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A Tribute to a Friend: Wilma Walsh

September 1, 2012

A Tribute to a Friend: Wilma Walsh

The Mysterious Rock of Wonder
Before I Became knowledgeable of the True Teaching of Jesus and his disciples through the gift of Prophecy, I went through some life phases that expressed many surprises.
During the mid 70’s I met whom was to become my friend, Wilma Walsh; Willi to her friends and colleagues. The woman I have referred to as my spiritual mom, because it was during this time period that I became born-again, and later gifted in Prophesying. Given to ‘comfort, strengthen, and encourage the church-body, with sound wisdom found and acknowledged! Yet it was by her gifts that I was able to have a Bible to read, and her sharing of wisdom.
As I grew to be able to view a more mature view, not yet saved, I would share my thoughts and ideas with Willi and she would use the same paper that mine were written on to voice her own thoughts and impressions. Not at that time knowing of the verse that tells us to share all good things with our teacher…As I grew so did she. I am honored to be told her deepest pain; and witness her ability to overcometh by her acknowledged truth: “When I am Weak, he is strong.”
It was during this period in my life I met in person, Barbara Eden.
I smile. I was in an elevator with a co-worker and a desk; in a business area of Beverly Hills, CA. When the elevator opened and I heard, “Is there room in here for us?”
I looked up from my shoes to see three Ladies, all wearing long coats, with the one who spoke being in the middle, also wearing a hair scarf and a big pair of dark sunglasses. To her I immediately answered, “There’s always room for Barbara Eden.”
We would smile and I would go back to looking at my shoes…for a few moments, as the elevator started back down to the parking lots.
When I did look up at Ms. Eden, she was waiting and said, “You have sharp eyes.”
I’m sure I smiled as her stop came up and she disembarked for her next item on her list of things to do.
In those days I was looking for answers, but I knew that it wasn’t my eyes that first recognized her, it was my heart. For many a teenager watching “I Dream of  Jeanie” Barbara Eden was loved and adored.
Blondes? Is it because we think of them looking like an Angel might in our imagination’s? Is it because they are so spirited that we fall in love with their liveliness? Is it because they are so beautiful, or was it because I, “we” were so alone that we, “I” fell for the fancy while overlooking the quiet, the plain, the shy girl?
I think that last was more than “we” might care to admit. And perhaps our wish to go back in time to chase the one that might have been, is a little too wishy-washy.
Today, I try to see people as people with lives of their own to live, and if they are successful, great! But if they are having problems, I wish I could help them.
At a time when I was homeless, jobless. A bum on skid row. Looking like… with a long beard, brown rusted beanie cap, bare feet (dirty), dirty yellow T-Shirt I’d gotten off a drunk coming into county jail as I was getting out. Dirty pants and to top it all off with an extra large brown nylon jacket with the pockets torn and hanging upside down; I met Willi.
From the time I asked her if I could help her and being able to find a clothes hanger to open her locked car door, and begin a true friendship, Willi accepted my help graciously like the Christian within.

I miss past times, past friends. But past is past and lessons learned are held dear! Where in truth I say, “If I could go back with this mind and this spirit…I’d go. But NOT if I had to go back in ignorance of the Way of God’s Love and Truth, that I learned later in life.
So, Ms. Barbara Eden, Hi! It was nice meeting you and knowing of my young love for you adores you. Today if we were to greet with a hug and a kiss in friendship it will suffice. Perhaps you would be interested in an investment idea. I’ve a great made for T.V. movie treatment:

Type of Work: Dramatic Work and Music; or Choreography Registration Number / Date: PAu002386877 / 1999-03-04 Title: Cold fury. Description: 1 v. Notes: Script. Copyright Claimant: James Edward Truett Date of Creation: 1998 Rights and Permissions: Rights & permissions info. on original appl. in C.O. Names: Truett, James Edward

Such memories and lost opportunities, new opportunities, through it all at whatever time, are the memories of a woman not afraid to befriend me…a 21 yr. old skid row bum. Hating myself yet unable to come to grips with life or what it’s religions tried to instill. I offered to help and she accepted and offered me her friendship.

Willi, I don’t know where you are today or if you are even alive. In my heart you are! Thanks for being my friend Willi, when I needed you. I hope you like my articles, or my books on
In my eyes and heart you will always be loved. May God be with you always. In Jesus name, I ask.


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