spirit is replaced with God’s Spirit in Jesus and we are One.

With being born again and given a new spirit and a new heart we also get the knowledge of the new spirit. And the spirit of the Father reveals his love in us through Jesus who becomes the focal point for all of the knowledge of Righteousness and understanding found in the Word.

With witness to the truth and having put-on the love of God as revealed in the truth of the Word, and accepted in the Way; I fully acknowledge the way of Jesus as being the teaching of Jesus that shows us the increase of joy found in the Father’s love as we abide, and in the Father we are One.

But we don’t live like it. And most of us will never know this “Hidden’ in Christ until his kingdom has come. From the beginning of the fall of mankind, satan has lied to us, telling us we are the work of evolution and life is what we make of it.

We are being bombarded by hate, greed, war, terror, and even television shows that desensitize us from the horror of real demons whose soul purpose is to do the work of satan who wants to kill all Christians!

Where do you stand? Is Christianity just a bunch of rubbish that the entire world wars over??? If you can’t see the truth through all of the lies even though the evidence of Holy Wars make it glaringly obvious; then can you see the truth that we choose to live by the choices we make and love and hate, life and death, decisions are made every day by us and “IF” you want No more wars, “IF” you want Love in your life, not hate, and the choices are real to you yet you just can’t bring yourself to believe that it’s all because of God and satan are up for grabs for being elected as your personal God; then know that whom you choose to serve will be your master on earth, but if you haven’t accepted Jesus as your God in the after-life then satan will be your default choice and your after life will be nothing but Hell. Not to mention that this life will be a living Hell too!

The Way of Jesus was proven by his resurrection and proven by each of his disciples in the evidence of the joy found in God’s Love revealed by our choices to choose love and truth in all situations repented of, with the assurance of the promise that should we die before reaching the fullness of the knowledge of God’s Righteousness, we will be resurrected to know such a life that only God can reveal.

I firmly believe in Jesus because I have proven that love increases with the choosing. And it is my willing obligation to share with you the Way of Jesus so that you too can know the love of God through Jesus.

You see, by our choices the meaning to life is clear…to become a Christian means to be able to know the Truth of the Word and know firsthand that the love of God the Father is sparked and given purchase by the truth that I have found revealed in the ‘spiritual remembrances’ of his written Word given to us by Jesus. Thus I accept him and choose to walk in his way of love and truth.

Each born-again Christian is known by the Father even if they aren’t yet born-again. He saw your birth, life and potential in your heart of hearts, and he knows when you are ready to accept him before you know it yourself. That is why some are saved at the praying of the sinner’s prayer while others are not saved. He sees your hearts sincerity and gives accordingly.

We all have a measure of faith whether you find it or not. You have the sole responsibility to choose whom you will serve and acknowledge. These articles are here to share with you the knowledge of the ‘Hidden’ and hopefully inspire you to choose Jesus as Lord. But they are also here to share with you How to walk in Spirit and Truth in your daily life. When you learn to do that your life will become joy-full!         May the Lord Jesus be with you. In Him, J.J.

Shame on the San Diego Public Library

Your prophetic connection

Shame on San Diego Library

By worksbyjj


I am 60 years old and mind my P’s and Q’s. When I cuss, if I cuss, then I am frustrated.

San Diego downtown public library loves to make for frustration.

I’d been to the library on a weekday once before. I got on the computers. Great! No problems; I went again on a Saturday.

I sat at a computer and tried to log in and couldn’t as it was reserved till 1:50pm about 20 minutes. I didn’t want to wait so I tried another computer. Reserved. Another; reserved. And another, reserved. Damn near every computer was reserved and no one was sitting at them.

I asked one of the librarians when could I get on a computer, and she said when the reserve runs out it will reset.

Turned out to be about five minutes more on top of the twenty. Yup, it reset – reserved!

What was happening? Only 1/5 of the computers had anyone sitting at them and the all the others were reserved.

Shit! That’s what I said, but only after when I went to see the librarian and she was gone.

But as fate or the devil had a hand in it, another librarian helping another person about five feet from me heard me cuss from the frustration of it all. Now I don’t know about you, when I hear a patron cuss like that and look up at them, I would ask them if they needed help.

Yes I needed help. Much later I learned the computers are reserved on weekends. No sign says this, nor are you able to read about how reservations are made and which computers are available.

But did I get the help I needed? Was I even asked by this other librarian? No!

What happened? I’ll tell you in a moment, but did you know that the library had a zero tolerance rule in effect? This they say helps keep the homeless trouble makers out.

But there is no sign saying so, so what happens…the librarian that I wasn’t even talking to heard me cuss to myself under my breath and turned and called the security guard.

He comes up behind me and I turn and ask him what he wants. He says he wants to talk with me. Okay, I said, go ahead and talk.

He says the computers are reserved. I say tell me something I don’t know.

He tells me to calm down, I say I am calm. I may be frustrated and have raised my voice a little, as they seem hard of hearing. But all he does is say: calm down or you will have to leave. I say, what! Am I a terrorist or something that you can’t talk to me like a person? Better not let me find out where your car is I might blow it up.

He made me leave. Zero tolerance means zero consideration for the patron, zero help for a patron and zero recourse. At no time did he have to lay hands on me as I left. And the last thing I said to him when I left was, you’re an asshole.

I contacted the head librarian, Ms. Shelter, by phone and asked her answering device to have her call me back on a matter of importance. When she called me a couple days later, I explained everything to her and all she said is she would look into it and get back with me. She didn’t.

A little over a week later I called again. Ms. Shetler didn’t answer, a librarian named Ms. Janice talked to me.

It was Janice that told me about the zero tolerance rule, it was she who told me about the reservation computer station and how it is also where I can find out which computer is open.

All of the information the ‘other’ librarian should have told me after asking if she can help. But she didn’t ask if she could help did she?

Janice also told me about the letter that was put on file about me and to be used to keep me out of the library in the future.

That was too much!!! A county facility that treats everyone as a terrorist at the smallest complaint is bad enough, but now I was frustrated and now added to that was a library and a librarian who notified a guard to make me leave. They were both wrong to allow a zero tolerance rule to overrule good sense and of giving help when needed.

It’s wrong for any guard who deals with the public to tell a person who is a little loud when frustrated to calm down repeatedly when all they need to do is talk sense. At no time did anyone there try to help me. I don’t know why the tattletale librarian thought to contact a guard rather than offer to help.

Let me tell you something else too, when you go to the new library in downtown San Diego you see a huge building several floors high; exhibiting architecture that says: this cost money. Yet there are only two front glass doors for entrance and for exit. Should an earthquake, a fire or some catastrophe that needs for quick exiting of the building, happen, then with only one small opening that can be used, you are likely going to end up dead in a very expensive coffin.

With the heartless treatment of a long time patron, one who has bought books to help them raise needed funds, one who has written several books to put on their shelves and has received a couple ‘literary Guild’ medals from the Director himself at the private author’s parties the library has for its local authors. If he knew his librarians were taking liberty of a rule to mis-treat people so callously… I actually hope they would get fired, then trash that zero tolerance rule and start being a place worth preserving. As it stands you have lost all of my voting and gift donation support!!!

Ms. Shetler never returned my call; she never informed me of the letter on file. I was never told that I was forever evicted. It would have only added insult to the lack of decency that was being given. Fire her or transfer her to the library in the North Pole where she can evict all of the penguins she doesn’t want to help. As for the Other librarian who didn’t even ask if she could help, put her out of the public eye and give her a demotion.

For Ms. Janice, I have nothing but praise for her…give her a raise and promote her to the head spot that the crummy Ms. Shetler doesn’t deserve. Janice was courteous, and explained everything. Even she thought that the Zero tolerance rule is too strict. And she explained all about the reservation computer station.

It is a shame that a public library thinks it should embrace a zero tolerance rule that they use to evict the homeless. It’s bad service and makes a good excuse for an angry act to be enacted out of spite. And in a library that treats the homeless this negative way they are only hurting themselves. And I’ll tell you this, the homeless person who has nothing to lose will act out at this kind of treatment and in a building that doesn’t have but one entrance and exit for hundreds of patrons, a mad fire will make for a death trap in a building not built for safety.

I think I should be given a letter of apology from both the tattletale librarian and the guard, the old guard, John, who recently retired from this library would not have acted like this. .

Janice, thank you for your courteous and helpful attitude; there is not enough of that kind of professionalism left going around.

I was wrong to cuss to myself, but what followed was not called for. I believe the zero tolerance rule is totalitarian and in line with the scriptures that say, ‘the love of many will grow cold.’

And that is a big shame. It has already started. So stay away from this death trap of a library. In Him, J.J.

What is True Worship and where does it lead.

Your prophetic connection

What is True Worship – and where does it lead?

Another – worksbyjj


Recently Major Roy Johnson, the Asst. principal for continuing education for the Salvation Army’s Evangeline Booth College in Atlanta GA. Wrote an article for the Salvation Army’s ‘War Cry’, as titled above, and put himself on record by saying:

“True worship is when we place ourselves on God’s ‘Altar’ as ‘living Sacrifices’ and declare that we are willing for Him to have His way with us.”

He then supports this expression by adding: “To truly worship God is to fully surrender ourselves – our wills, our hopes, our dreams, our futures and our bodies – to Him as ‘living sacrifices’.

Thus far we can see that Mr. Johnson believes that he and anyone who purports to involve themselves with true worship of our Lord and God is to surrender all to him.

Okay…now, how many of you have tried this – stood before God and prayed aloud that: “Lord Jesus, I hope you hear my prayer and see my true heart. I give all that I am to you to do with however you see fit, and I’m here to tell you I surrender my will, my hopes and dreams, even my life for you.”

If this was your first prayer to God and you are hoping to be born-again, then find that you did experience being born-again, then it means God believed in your sincerity and granted you a measure of faith to: one – to set to your seal that God is True, and to give you an outpouring of the Holy Ghost along with the filling up of your love with His love. And two – with the Holy Spirits help, God will give you “remembrances” of the Written Truth so that you can acknowledge the Truth in Love as being from God; and thus grow in your maturity in Christ Jesus.

But does this article of Mr. Johnson’s include this understanding?

No; likely because he is hoping to teach a deeper truth in true worship of God. This already pre-supposes that we are already born-again and that the earlier prayer was not unto salvation, but unto God with our whole heart, soul and mind in our attempt to be truly worshipping God and…and…

Where do we go from here? Further reading of the article says: “So, far from finding ourselves diminished through self-surrender, we instead find the greatest gain if we are willing to pay the price of total surrender.”

(shhh…Do, or did you find the greatest gain by doing this? Did you?)

Roy goes on to say: “The most reasonable thing anyone could do is to truly worship God by daily surrendering his life to him, and allowing His Holy Spirit to work true holiness in his life…so here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: take your everyday, ordinary life – your sleeping, eating, going to work and walking around life – and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for Him.”

Finished?! You got it? It hasn’t changed – you still gotta say the prayer; only this time you got to listen and embrace the change brought about by God’s Holy Spirit…as you stand quiet and embrace God in your love. (Is that what true worship is?)

Perhaps you think you did the right thing, and have a suspicion that it doesn’t happen over-night, and you put it all on the back burner and let God move in His mysterious ways…and life goes on.

No mention of the ‘remembrances’ given to us in the Holy Spirit when God wants us to be nudged in the right direction; no mention of walking in “The Way” of Jesus in Love and repentance..(metanoeo! NOT metanoia), no mention of coming into the knowledge of God’s Righteousness; and frankly, it leaves you guessing. And anything that leaves you guessing is missing the authority and confidence found in God.

Now I gave you the condensed version of this article in the Salvation Army’s ‘War Cry’ Jan. 2014 pgs. 12 – 15. He also says…

“it is only when we surrender ourselves as ‘living sacrifices’ that we find ourselves no longer conformed to the ways of the world, but transformed into the likeness of Christ through the Holy Spirit’s work within us.

Do you feel out of touch, I mean, this last part sounds pretty good, at first; but do you know how and what the Holy Spirit changes? You see, at first you agree but when you know that the likeness of Christ phrase is not used by Paul the apostle, who says,

“For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the Mind of Christ.” First Corinthians 2:16kjv

Definitely not a likeness. And tho’ Mr. Johnson tells of the Samaritan woman Jesus meets, and says: “True Worship is neither about the priest nor the experience of the participant, but about the sincerity and fullness of one’s heart as they live out the fullness, (no idea how it got full.) Of their life before an audience of one. To quote Soren Kierkegaard. The author doesn’t mention that Jesus also tells the woman at the well, that, true worshippers will worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

Fullness of what, the likeness of Jesus? The surrendered life? When in Truth, it is not a likeness at all, but it is the very Mind of Christ!!!

If you can read this article of Roy’s, I suggest you read it. And if you can find fullness in his words, then you have sacrificed your common sense to the blind groping of a poor teacher of the gospel. And you too stand judged as ‘ignorant of the Way of proper worship.’ Whether you choose to remain ignorant when God’s own reasoning and verses would reveal his true Way to worship in Spirit and in Truth, is up to you. But Read on while I lay it out plain for you, then; choose this day how you will worship our God and Jesus.

Let’s begin where I left you at paragraph 6; …you are judged by God to be sincere in your prayer to God and Jesus and he grants you the Holy Spirit. So, you are to be thought of as newly born-again or you are walking in the Way of Jesus.

Let’s begin. Every Christian must be born-again to enter heaven. This experience is described: ‘as many who believed had no thought of their belongings being their own.’ And as a personal experience I know we are given, according to our faithful measure, to know the Agape Love of the Father.

This Love experience is intensely personal. You may see visions, and then or later you may receive a spiritual gift. The gift is given as the Holy Spirit decides but each gift is distinct and has one of two personalities: A)- Loving, to see healing as a fruit of God’s love already perfected in our spirit as a true born-again Christian. Or B)- it’s practical, analytical, strong as Truth.

The loving ‘A’ type is usually gifted in the gift of tongues and is not wise in the Way of Truth. But the ‘B’ type is possible, and known personally to be gifted in the gift of prophesy, described as one given to comfort, strengthen and encourage the church-body with the understanding of the spirit of prophesy in/of Jesus, found in the written word of Jesus Christ our Lord.

In First Corinthians 14:18-19kjv Paul teaches: “I thank God, I speak with tongues more than ye all: yet in the church I had rather speak five words with my understanding, that I might teach others also, than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue!!” (Emphasis mine.)

Earlier in chapter two we heard what it is they teach: vs.7“But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden, which God ordained before the world unto our glory:” vs.8 “Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.”

Do you know the Hidden?

“Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, but to them that believe not: but prophesying not for them that believe not, but for them which believe.” I Cor. 14:22kjv

That which is ‘Hidden’ is given reference in Isa.30:20-26kjv an end-time prophesy that says:

“And the Lord give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner any more, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers: and thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, this is the Way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.”

Teachers of: The Way;  Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

Jesus is universally known as, ‘you can’t get into heaven except through Jesus.’ Thus we are correct in saying Jesus is the Way and we need to believe in Him as our Lord and savior. TRUE!!! A heartfelt sincere belief in Jesus, whether he is understood in the ‘Hidden’ wisdom of the Way, or not; if found sincere by God you will be born again. And all that are saved are taught to walk in the Way.

Then know this: The ‘Hidden’ in Christ our Lord is ours for the taking…if…you know how to walk in the Way. And you really must walk in it knowingly or it will be haphazardly.

We walk in the Way to find the Mind of Christ. Not just the written of Christ but his thoughts, will and emotions. And the good news is: if you are not yet saved, (born-again) if you walk in the Way you will find salvation the moment it finds you!

II Tim. 2:24-26  “And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all, apt to teach, patient, in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure, will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the Truth; and they will recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.”

If God peradventure – will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the Truth… !!!There is the promise. It’s up to you to repent.

When you walk in the Way of Repentance to seek and acknowledge the Truth, the Father will give you ‘remembrances’ in the written Truth and you will know it in your heart as a Way of God’s Love. Having so acknowledged the Truth of the Love in the experience of living the remembered Truth in and of Jesus, we are told to abide in Jesus and we will be transformed to be one with the truth in Love that we have put on by ‘choosing ‘ to live it.

Jesus’ teaching of the Way is in line with walking in the Way, and our heavenly Father knows when to give you the spiritual ‘remembrances’ of the written Truth, to best cause us to understand the Way as we walk in it. In time and continued walking in this ‘composite’ Way of Love(agape),Way of Repentance, Way of walking, we will achieve our maturity in the faith.

We don’t see Jesus as the book of Luke 10:22 shows, but because we experience His Way in His thought, will and emotion, we see the revealed Truth as the revealer of the Love of God we now know. Then when we read the book of John 17:25-26 and read that it is Jesus who shows us the Love of God inherent in the Truth we now discern is in and of Jesus. And though we don’t see Jesus we know him by faith because ‘Faith expresses itself through Love.” Gal. 5:6niv

And we now are able to walk in the Love and Truth of God and that my friend, IS True Worship.

The Way of Agape Love and Truth and the Way of Repentance are one with Jesus. Both are foundational as well as the building blocks of increased awareness that develops our life to be, One with – both the love of God the Father and of Jesus in Spirit, and in truth; which makes our every day a walk in true worship which is in Spirit and Truth.

As you can see The Way covers every base that the original article brings up by Mr. Roy Johnson, only there is proof found rather than a vague hope that God heard you and will use you. You see, now you are effecting the change that you use to ask God to help you with, but now you realize that the Help has already been given in the Holy Spirit that is given to guarantee our inheritance in Heaven and allow our time on the planet to be used expressing our ‘WORKS’ of faith to be done in the Love that faith expresses itself through.

No more vague surrendering of all is asked for, just surrender the self to choose to take a step at a time in Love and Truth; found, even as we understand it has always been, just hidden under the confusion of not understanding how to find it in the real repentance that Jesus taught in the New Testament, Metanoeo…meaning: to reconsider ones sin from the divine viewpoint of thought, will, and emotion then choose to submit to doing it until it becomes One with You. Not the Old Testament way of Metanoia, which means to turn away from your sin 180 degrees and turn to God as you find him in the Bible. That wrong way of repentance is still taught in the churches today and it is only good for initial salvation “IF” God accepts your sincerity of Heart as true. But if Not, and this is the way you must believe unless you have experienced the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, you must believe whether you have been born-again or not, to Walk purposely in the ‘Way’ of proper repentance unto the True Way of Agape Love in Truth, until you are for certain that you are born-again,(you will know it by the experience of knowing Gods Love personally at the moment of salvation.) or if already born again you must continue in the Way, as given, to grow in the increase of God’s Love and Truth and abide into your transformation until you reach maturity and the Knowledge of the Way becomes clear from beginning to end of (your) everyone’s search for God.

I hope this article helps anyone who reads the original article, to know what is wrong and how to fix it with the intelligence of understanding. Either way…the choice to ‘remain’ Ignorant is yours to make; you only have yourself to blame if you reject it.

In Him,


Shame on Joel Olsteen

Your prophetic connection

Shame on you Joel Olsteen

By worksbyjj

Shame! Teaching your listeners how to put up walls to shut out the hate of others, all to “Guard the Heart” the Bible says. Then you tell your listeners to just walk away. To not listen to those who disagree with you; “Don’t be played like a puppet!”  Don’t be distracted by those who hate you, from being what God wants you to be.” “Keep those walls up; thinking upon good things will keep your walls up.”

Folks…please tell me this is bull!!! Did Jesus tell us this or Joel Olsteen?

It appears as though my letters to Joel Olsteen hit a nerve.

On Sunday March 16th 10:am in San Diego, Mr. Olsteen gave a sermon that sounds like a description of a paranoid schizophrenic… “put up walls to guard the heart…don’t listen to those who disagree with you…”

You’ve seen my letters, (the embedded links above), and can judge for yourself whether they warrant a false sermon and a warning “Don’t pay any attention to someone on the internet who disagrees with you. He’s just someone who hides behind a computer afraid to show his face.”

This language of ignorance, (and he, Joel Olsteen, openly said he chooses to be ignorant to all of the talk by others that are haters because they have nothing and you do, so they hate you and want to pull you down, and say hateful things to you or about you.)

This language is the same talk of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, they will walk away from anyone, even Jesus – I dare say, who disagrees with their doctrine.

Why would Mr. Joel Olsteen tell you to: build walls, walk away, don’t be played like a puppet, and don’t listen to anyone who disagrees with you?

Unless, he doesn’t know the Truth. In Truth we say, if someone disagrees with me, why? It is only in the answer that I find any purchase to understanding the reasons why they disagree and show them the error of their thinking, or accept their reasoning as valid and work on myself in that area that I wasn’t aware of.

However, if the first instance was in motion, then in knowing the reasons why they disagree with me, I am able to show them the scripture that supports my side of the disagreement. If after every reason is dealt with and found to, ‘Not have a leg to stand on.’ And they continue to unreasonably disagree with me, then, I will tell them, “I can accept that you disagree with me, ‘without a reason’, because I know it is the scriptures you reject and not me. Jesus loves you. If that scares you, it is because you need to be saved. If you think you are saved, actually experienced the receiving of the Holy Spirit; then you are in need of ‘walking in the Way’ until you reach the fullness of your measure of faith and know we’ve been brother’s in Christ Jesus all along!

Joel Olsteen, it’s wrong of you to accuse me of speaking in hate in my disagreements with you. Like my other letters, I am only trying to show you the Way.

Joel Olsteen, it’s wrong of you to falsely teach to build walls, to shut out those who disagree with you, to walk away from those who disagree.

Because you don’t know the “Way” of Jesus you don’t know the value of Reasoning. (read Matthew 13:52)

Joel Olsteen, its wrong of you to accuse anyone as hiding behind a computer; afraid to show his face. And it’s a lie! Everyone knows that when they send a letter to a facebook member your identity is given along with your picture if it is posted, and mine is.

To use scare tactics saying, “don’t let them use you.” Is Snidely!

After hearing you air your grievances and act immature and openly choose to remain ignorant is your curse and not one you should ask your congregation to be in cahoots with. Wow, what nerve!

I’m only hoping that your congregation doesn’t take the bait.

In the Bible the word: Ignorant – has two meanings: Ignorant but unaware of it, and able to listen to reason to fix it. Or, Ignorant without reason and chooses to remain ignorant.

Do I need to point it out to you??! Did God tell Isaiah: “Come now, let us reason together? Though your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white as wool.”Isa. 1:18kjv Or did he say, come now let’s build a wall?

It doesn’t matter that you go on to preach, that once you find yourself in God you can then turn and love the ones outside the wall.

While it’s true we are not to cast our pearls before the swine lest they turn and tear us to pieces, but is a wall a pearl?

Jesus says ‘love your enemies.” This is the same Love that Jesus loves us with, and it is the Father’s Agape Love.

It is also, “A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” John 13:34kjv

I also include verse 35“By this shall all know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”

When you turn off the T.V.and remember today’s sermon and ask yourself ‘what did I learn worth learning today at Joel Olsteens?’ what will you answer?

After all’s been said I didn’t hear any word on ‘walking in the ‘Way’ of Jesus. I reject his preaching because its foundation was built on a negative teaching of building walls to keep out the negativity of life that disagrees with me.

After watching several episodes and hearing from others who watch his show longer than I have, the only comment I hear is, “He cried again.”

Since I don’t sit behind a computer writing hate mail, I know he is not talking about me, he’s just living in denial!

Paul confessed before Governor Felix, (Acts 24:14kjv),

“But this I confess unto thee, but after the Way which they call heresy, so worship I the God of my fathers, believing all things written in the law and in the prophets.”

Isaiah gave an end-time prophesy in Isa.30:21-26 saying.

“And the Lord give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner any more, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers: and thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, this is the Way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.”

When Jesus told his disciples that he will soon go his Way to the Father and they will follow… “And whither I go ye know, and the Way ye know.” His disciples said they didn’t know the
Way, and Jesus said that they heard his teachings and when the Holy Spirit is come he will bring them Into ‘Remembrances’ of the Truth they were taught.

Do you know this Way Jesus spoke of in John 14:4?

Yes Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the life, but beyond being born-again and receiving the Holy Ghost; the Spirit gives all of us who are walking in the Way of Jesus, little spiritual nudges from our Father to ‘remembrances’ of the written Word of Truth that we have read.

The truth of Jesus. This we confirm in our acknowledgement, we ‘see’ the remembrances of the truth, we experience the discernment of understanding that the truth we have remembered expresses an involvement of the heart, and the Love inherent to that truth is the agape love of the Father. The truth is then understood as an experience of choosing to submit to that Agape love and truth.

This is our Faith!!!

Galatians 5:6 says: “For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth anything, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by Love.”

This love increases with the continued walking in the Way. Jesus reveals the love of the Father in his Word!

“O righteous Father, the world hath not known thee: but I have known thee, and these have known that thou hast sent me. And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it: that the Love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them.” John 17:25-26kjv

When we walk in the ‘Way’ being revealed now in the teaching of the Way, we come to know the union of Love and Truth.  In the choices made to submit to it, when the evidence becomes self evident, we move to continue to walk in the Way of repentance, then in time and ‘abiding’ we will be transformed to be one with that love and truth.

Sins are those lying unloving things we do or believe without reason. And pushing your hurt feelings aside behind a wall of contempt, does more harm than good.

No one as well off as Joel Olsteen should be grudging in any gifts of alms asked of him. Surly he won’t miss a meal or lose more than he can do without. ‘Be a cheerful giver.’

As for hiding behind a computer, that could be anyone on-line. Whether you show your picture or not.

I don’t see how he can ‘preach’ to love in God’s Agape Love and Truth and not know how it is done.

Even Isaiah knew about the Way when he was told by unbelievers, “leave the way! Get off the path! Let us hear no more about the Holy One of Israel!”

How do you walk it??

Sin has a reason for being; it satisfies our worries, our riches and/or our pleasures.

With evidence of your carnal nature clearly in opposition to the desires of the spirit, that we are born-again in, and yearn for; we yet to commit an act in the physical, that allows us to fulfill the need that satisfies our worries, riches and/or pleasures. And we ignore the search for the reasons and forsake seeing it clearly. Did you think you do sin for the sin? No, but we sin to satisfy the desires of the flesh. The flesh doesn’t need the money we steal, but the money pays for the desire we want to satisfy. Booze for the lost drunk. Bills that worry us needing to be paid, we steal. And so the Bible tells us that our sin is a deceitful desire. What reason do you not know about, for why you sin? And better yet, what Loving and Truthful alternative did you not find in ‘remembrance’ to submit to until your abiding in brought about your transformation.

If we put the question of repentance to use, and ask ourselves, “From whence come wars and fighting’s among you?(James 4:1-3kjv) Come they not hence even of your lusts that war in your members?”

Then we take the step of responsibility to accepting who we are in spirit, to be who we are in the Truth also.

Every sin has a desire to satisfy the flesh, while every sin defeated is seen in Truth which is chosen to abide in until we are transformed in our minds, and exhibit an increase of God’s Love.

The knowledge of God’s righteousness is clearly seen in the spiritually discerned Truth and the inherent love found in truth is submitted to, to become one with God in Truth and Love.

By so choosing to walk in repentance to find and choose to live in the Love and Truth of God, we have found the only Way of True Worship of the Father.

But it is not a blind love, nor are your reasons for harboring sin in your life lost to being past finding out. Choices are made and if they cause harm it is not God’s Way of Love, “Love does no harm to its neighbor.” If your remedy doesn’t apply and line up with scripture, for everybody, then it’s not something you should or ought to be doing.

Building walls and attributing sinister motives to those who disagree with you is not of God.

In Him,


The cycle of evil! The Path of enlightenment! The dangers along the Path of righteousness!

The cycle of evil! The Path of enlightenment! The dangers along the Path of righteousness!.

The cycle of evil! The Path of enlightenment! The dangers along the Path of righteousness!

The cycle of evil! The Path of enlightenment! The dangers along the Path of righteousness!




These are different ways to describe the same thing, Mankind lives by choices that choose to give into desire that is never satisfied or they choose to find some safer more kinder way.

Those that choose to sin to fulfill their evil desires will continue to do them until they become a total deviant and suffer death in prison, at the hands of another evil person, or some other nasty way. Then we have those who seek love and freedom and peace, even as they resist the desires of the flesh in a losing battle.

Without the intervention of God, The life of sin escalates until there is little or no restraint and even the person that desires good in their life will escalate in their sin, if they don’t find forgiveness for their sins through Jesus by being born-again and then be wise enough to learn from a teaching prophet how to find enough Truth and the strength to continue to seek out more because with the strength of knowledge in God’s Righteousness we hold onto the Spirit of Love and desire it as strongly as we do to sin without restraint; but the consequences of sin is the law system that was given to punish sin by penalty. Mostly imprisonment. But with that punishment comes opportunity for those whom wish to know good.

Prison, yes it is a punishment but it is also where you can have three meals a day and all the time of your sentence, to ‘soul search’ for the answers you seek that reveal more strength in the Love and Truth that you seek.

In the Bible we are given a time period of about 42 years to learn to worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth. During this time we are to apply ourselves to the searching of our ways to find the hearts underlying motive for our desires and try to find the Loving alternative that does no harm to its neighbor, until we are given ‘Spiritual Remembrances’ of the Truth in/of Jesus that sees to love with the understanding of the Truth which we choose to acknowledge and submit to abiding in the Love revealed in the Truth.

We will increase in anger until we learn patience, we will find love and later, question whether we ever did find it. We will confess we found it and will continue in our questions that make our movement of repentance hinge on the stepping stones of love and truth we have found.

Matthew 13:52 kjv

says: “Then he said unto them, therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old.”

Each of us are given to walk in the Way of Love found in the Way of Repentance from our sin. When we share the knowledge of God’s Righteousness we have in Jesus, we will find answers to the questions of faith others ask, and our own knowledge will grow. When we have finished our walk we will know what steps we took to get where we are, and we now have a true faith that believes in Jesus because he taught us the Way of Truth and Love found in repentance. We witnessed, when we walked in the ‘Way’ of Repentance, How the Holy Spirit helped us, to make the steps based on the ‘remembrances’ of the Word of Truth we have read and heard in the churches we have been to. None of them knowing the ‘Way’ but sharing the gospel and giving us the Word that our walk in repentance has allowed ‘remembrances’ to be given to us by the Holy Spirit, to lead us to the revelation of God’s Love found in the Truthful alternative to our sins motive.

And now our love is Gods Love, and we abided in it, in every situation that warrants it; and it has transformed us to be one with God’s Love. Knowing and walking in the Love of God is a transitional walk …we start out being the walking dead in sin oblivious to the sin except how we are raised by our parents, siblings, teachers, persons of influence …we reach our teens and accept the mantle of responsibility, and we find a job. Yet many are called but few our chosen.

Some people have harder lives to live, made harder by the misfortunes of their parents, siblings, teachers, persons of influence. When they reach their teens they readily accept the changing from being a boy to being a young man…or woman…responsibility is accepted but often abused due to the inability to find your freedom from your sins hold.

Your sin. Given to you at birth, was your inheritance from the fallen nature in Adam and Eve. Your sin. Given to you by the depravities of your parents, siblings, teachers, persons of influence.

And don’t forget satan! He is used by God to bring about his good purpose. ‘Naked I came into the world and naked I will leave.’ and ‘All things work out for the best for them that love God.’ The problem though, is – the ‘brought about transformation’ is given approximately 42 years to produce fruit…or to say, grow mature in your faithful belief in Jesus. After-which we are Now able to walk in Spirit and in Truth which is our testimony of worship towards God.

Yes! Our maturity is found in Jesus! The Word of Truth lives in the Spirit of Truth and the Word became Jesus. He taught us how to find the truth behind the lie of our sins. He showed us the Love of the Spirit that comes through him from The Father. We don’t see Jesus but we see the Love of our Heavenly Father and the ‘Faith that expresses itself through our knowing the Fathers Love’ is given certainty. Assurance. Faithfulness. In our belief in Jesus because without him we can not come to the Father nor know HIS Love.

This foundation for our belief is only found in repentance. You can believe in Jesus by witnessing the Love of The Father when we first believed, often coming at the time of making the ‘Good Confession’ in our sinners prayer, that we are taught to be, how we repent.

But this experience reveals only The Love of the Father in accordance to the measure of faith we were given. It does not teach us to know the hidden wisdom known as the ‘Way’.

The ‘Way’ that Jesus referred to taking to go to The Father, and the same ‘Way’ that we are given to walk in and worship The Father in the manner set down by Jesus to his disciples, Note:. Not his Apostles!(see John 14:1-26kjv)

Yet we had to first, suffer in sin and the slavery to that sin that caused us to do wrong. Just to satisfy a worry, riches and/or pleasure. But remember the ‘temptations’ to sin is easy to fall victim to because we were abused and lost our identity of innocence and react from confusion that befuddles clear purpose for responsible behavior.

When it is satan that perpetrates the abuse that warps a persons life, then the freedom that comes from knowing Jesus is found in the truth for why we sin and when we Acknowledge that Truth and Choose to Abide in the Agape Love that comes with that piece of Knowledge of God’s Righteousness in Jesus through that piece of Truth found in the Movement of Repentance that asks Why do I do the wrong that I do not want to do? And Strives to Submit to Doing – or acting – in the Truth filled Loving Alternative that does no harm to its neighbor, that you can Choose to do instead of Continuing to do harm and live the deceitful life of lusts of the flesh that are insatiable and have a continual lust for all the more!

When you So repent, find, acknowledge, submit to, abide in, and be transformed by and live in the Love of God The Father with the fruits of a Matured Mind in Christ Jesus, then you are Representing your Confident Belief in Jesus and your worship of God is given a True Voice. You may not be gifted to walk on water or heal the afflicted but your faith is real based on a Real Heart Known Love of God that we taste for a moment and then revisit again when we have found the Truth of our sin’s motives. And as we add to our truth more truth in accordance to the measure of our faith, our Knowledge of The Hidden Wisdom grows also. And our life of love grows to be a reflection of Jesus in us.

Do you see the process of life a little clearer now? Because it is not our fault for the nature of original sin, but seeing that it can take up to about 42 years to find enough truth to acknowledge the ‘Way’ as a God given doctrine and grab hold of the freedom that comes from knowing it! Gives the teaching of The ‘Way’ priority over every other concocted teaching of the blind in Christ!

Over 3000 man-concocted false doctrines based on the King James Bible, or some other. Most not worthy of note but some better than others. Some even writing their own bibles to say what they want it to say.

God gave us a super simple Way have an abundant life in our worship of God and our belief in Jesus is made certain and assured in our ‘walk’ in the ‘Way’. The world offers a stage upon where our lives are played and offers nothing more. It’s been satan all along. Playing his games and laughing at the clueless. But God knows which are his and he will not lose any that are given to Jesus.

Your friends who do not know Jesus and walk in the worship of Gods Love, can’t be trusted to be there when you need them. He who does know can also not be trusted to be there when you need them. But they will do as much as they are able to try and be there!. Remember we read:

John 8:31-32kjv

“Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

And since we only have a partial measure of faith we can only have a partial measure of freedom from sin. But enough so that your life will be meaningful and abundant. You will have gained control over the desires of the flesh, and With the promise from he who is faithful that we will know Him Fully when we are fully known in the Love and Truth of The Word that is with God and is God. In the blink of the eye we will change from mortal to immortal, knowing in part to knowing in full even as I AM.

“A friend is a friend before you ever meet them.” A knowing Christian is more trust-worthy than a blind faith Christian, and all Christians are given the task of preparing themselves as a suitable bride for the groom Jesus. As well as caring for others especially the family of Believers.

We can quickly recognize our teachers of the faith because they teach the ‘Way’ to the Truth that leads to Life. Prophets are for believers, and any prophesy that does not teach us to know the ‘Way’ is a false prophesy.

Every teacher that doesn’t teach the ‘Way’ has not yet matured in the fruits of the Spirit. Such a teacher will cause you to become drained and/or bitter. You will not find the truth you seek there.

Until you find the ‘Hidden Wisdom’ of the ‘Way’ you will be cast about by the many winds of false doctrine. After you have matured you will know the true teachings and the false teachings and you will always be able to grow wiser. Then you will no longer strain to hear the needed Word of enlightenment, you will know it and add to it.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! But until the resurrection, and blink of an eye transformational time of Christ Jesus Kingdom, the tip is the only ’Measure ’ we will ever need to be able to know the faithfulness to believe in Jesus by faith Proven True and warmly heart-felt embraced in our Love relationship with all that is in/of the Word Spirit God the Father through our submitted and honored choice of having Jesus the Word Truth as are Lord and savoir; brother and friend.

I tell the world, I not the Lord, but as one who has come to see Jesus through the eyes of faith known in knowledge and in expression’s of Agape Love we have embraced as the fullness of our need to satisfy our belief in the Truth that love grows with the choosing and satan can kill us but he can‘t steal our soul away. We may die at the hands of the anti-christ but our soul is secured. “Not one the Father has given me will be lost.” Said Jesus.

Are you Jesus Christ’s disciple? Then it’s time passed that you start learning to walk in the Way of our older brother and Lord Savior Jesus. Prophets are for believers! (see I Cor. 14:22) Find one or read on.

In Him,


They did it again!

They did it again.

A ‘worksbyjj’

Hi Friends,

I don’t mind it too much when the Tel-Evangelist teaches the same old blind faith;

after-all the true teaching of Christ Jesus, called the “Hidden Wisdom”, until you find it and then it is called “The Way” is not widely known because God‘s teachers of it have been kept hidden in a corner till these end-times, yet it identifies every true believer because it speaks in the Truth and in the Spirit. Thus we are called to be a nation of prophets because all prophecy is found in the Spirit of Truth, and we “prophets” are called to comfort, strengthen, and encourage the Church-Body with Words of teaching in the Understanding of The Knowledge of God’s Righteousness.

So when I hear Ms. Gloria Copeland’s co-host Ms. Brim, say that, II Timothy 2:15kjv which says: “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

When I hear this person claim that: ‘to rightly divide the word of truth” you need to know who this is talking to. Claiming there are gentiles, Jews, and the chosen bride and you need to know who this verse is being said to.’ It burns me up.

Well it’s Paul to Timothy both Christians, so what now? What does the verse mean? she didn’t say, but I will tell you; and then you can see that it has nothing to do with who it was told to, but how to understand it.

The first part: ‘study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed….is often mis-used by Ms. Brim and Ms. Copeland and others, to mean study the Bible; but ‘unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees you will not enter into heaven.’ These were the educated of the Jewish nation and their education counted for nothing. So even to study the new testament would have the same effect. If your righteousness doesn’t change.

And to have your brain washed with the doctrine of man, thinking you have the righteousness of Jesus to stand in, then you are correct and at the judgment Christ Jesus will redeem your soul as one passing through the flame. You will not receive your reward of crowns but you will be saved. Yet Had you learned to walk in the Way of Jesus you would have experienced the dividing of the Word and seen both the Truth of it and the Love in it. Having learned to take the next step and Acknowledge the Truth in/of Jesus and the Love of our Father and then Submit to being one with the Love of our Father, that reveals the Knowledge of God’s Righteousness. Having so chosen and Submitted we are then to Abide in our Submission until we are ‘Transformed by the renewing of our Mind,’ and we now walk in the “thought, will, and emotion” of understanding in the Mind of Our Lord Jesus. And where we have learned to walk in The Way of Agape Love that does no harm to its neighbor, we have no need to be ashamed of the sin nature that we have learned to turn from in our Walk.

Now you see the true teaching of this verse. When you read the full teaching of the Way you will understand why Paul says he ‘Worships God according to the Way.’ and that is what I hope you come to understand in your walk with Jesus. And that is why I gripe about Joyce Meyers and her empty attempts to lead her congregation to a closer relationship with Our Lord Jesus; and all the other Tel-Evangelist who don’t teach it.

LISTEN!!! We can’t fake it!!! To show more ‘Love’ (Agape)in the world we HAVE TO FIND more love (Agape)to share. When you do a good deed and share the love in your heart it is not the Love (Agape)of God that does no harm to its neighbor! And if you are trying to fake it you will hurt your chances of finding it for real!

When we are told to do good to others, we are told to do good to others especially to our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. We know them by their knowledge of the Way, if they don’t teach it it’s because they have not yet finished their walk to where it becomes self evident. And that means they still sin in ignorance. Hidden yet clear to see to the dividing of Spirit and Truth, and how we will walk in the spirit of Truth in part, until all Spirit and Truth are given to be known.

But understand this: Jesus died finishing his task of teaching us his word and redeeming us from sin. When we are saved by becoming born-again, we are saved but our spirit and mind are at odds against each other. Our spirit is pure, our mind is fleshly trained. We must walk in the Way of Love found in our proper repentance and choices to abide in. IF YOU are just trying to do good deeds, do them and maybe God will show you mercy in your ignorance of Gods Knowledge of Righteousness. But don’t think that your knowledge of the Word will suffice for your guidance in righteousness, that guide is the Holy Spirit and it is tuned to giving you revelations found in the insight of ‘Remembrances’ as you walk in the way of repentance. You won’t get it by faking it like Ms. Meyers teaches, you won’t get it by knowing what verse is given to which nation like Ms. Brim states and Ms. Copeland blindly endorses.

And so I gripe about Tel-Evangelists and their failure to finish their own Walk into the mature understanding of The Way and hence be a failure to share the Word in their Congregations as it was given to be taught in the Spirit of Prophesy.

And so I gripe that Kenneth Copeland is slack in his husbands duty to enlighten his wife to the teaching of Walking in the Way, so that she would not be giving platitudes to the false teaching of the Bible by her co-host Billie Brim.

But then I don’t care for Many Tel-Evangelist. I don’t care for Mr. prince from Singapore, He teaches Grace but not how to walk in the Way of Love(Agape) so that the grace is well received and appreciated in knowledge of Truth, or Kenneth Copeland’s kids trying to become Tel-Evangelist like their dad and not having any understanding in the ‘Way’ either.

FRIENDS!!! We who preach should be doubly careful how we teach for we will be judged more severely.

There are no seven rules protocol, there is no fake it until you make it, And any preacher not teaching The Way is only a sounding gong.

In Him,



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