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Are you a Christian

July 17, 2012

Are You a Christian?

For most that simply means, do you believe in Jesus; and most say yes.

But, in the Bible it says “be prepared in every season to give a reason for your hope in Jesus.” Do you have a reason?

Whether you have been born-again, or felt a calm peace come over you when you made your sinners confession…I can’t tell. But what I can tell is “IF” you share the same message of Understanding in the Lord Jesus.

In I Corinthians 1:10 says that we need be… “perfectly united in mind and thought.” and yet so many Christians follow many of the worlds churches.

The Catholic, the Baptist, the Lutheran, the Presbyterian….On and on the list goes, over 3000 different christian churches; and none of them teaching you How to be perfectly united in one mind and thought. And for your information that Mind and Thought is of the Lord Jesus’.

It’s not about thinking you believe or preaching Christ Jesus crucified and resurrected…tho’ that last part is important; it’s about learning to walk in the “Way” taught by Jesus to his apostles and from them to us. But God, in Isaiah 30: 20-26 shows us that from the time of the Apostles till the end times fast bearing down on us, the “Way” of the teachers has been kept hidden.

Do you know what the “Way” is? Paul tells us that he persecuted the followers of this Way. And yet do you know it?

I didn’t when I thought I was a christian after being assured that if I was sincere in my sinners prayer that I was now a child of God. A false teaching. And after I was born-again and received the Holy Spirit of Truth I still didn’t know what the Way was.

It took me about twenty six years of growing in the gift of prophecy before it all became clear to me and I knew what the Way was. And I know that the majority of Christians out there are ignorant of it even as I was.

I know that this is a touchy subject and many of you would just rather go on doing what ever it is you have been doing in the name of Jesus. Even if it means that you may not really be saved…yes! Even after I was assured that I was a child of God by the preacher man IF I was sincere in my sinners prayer, it was a lie and I wasn’t truly born-again until I began walking in the Way, Unbeknowingly to myself that I was doing so, that I was given the gift of the Holy Spirit of God.

And I’d wager that this is the same for most Christians. And again, most of those aren’t even aware of what they did; though most of you probably felt the indwelling of the Holy Spirit sometime after you said your sinners prayer. Yet sadly most of these thought it was the churches teaching and they would never change their church now.

Yet will they leave their church even when God calls out his chosen from within the worlds churches? Will you be ready to leave your church then?

Probably not. At this time in history when God calls his chosen from out of the churches there will be tribulations a plenty and unless you have prepared a place to hide from the churches wrath and the killing of Christians and have food to carry you over to the time of Jesus’ re-appearing to install his kingdom, then you will likely die before his kingdom is come.

Over 26 times the population of America will die…2/3rds of the world population left for dead and satan in control. Where you won’t be able to buy, sale, or trade without the mark of the beast.

How will you survive this 3 ½ year period that may be shortened as much as 5 months because … “if the time wasn’t shortened no one would survive.”

I admire the planning of the Morman church. They know to set up for these times by setting up a food supply in storage until the time comes to use it. Even though they are not the true church. And I’m not sure if they have enough set aside. Or a safe haven to hide from the persecution of Christians.

Other churches have thought to set up a haven for these times coming soon, Remember the Koresh incident in Waco? The preacher who built that compound died before needing it and this Koresh made time with the preachers widow and took over. Had he been a christian of knowledge in the ‘Way’ this incident would have never happened.
Another church…The Universal Church Triumphant, built a safe haven for their members, only The woman preacher didn’t know Christ Way either and instead of waiting on the word of the Lord, she called the tune of Armageddon falsely and lost most of her followers in ridicule.

Wouldn’t YOU like to have a place to run to, a place prepared as much as possible, for these times just ahead? I know I would.

Well it may be possible if you live in San Diego. How’s that?

I have started a co-operative health plan for San Diego and have asked for people to join it for $100. Dollars a month. With the minimum of 100 clients needed to make it operational, I hope to be able to help them pay their medical billings and make enough to begin work on the safe haven for the Christians that have joined my “Friends of Jesus Church-club.”

Hopefully to build a christian city of christian home living. Do you want to join? Either live in San Diego or make this church, The Friends of Jesus Church-Club, your designated church for donations every month.

You can do so by using this site to make your donations to. By using the donate button located here: http://mb3p

Please read the articles and learn to make your next move in the right direction.

In Him,

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