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For my family and friends in Jesus

February 14, 2013

To all Christians:

The first three and one half  years saw a world become self aware in the consciousness of the people. Nations were going broke and we could relate. Our concerns of the vote, of family, of seniors, of the disabled, of the freedom we have found in the concerns of others; even if it was of a questionable nature.

All amidst the turmoil was mixed in with the politics, the sound bites of anti-christ, cut welfare, children killed, economic collapse, end of the world.

And Now? Today? If we are to live in an evidence based life what are the evidences?
President Obama signs the top most beam of the worlds tallest building with the same words used in the tower of Babel. Coincidence, or act of defiance?
President Obama has a following of voters intent upon change according to majority.
President Obama’s ‘Team’ are always keeping their voters involved. From volunteering to clean up the environment with “Martin Luther King’ celebrants.
President Obama’s  Team says that the voters will change the way the law works.

Are there other evidences? I’m sure there are. And when I look back at the election I remember that a lot of republicans voted for President Obama. Why? It was clearly detailed that the Republicans wanted to close down the “Welfare” programs and Medi-Care and Social-Security were on the chopping block. While the BIG Money grabbed up all the wealth they can get. And it seemed as if the greedy tainted the republicans so much that they had NO-CHOICE but to vote for who they claimed to be the anti-christ. But it seems to me that the wealthy are pulling the strings and that satan is in control of the riches of this world. And if President Obama is the anti christ it seems like the strings are making it a shoe-in. And he isn’t one bit worried. Next step remove the opposition. Become a one voice/one world government.

So it seems and most likely so it is. But where are we in the middle of it all? Has the ‘End’ snuck up on us and of events to come? Will Pres. Obama be assassinated and then raised up by The supposed to be God but will only be an impersonator the anti-christ; who will want to be idolized and kill all who won’t?

Will his constituency become the first of the new republic’s officer and police? Will the European union take out the middle east threat and will the third world war be started by the same country that has started the other world war’s, Germany?

Who knows, I don’t. Yet while I tend to believe it all and see it all as a great big delusion based on self reliance and personal strength with no allegiance to God;  it’s really just an escalation of violence.

So while I do tend to believe we are living in the end times and the churches are being led by the blind or a book bible study by someone other than a true teacher of the word; I still feel like there is time to come to know Jesus. Know him by his Love and his Word of Truth.

You need Jesus. Now more than ever before. Knowing the Love of our Father God through Jesus by way of revelation of acknowledgement in the Word of the Holy Bible.

Through this Spiritual enlightenment comes understanding of Gods Love in His Righteousness, and we acknowledge it. Such discernment can be deep meditation or whimsical in the simplicity of Love. But the coolest thing about what the Love of God gives us in the understanding of life, is the ability to see the knowledge shared, and when it is truly ‘seen’, Gods Love is known!

And when its not. Sadly the churches are in a bad state of knowledge. They honestly don’t get it. That the Way of true repentance reveals the Love of God and is evidenced in the heart, and where the instruction in repentance is seen in the rewards. As well as the Bible.

I’m still concerned for your collective welfare, I wish that you all lived in San Diego and subscribed to my MB3P Co-operative healthcare plan. Then I would be enabled to take steps toward our mutual well-being.

I feel hopeless in the world, my hope is in Jesus. While the demons of satan gear up their puppets and the end rushes in like a freight train gone wild I can only hope that you have someone strong to help you.

I still offer to answer any of your questions concerning the Way of Jesus. If I can be of help showing the door of hope to you in Jesus I would be honored to do so.

God be with you
In the name of Jesus,
In Him,


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