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Banco Popular chula vista ca.

April 28, 2012

“We still offer totally free checking”Banco Popular

    NOT!!! A while back all banks had overdraft protection, meaning if you bought something that cost more than your balance on hand it was paid for and you were put in debt the overcharge and a nominal fee for the protection services. But they didn’t stop there, they would add to your debt another $35.00 every week until you paid your overdraft charges; thus making your over draft of $5.00 now $40.00. And they wouldn’t let you close your account until you paid the growing debt; thereby going deeper into debt.
    The government put a stop to this ‘shady practice’ making it mandatory that the banks have you sign a waiver for the charge. Either you agreed to the overdraft or you were prevented from having the service. All was good.
    But now a certain “Banco Popular” located in Chula Vista California, has found a way to circumvent the government, they now add a service charge to their “Totally Free” checking. And if you don’t pay it off it has the same overdraft charges applied to it and again you go into deeper and deeper debt.
    They say they want to help the community and thus changed their name to “Popular Community Bank”, but are they really helping the community? NO!!!
    I lost my income and have been trying to break into Internet marketing. To do this I need a bank account so that if…I said “IF” I needed to buy off the internet I could use my debit card/master card; or if I wanted to collect any money from sales on the internet I needed the account so as to open a PayPalÔ account, so that PayPal could send me my earnings directly to my bank.
    For any number of sources for income on the internet you need a bank account. If you have ever tried to break into internet marketing you know how hard it can be to make any money at all. Being homeless and disabled it’s the best hope for me to try to survive. But with this “shady practice” of my bank it’s just too damn hard to survive debt free.
    Totally Free? No it’s not and they don’t tell you that they will attach overdraft charges to their own charges they put you into debt with. Talk about catch 22!
     What does ‘Totally Free’ mean to you?  I hope all of you reading this will not fall for the hype, the lie…it’s definitely not free!
    And because they put you into debt and add to your hardships it shows that they- “Banco Popular,” or “Popular Community Bank”, whatever they want to call themselves, just don’t give a damn about you and your needs.
    They found a way to bypass the government watchdog and still put the poor person into a growing debt.
    I pray to God that you will not fall prey to this disgusting bank practice and not bank at this Banco Popular, if you do you will be hurt as I am. A homeless man with a need that can’t be given with this bank, and now forever in its debt. Like I need that headache…that affects my life to no end. I also pray for a true totally free checking account that is my need and it could quite possibly be your need too!
    God bless you,


After several months without the use of my atm/master charge card due to these ‘despicable’ practices bhy this bank, I have more to say…


Banco Popular part 2.

A while back I related to you the difficult times I’ve been going through in life in general, of losing my job and becoming a homeless person living on the streets. And about the bank, Banco Popular in Chula Vista California.

How I was unable to add to my account in the free checking I had and of how this bank began charging a five dollar a month service fee for any “Totally Free checking account” if they did not have a minimum of five transactions for that month.

Sure I could probably have taken ten cents out of my seventeen cents balance and then put it back in and do it again until I satisfied their requirements. But as you can feel for yourself that doesn’t feel right. Especially since all it does is create more work for them and more for me. Can you imagine how I would feel going in and withdrawing ten cents only to come again four more times to deposit and withdraw that same dime? And because I am now homeless and jobless I would have to collect a big bag of bottles and cans for recycling just to get the $2.25 to go there and another big bag to get $2.25 for the ride back. Making it a total of ten big bags to turn in for recycling; leaving me hard pressed to get more bags just to get some money to get something to eat. As I’m always hungry now.

Did they care for me and the hardships I’ve been going through? NO! They didn’t. And they say they do good for the community…HA!

All they did is make my life more of a living hell for me because they stole my seventeen cents and put me into debt And set a bill collector on me to collect the money that they charged me for not being able to use my account like any job having person can.

I wrote back to the bill collector and told them that I have a free checking account and do not owe them anything that in fact they owe me seventeen cents! They never wrote back.

Now into a new year and having a little part-time income, I started looking around for a free checking account bank, and found several that don’t charge a fee for not having a set amount of transactions per month; but Lo’ and behold I couldn’t open an account because that  #%* Banco Popular (may they be forever damned.) filed a report with an agency called: ChexSystems saying that I was in default of paying the bank money owed to them.

I tried contacting this agency to tell them it was a false report but they don’t have any phone representatives to talk to just a recording that hangs up on you if you try to push a phone button to get a person to talk to.

How do you think I feel now? I am filled with disgust for the lying of the bank and there co-conspirators the ChexSystem, who doesn’t care that they are being duped by the bank to report me as being in default of paying my debts. I honestly think that this ChexSystem is a banking invention used to blackmail the people into paying the banks their money they say is owed to them, even though it is not.
So PLEASE, I beg of you, if you want a totally free checking account, DON’T go to this bank located on 3rd and “H” street in Chula Vista, San Diego county California.

If you do, you may very likely find out that your money will be stolen, you will go into debt and you will have your name tarnished making having another account impossible.

Tell your friends, tell your family, Stay Away From Popular Community Bank. They will only make life a living hell.

In Him, J.J.


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