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Have You Ever…

May 25, 2012

Have you Ever…

Have you ever; and all of the ways you have ever had are seen to be many. Have you ever got a ticket for jay walking? Have you ever won free tickets? And everything you ever have in between; it’s clear there are many, but, if the ever is asked, ‘Have you ever known the feeling that conveys an understanding of How it is in life???’

We have been told the gospel of Jesus so many times that you probably have it memorized: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.

Jesus, that is, and haven taken the form of man, and after he has passed on the knowledge of God’s Righteousness and the ‘Way’(emphasis Hebrews)to it; he gave up his life animated by the blood, and put on his eternal Life animated by the ‘Spirit of Truth’. and took up residence where he started as The Spirit of Truth to The Word…from which he was formed in union to the Word God The Father before He said “I AM.” and I became the Father in me and I in the Father. For all things exist in the Father. We are one in/and of the Word. If you so chose. We become one in/and of the Word through Jesus.

You knew this if you wanted, which is even crazy if you didn’t want it, because the Way of Truth is a spirit revealed understanding that follows when we come into its sphere of revelation by walking in the same Way Jesus walked. For in the Father is love as can only be imagined pure from sin and knowing it forever. Yet we are able to know only a measure of the Love of God according as God the Word gave each man his measure, but only Jesus did he not withhold from, but gave the Full Measure. And it’s in your measure to discover the depth of God’s love for you equal to the understanding of the knowledge of God’s Righteousness learned while walking in the Way of Truth. And experienced in life’s change.

Sin is a distant nation and walking in the Love of God is possible in relation to the Word we know in The Spirit of Truth, heartfelt thanks to Jesus…. Walking in the Way is only possible to us because Lord Jesus never sinned and conquered death. For only in the Spirit of The Word is there Life. Formed in union – us with Jesus and through Him knowledge of God the Father.

Such a love awaits our Fullness, which we will know when I AM fully known. (I Cor. 13:12)

May the Lord Jesus be with you,


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