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In the Good Book

July 3, 2012

“In the Good Book”

[Scripture taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version “NIV” copyright ã 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of International Bible Society. All rights reserved.
NIV and “New International Version” are trademarks registered in the United States patent and trademark office by International Bible Society.]
All other scripture taken from the King James Version, unless otherwise noted.

Matthew chapters five, six and seven; often referred to as “The sermon on the Mount,” teaches me to rest assured that Jesus told me the truth, that ‘IF’ I were to “First take the plank out of your own eye,”niv  I would learn to “then you will see clearly…”niv

Not just this verse either, but the whole chapter is clearly seen; as well as other verses found in the Good Book: The Holy Bible.

Here, in essence, we learn: to make a right judgment, we need to have our minds enabled to understand what identifies a right judgment. This is known as “Spiritual Discernment” and it is taught by the acknowledgements of beheld truths, that our born-again spirit gives as we continue in our walk of repentance from the reasons for the sins we confront.

This, in time, will become a network of more verses we come to understand.

One of the first that was opened up to me was Matthew 13:52 leading up from verse 51,

“Have you understood all these things?” Jesus asked. “Yes.” they replied. He said to them, “Therefore every teacher of the law who has been instructed about the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.”niv

Spiritual gifts are to be desired, (see I Cor. 14:1), And here is one of the promises of our Lord the Word God the Son Jesus. We can bring up new treasures as well as old, when we share the gospel of Jesus known as ‘the instructing of the kingdom of heaven.

One of my most memorable times this happened to me was when I was sharing the Way of God’s Love with a friend. After about two months, several times a week, of talking, he finally saw the bigger picture and realized Love (Agape) had to be in our foundation of Jesus; and I in turn got to relate to the Ten Commandments of God with more understanding, as I struggled to find the answers to my friends questions.

It’s these times that we say, ‘Ah hah! Now I get it.” that marks the receiving of the new treasure.

Let’s see if you can get this one: Eph. 4:17-24, Rom. 12:1-3, and all of Matthew chapter 7 are all talking about the same roadmap that is known as the Way.

Matthew chapter 7 informs us that we are all to learn to know How to grow mature and make a right judgment… Romans, tells us that we each have a measure of faith to find our “faithfulness” in. That it is a growing measure of the assurance that Jesus Lives. And Ephesians lets us know that it was the lies we believed that had to be reconsidered; and when Truth is seen in love and understanding, then God, Jesus and Faith are seen more clearly as a part of each other.

In my most recent article where I denounce ‘The Jehovah’s Witnesses’ one of their articles used as a “Morality Standard” for their Church was on the subject of marriage, and another on divorce. They like to make it into a big thing with their do’s and don’ts, but here in Matthew 19:1-9 the simple truth is a true God-made marriage should remain intact except for marital infidelity. And that divorce was only given because, “…your hearts were hard.”niv

I am reminded of a time I first read about the ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses.’ in May of 1984 of “Time Magazine.” There was an article written about this guy who had been one of the Top-Ten of all Jehovah witnesses, supposedly guaranteed his place in Heaven. But because he started having doubts of their doctrinal teachings, he started asking questions. He was warned not to continue in this effort, that, his church told him, could get him ex-communicated from the church.

But he continued and true-enough, they ex-communicated him from the church as well as a few of his friends that were not happy with the churches explanations. His wife was told that for her to remain a member of the church she had to divorce him. And did!

Here was a prime example of a false teaching church going against the Bible’s Teaching and making their own teaching over the Bible’s.

Were their heart’s hardened? Yes indeed they were. How are we to soften our hearts? By putting to death the sin in your bodies. Be they actions or thoughts.

I’ve long concluded that for a marriage to be a Good marriage, the man must be able to teach his wife the Way of God’s Love and Truth. (for only God is Good) The woman should apply all of her mind and heart to finding the discernment of God’s Love in her own movement of repentance, and God’s Love and Truth will become clear to her too; to be able to accept the commands of her husband as they are meant to be: loving and truthful, as much as possible. And when they’re not, then, to be able to show the Way of Love and Truth to her husband to again set him straight, (which will most likely be of ego and pride,) while getting yourself straight in the bargain! Women become prophetesses, men become prophets as much as the love of God can be experienced through the spirit connection we have through Jesus God the Word the Son of God the Word Our Father in spirit.

Why else is love so blind in the early stages? But to ease the transition from emotional love to understanding love and what it means for each persons commitment.

Then as we get older, often seen as the golden years, the loving relationship is as simple as our Agape Love reaching out for the love we have for each other, and know that nothing can dissuade us from loving each other. All those sins we both have fought to find God’s Love in, are no longer able to keep us apart, and all the loves we can know for sex-eros, for family-storgee, for friends-phileo; can all be related to with out remorse.

Life as a true-Christian isn’t about being in bondage to anything. The sinful self and the Godly self co-exist in the same person, for all our lives.

Some people fear this self-acknowledgement; some become fanatical. But it should not be. If you have a past that you no longer want to be a part of the you, you are trying to be, then in time and in “increasing measure” it won’t. But if you ‘fall short of the mark’ by giving in to the desires still living within you, work on it, and try to enjoy yourself without the self-condemnation.

Don’t condemn yourself nor your friends that happen to bring up your past. Don’t grow weary in doing Good, and never lose the hope that your love for God the Word in Jesus, gives birth to.

In time and continued effort in your repentance, those uncontrollable sins become controllable and they will not be a burden any longer; any more than just a part of your personality. Yet because you have come to understand who you are in weakness and in strength, let others  know. Say to them, it’s a part of me I’ve come to understand, and if you want to know me to accept me, you need to know me here and still accept me. And accept you they will for true love is not easily affronted and takes no offense. Beware wolves that come to you in sheep’s clothing, learn to test their spirits.

Remember, for all of us: “All things are permissible. But not all things are beneficial.”niv

It’s possible, that what ever your weakest moments are to you…enjoyable, or felt to be a curse, or both; it’s possible someone you meet might be entertaining the idea of a relationship with a person such as you, and might have a need that you can give in your own need, to share with each other, until such time you can both rise above it. The romance of a shared togetherness that no one else is made for…what happens behind closed doors…is only for us to know.

Often in my teaching of the Way, I come across these fanatical Christians who must always act godly. They have no room for the sins of the past they still desire but refuse to acknowledge. To them I will sometimes bring it up, if I learn of it, just to have them fanatically reject it as not being part of the “pure” person they try to be. They still don’t know How to put sin to death by the spirit. If  they have known me for any length of time, they know of the Way, but just haven’t put it to Good use.

Often they don’t know how or if they still want to be your friend. Can salt and sugar come from the same bottle? No, never.

Listen!!! Growth in the spirit means coming to know the way of Love through the many acknowledgements, submissions, and transformations…NOT by the rejection of sin or of sins desire. We are ALL Sinners!

That doesn’t mean go out and sin, just that if you do, don’t condemn yourself.
Change what you want to change. Sin has many roots, (reasons) and can take time to remove completely. It’s wrong to hate yourself for them. Though we all do it. Until we see to discern that thanks be to Jesus that we won’t have to suffer in hell for them.

This is also how we learn to be forgiving of others who sin against us. Do they know the Spirit of God through Jesus? Do they know of the Way that allows for them to overcome their sins? No? then how can we hate them?

Grow slow but sure. Enjoy life’s many pleasures. Yet, seek the kingdom of heaven and all things will be given to you. (memory quote)

You have time…possibly as much as 41.6 years, to grow mature. And even then you will still sin in this life because of our receiving only a measure of the faith that reveals the truth that sets us free. Only in heaven when we will know fully ourselves in God the Word our Father in Spirit through God the Word the Son Jesus in the flesh, will we be sin free.

Till next time. Until then read your NIV New Testament, pray, and always make the effort to move in repentance.

In Him,

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