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President Obama’s Predicament

May 9, 2012
Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“President Obama’s predicament” by ‘WorksbyJ.J.’

It’s in the NEWS BIG Time! The democrats and the republicans are piqued by the choice he is being forced to make. Romney has his vacillating opinions…So what’s up Prez? I smile.

Are you Pro gay, oops I mean, same sex marriage oR Con? Ha! Ha! You guys, and gals, yes you the reader!

This is not about same sex marriage this is about the law of the Bible being true or in need of change. By those who don’t want to be dictated to by God or President.

Is same sex saying same desires? Of course we want what we want when we want it; be it good or evil. “Heh!, we are not hurting anyone, but look how we have to be punished by not being allowed the same privileges as those people who have a desire for different sex marriages.”

“That’s ordained.” they say and it’s true!

However the Bible says we are all sinners. And it is each mans, and woman’s purpose to find God.

I believe this is true too!

And I know Jesus said he who is without sin cast the first stone. They all walked away and Jesus said he wasn’t going to stone her either…well President Obama’s able and right to say he isn’t going to stone her either!

Each person must fight for Righteousness and Truth and God’s Love in a battle against temptations we desire on some level. You can’t fight my battles any more than I can fight yours. But I’m not going to condemn you for what you desire.

God alone, can condemn us or sanctify us. Yes some of us believe it is a sin and if you believe the Bible, then you know what awaits to those who are lost to God’s call and embrace through choice. Hell’s Fire Boy! That’s something you wouldn’t want to happen to your worst enemy. Ain’t suppose to be any return from that place. I know you hurt for them too, but every person has to choose their path and go their way, and we who believe pray: come soon Lord, come soon.

A line is drawn upon the soul and if it is the dividing divide between Good and evil then let whomever, choose as they desire and let them experience the final result.

That is your choice and mine to make. And not judging lest I be measured the same on my own sins desire; I can say truthfully that I can’t accept or deny their right to choose the life they will live.

If the bill passes the house and senate, who will we hope, speak for the people, I will not intervene.

I myself, the writer of this letter believe this is our presidents only recourse. My personal choice is One man, One woman, one marriage. But should I impose that restriction to all of you who divorced and remarried?

God’s Law rules! I can not impose on anyone as for what to do, but I can tell them that there is a Jesus who died for them as well as for me; and if they ever want to meet him, I’d do my best to introduce them. But if not? Then , Come soon Lord Jesus, come soon.

But until then, In my knowledge and given Love, I can attach no fault to equality of the privileges two in marriage are given. I will pray for the lost and give praise along with the sanctified! Amen.

A verse in the Bible says that in the end-times, the unrighteousness of humanity will be that of the times of the apostles; and The Spirit of God, the Spirit of Truth will be poured out as well. Choose your way and be diligent as the ant to walk in “My  Way” the “Way” of Jesus.

Look, I hear all this talk and hate being directed towards President Obama, I even have my concerns, but at least he gives a respectable response to the Nations best efforts of giving a supportive hand to the people who make it possible on a family level.

And it’s clear he stands against an opponent that is obsessively destructive of these strengths of a government for the people by the people. It seems to me, if we wanted to elect a businessman for President we would have done better voting for Mr. Ross  Perot! That man stands as a hero, Not someone who made his millions out of the salaries of those he ‘hmm-hmm’ laid off.

If our President of the United States stands against the Republican Gauntleted challenge of having decency and fair play on the chopping block, then I’d vote for President Obama for that alone!

And if he is the anti-christ, as so many have intimidated, like a bully, then frankly my dear it is too late to change it and judgment day just came and caught most of us figuratively with our pants down, embarrassed.

Looks to me the republicans are to blame…they’re the ones having trouble with the Unions…the passing of voting laws that are destructive of our life’s values. One can only hope that President Obama’s leadership is true in its values, we hope Christian values.

After all, the republicans left us no choice.

In Him,


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