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As I Sit

July 11, 2012

“As I Sit”
A “Works by J.J.”

As I sit and observe my placement in life, I wonder? Is the political situation today the enactment of the prophetic End-Times?

I don’t know but I think it is.

It seems the republicans are enacting laws to restrict voting, why? To prevent voting and make their candidate a shoo in…

Someone who won’t prosecute them for their involvement in the greedy maneuvering of laws as to profit in the trillions in three short years and causing over 600 trillion in national debt; all because of the sub-prime loan scandal

And then there are their laws to restrict, stop, and nullify union negotiations. Look at what the inhabitants of Wisconsin had to do to fight back for their rights. I hope they will share the fight for our religious freedoms as well.

Do you sense a need for pulling together as a nation of people wanting some strong leadership; like I imagine the feeling for the strength in a president like we had for John F. Kennedy, is wanted.

Does it seem to you as if the Republicans are insinuating, in any way, that President Obama is the Prophetic ‘anti-Christ’?

Does President Obama talk about the unity of the people after the 9/11 incident? He does. Did he bail out Chrysler when they were but one of the republicans victims along with others…This President is set as the champion of the underdog, the believer among you is believed to resonate with the freedom to be free. And it sounds like it’s the republicans who want to strip away our right to Union for better pay and conditions for living with a family.

If we could live the life of the Rich is a dream to sigh upon; But not  with the cost of being rich by firing and outsourcing, or perverting the legal system!
Why on earth would we vote for a republican that wants to strip away Women’s Rights, and subject them to forced virginity exams and tie them into laws limiting self respect, dignity; and instituting moral laws.

Okay, I get it. We are being given a double message here…ONE…Republicans: vote for us because we are only trying to be responsible Christians…It is only because you, (all of us who are blinded by satans lies and prove it by wanting to vote for a President who’s  believed to be the anti-Christ), don’t know better, We have to protect you.

The Unions are bad, depicted as the dragon, the anti-Christ is president Obama, and the false prophet is who? A Black Man Preacher, Mr. Al Sharpton, or the self proclaimed Prophet J.J. who writes an article called: “The Presidents Predicament.”

Or is it one of the many Newscasters that center their news on all of the antics of the Republicans, and the speeches of President Obama.

Are we in the end times, and are my ruminations valid for thinking maybe we are? Why else would a mass of  Republicans whom, in my opinion, consider President Obama the anti-Christ; push us to vote for him or suffer the loss of Dignity and Constitutional Rights, we’d get if we voted for them?

I smile, is it the ‘Ironic Twist’ of satan to do to us what was done to him…make the choice appear as if you are avoiding the bad leader, by voting for the only one among the many…who believes in our rights, our freedoms, our strengths, our unity in time of need.

Only to be fooled and vote in the true Bad Leader… Okay, like I said, I don’t know, but I think we are.

So what’s next? Well unity of course! In unity there are no debts except the continuing debt to love one another, In the Love of God preferably. No bankruptcy, if the Jewish Nation can abolish debt every seven years, why can’t we? Nothing stopping us but the details. Boarder wars, a thing of the past; boarder cities allow for transfer of labor and an influx of income that enters the third world side.

Countries dieing in debt, no longer burdened; debt is forgiven, overlooked, no longer an income of creditable debt. Every Seven years, how does it work? Lets consult with Israel.

And in a gesture of goodwill, perhaps the European Union takes care of the Middle East threat of nuclear magnitude.

Unity, such a wonderful thing in time of need. Akin to the feeling of Love in the protecting and comforting awakened by tragedy.

And as most americans who believe in God, (tho’ it’s God Jesus we’re suppose to believe in,) Unity is Godly. Right? We who have faith in Jesus and know him in the unity of the Fathers love; we know unity is in God the Father through our faithful belief in His Son Jesus; who died for our fallen condition caused by sins filled by the desire for the worlds worries, riches and/or pleasures, in neglect of the Loving and Truthful knowledge of knowing God in heart, Spirit and Truth.

It’s not found in a debit heaven of unity. The next logical step.

I smile, but that will be when the literal ‘shit hit’s the fan!’

If it’s unity you seek, of believers it must be…if you are a walker of “The Way” and its knowledge is true, let the seeker be certain and knowing of the Word. Be Welcome.

With thousand upon thousand of differently indoctrinated so-called christian churches, which church do you seek unity in when the times change from prophecy to reality and Christians become hunted and killed all in the mistaken belief that it is being done to do God service.

There is only one doctrine teaching, you must know it to walk it. It’s called the “Way” yet to know it is to walk it!

It begins with thoughts, insights, acknowledgments, repentances with steps to where there is no shame. But it must also begin to read the Testament of Jesus called The New Testament.

Love from God found in the Word of Truth in/and of Jesus is a knowledge of Righteousness where no corruption is.

We first must become aware of the nature of sin. Desire to worries, riches and/or pleasures give birth to a sin, and when we act on it “it gives birth to death.” In the greed of riches, pleasures and/or worries we do anything within our personal scope of reasoning, never realizing that the desires we be fulfilling are not from/or in God’s Love and Truth.

“Love does no harm to its neighbor.” Truth applies to everyone equally.. We are our own worst enemy when we let our sinful desires overwhelm our life by any measure, bringing hardship, heartbreak and despair into our shameful ways.

Yet, at times when we have suffered long, answers are looked for and are given spontaneously with the spirit of acknowledgment found, knowledge of Truth is gained. But I gotta say, if you grow up singing it’s easier to see a song in lifeJ.

The choices we made without love guiding our hearts become conclusions that try to conclude our life of love before it even begins.

Lucky it is to be born and come to know the love of God…the overwhelming sense of oneness with every person, the rapture of Love laying claim to the freedom of sharing.

Walking in the love of God by determined effort of repenting, acknowledging, submitting, abiding/doing, transforming, knowing in faith the love of God The Father comes to us in the Spirit of The Word of Truth in and of Jesus, God The Son.

                        In Him,
                         ( Jim + Jesus )

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