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This is for you…The Reader

April 28, 2012

“This is for you”

Yes you , the reader…

Whether you have read other of my writings or are new to them, You should know that I share the Word of God through my spiritual gift of Prophecy.

So it shouldn’t surprise you that I’m going to discuss spiritual matters. If you are a Christian, meaning Christ in you, then you have the “Born-Again” spirit given to you.

(Before I begin I would like all of you to watch some of the Popular television evangelists, like Joyce Meyers, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and others…and I’d like you to tell me what did you learn? All of the evangelists that I watched all talked about giving money with a cheerful heart…some even touched upon making choices for God when the opportunities for doing wrong are seen. And they leave it as vague as it is mentioned here. Are you tired of all of the TV preachers telling you to do what the Bible says; it says don’t steal so you don’t steal. Don’t be a drunkard so you strive to not be a drunkard. )

I never did like that kind of preaching, it’s like having somebody scold you for doing wrong. And they don’t understand what it’s like to have a bad habit; and the way they tell you to stop it just doesn’t work in real life. And it doesn’t allow for the Holy Spirit to lead you to the acknowledging of the Truth in and of Jesus.

But if you have the Holy Spirit of God in you, it has a two-fold purpose, 1.) A guarantee of our salvation; meaning we can’t lose it even if we sin. Though it might be possible to lose it if we commit the unpardonable sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. And 2.) It is given to lead us to the acknowledging of the Truth in and of Jesus.

This so that we will be able to discern the knowledge of God’s Righteousness, as we seek it, and submit to it unto the transformation of our minds. If we continue along this Way we will increasingly know what is right in God’s view and we will know the Mind of the Lord Jesus.

Hence, we as professed Christians, are to utilize the Spirit to grow discerning of all Righteousness so that we can CHOOSE to submit to God’s Way; but most don’t know that to learn from the Spirit involves our continued efforts at Repenting of our sins to the finding of the Truth in God’s Love and submitting to it until it effects a transformation of our Minds to reflect Jesus’ Mind, thus coming to know Jesus’ thought, will and emotion along with the fullness of the Love of God our Father.

Thus we become doers of the word, not just hearers!

You’ve heard the churches and the Tel-evangelists all tell you to do what the Bible tells us to do, without finding any Truth or its measure of revealed Love from The Father.

Is there any wisdom found in doing the Ten Commandments? Are you really any wiser for keeping the Sabbath? You may think so if it is keeping you from going out to sin again simply because you no longer have the time, but when the pressure of sinning overcomes your will-power, you will sin again as that’s all you know how to do.

But what deceitful desire of your sin is to blame…and more importantly, what is the Loving and Truthful Alternative we need to see and submit to, so that we can fulfill the commandment by being found to be in accordance to it?!

The process of searching for the desires for our sin, and finding the rewards of our sins, is done by proper repentance and is called the Way. That doctrine teaching found in the Bible is not being taught so that means it is not being done.

As Christians:
That is what we need to be doing, because, with every understanding of why we do wrong, comes from the Holy Spirit an alternative action that is loving and truthful that needs to be submitted to until transformation is complete. Then we move on up to seek out the alternatives for our other sinful desires; and along the Way we will enjoy the fruits of the Spirit.

This is how we ‘work out our salvation’, this is how we ‘cast the plank out of our own eyes FIRST, and THEN see clearly to cast out the speck from our brother’s eye.’

This is our way we Worship God in Spirit and in Truth!

This is the “Hidden Wisdom”, and it’s right in front of you, written in the Bible, only- unless you prove it is true to yourself, (as we ALL have to do,) you will revert back to your church held doctrine belief.

Doctrine that appears biblically correct but falls short of providing any proof, to set to your seal that God is true, or any knowledge of God’s Love.

Listen!!! Proof of Jesus’ resurrection is not in an empty tomb. Proof is found in the fruits of the Spirit, growing in increasing measure, in your heart and in your understanding.

In our ability to discern good from evil, verse is given understanding, and Joy is seen to grow in the intimacy of assured belief in Jesus.
We don’t see Jesus, but as we find the truth of our sins desire and begin recognizing My Way as the process of seeking, finding, submitting, transforming and experiencing an increasing measure of the Love of God The Father, and that the Truth in and of Jesus reveals His Mind-(thought, will and emotion); then our faith is established for we have set to our seal that God is True.

In Him,

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