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February 11, 2013


Recently I went to a local First Presbyterian Church Bible Study class in San Diego…

Have you ever heard of the book called The Purpose Driven Life? Well, the same author wrote another book and this class was using that book and it’s study guide as the material to study.

Asking the group are any of you wanting to understand the teaching of Jesus? Yes, they answered we all are. Then, I said, why are you doing a study of this book written by a known quack who doesn’t even know the Bible and thinks paraphrased bibles are as good as the real thing?!

When they refused to put that book down and hear a true bible study using a real Bible they backed away and told me to try a different study group.

Wow…okay they we’re obviously purposely ignorant and I couldn’t introduce them to Jesus in the Bible the way Jesus taught; so I left the group to seek out the other group in another room.

I found it being led by the preacher man “Will” and when he started preaching by telling everyone that they need to renounce sin like they would in repentance…turn away from your sin 180 degrees and you can come closer to God in the Bible. I thought okay that’s okay tho’ it’s definitely borderline. (You need to turn away from sin and don’t do it – AS YOU WORK YOUR CONTINUING REPENTANCE AS IT IS MEANT TO BE DONE!)

But when ‘Will’ said that by renouncing your sin and digging into the Bible for God’s answers to sin, as found in the verse sections for dealing with sin, you will become more spiritual. THEN, I Had to stop him and say that he was wrong. That the repentance of the new testament IS NOT the same repentance he teaches from the old testament. And that his teaching is not the gospel teaching at all.

Why, he just stood there and rejected any other teaching at the time; that he would see me at another time.

To cut to the chase I had to leave that group too. I couldn’t remain in a study that taught psychology and erroneous teachings instead of the Way of Jesus.

I knew he didn’t know the Way of the teaching of Jesus by some of the things he said earlier at the pulpit. And I thought I would try and set him right, but found a dead end.

FOLKS!!!  If you want the Truth of God and Jesus all you need is a bible, a REAL Bible, either the King James Version or The NIV bible. And you need a good teaching prophet.

Read in I Corrinthians chapter 14 and see that teaching prophets are the norm for learning the Way of Jesus. Unless you know it. By the ’gift of prophecy‘. Or through the Knowledge of God’s Righteousness found in the Agape Love of God our Father.

When you find a teaching prophet ask him what he teaches and he should say the ‘Way’ of Jesus. If he doesn’t then he doesn’t know it. If he says he teaches what the bible teaches ask him what teaching it is and again if he says anything other than the ‘Way’ (which is ‘walked’ in continuing repentance OF “repenting by finding the Reason for it and then ‘acknowledging’ the Way of Love in its alternative, then submit and abide in it until it ‘transforms’ our mind. ) then leave him and look elsewhere for the true teaching of Jesus called the ‘Way’.
Listen the teaching of the ‘Way’ is a spiritually discerned teaching found in the bible. I can show it to you and have you see the truth of it but if you don’t do it you will lose it as it was given to you when, to keep it means you have to ‘acknowledge it’ after first finding it in your work of repentance.

Most think that by calling repentance a work it is contradictory to the saying faith by works is no faith. When That’s not it at all… ‘Repent and believe the good news’
Is in the bible and it means that you need to repent to believe the good news. When the bible says ‘Repent and be baptized’ it is saying that when you repent to the ‘acknowledging’ of the truth and Agape love, at the same moment you make the acknowledgement God will Grant you the Holy Spirit of salvation.

Because repentance is an ‘effort’ of discovery it represents our desire to change and when we seek out the ‘Way’ of Truth with Love to be our choice of choosing in our change up then in truth it becomes the way of our transformation. Made possible by the Spirit of God given to us when we prove our sincerity in wanting to know God over satans deceitfulness. Thus it is a gift.

You see verse says:

“For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.” John 3:20-21

That’s why it is so patently obvious that any teacher of the gospel either knows it or not. If he knows it he saw the ‘light’, if not then the love of God found in proper repentance is never taught and thus never found except by piecemeal and that very hard. Add to the ‘natural’ abhorrence of ‘Truth’ in the flesh caused by original sin, the misdirecting teachings of  psychology or books by authors that are proven ridiculously uninformed, then you make for a hard, very hard learning curve.

Read my other blogs on the ‘Way’ and on God’s love and see the truth then start walking in the Love found, acknowledged and submitted to until it transforms you by the renewing of your mind.

In Him,


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  1. I don’t understand what am I suppose to be Approving? A transliteration of one or two verses that are recognized as a promise of Jesus. Okay I get the point and applaud your effort to keep the Word of God in Jesus, before our eyes. I myself would not have stopped there. With that verse we see that the peace of Jesus is given only to those who believe in the resurrected Jesus. That is tied to the reception of the Holy Spirit at our time of salvation. And the Peace we have is in our Faithful belief in Jesus with the Love of God Our Father acknowledged in us along with the accompanying Truth found in our ‘continuing’ Repentance, as the Teaching of the “Way” is understood to the knowing; and walking.
    Yet because your effort may be ‘inspired’ I dislike them. Why? Because when the reader reads them they may feel the need for the peace of Jesus and don’t know how to have it. While many christians say believe by faith they are teaching a blind faith and not the faith that we read of in Gal. 5:6. And because the pain they have is not given the peace they desire God gets the blame, when really the confused and pain person, is to blame. But not a harsh blame, for the understanding of the “Hidden Wisdom” of the teaching of Jesus is hidden for a reason. Only the sincere seeker of understanding in the knowledge of God’s Righteousness will ever know it. And only after they have found the “Discernment” needed can they accurately describe it for others or for themself!
    Hence the Peace you hope to inspire has too much information not being given nor understood, and bitterness is all to possible an outcome; so no, I do not approve to the extent of reading it on my site; unless the verse is given teaching of the “Way”.

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