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A prophet’s muse.

March 1, 2013

To my Christian family,

I believe the time is short for the world as we know it.

I see the age of world unity coming of age with a congress defeated by the vote called for and by President Obama. But they call it ‘organization for action.’

I believe an attack on American soil will bring the war home to our lives and know that in the end times as written in Revelations that the end would be so devastating that two thirds of the world will die and only a remnant of the chosen will live.

Who will live and who will die as anarchy lives to enslave us? Indeed that is “IF” we are actually in the end times. I do not know. God hasn’t told me. And all of my comments are just that, comments. What I believe other than the Bible’s Word of Love and Truth is just an opinion or consideration from my point of view.

If you have the ability and means to prepare then the time is now! You could have about 3 yrs. (Or more if I’m just worry-wort.) But much less before the times of terror begins. In a little over 3 yrs. Hence it’s possible that two thirds of the world will be dead and Christ Jesus will return.

I pray that you will find yourself well cared for to survive to see this event. And then I pray that you have found your salvation in Jesus in time.

Friends, I call you friends because that is who I would have you be towards me and anyone else who proves to be in the family of Jesus. Especially so!

Today at the First Presbyterian Church in San Diego, at the food line, there is a very ignorant preacher who likes to talk to us before we can eat at the once a week place to eat.

He seemed to think the people eating there needed to know that Jesus has felt their every pain and loves us to his death and ever lasting kingdom.  And that some how they can feel the love of the caring of Jesus and take comfort in knowing that this pain too, was nailed to the cross of Jesus.

Now I know that this is an emotional way of thinking of Jesus; but to say that maybe we can take comfort in knowing Jesus suffered the pain first for us…misses the entire understanding of Jesus.

Jesus is one with the Father. And the Father is a Spirit and is Love. Jesus, remains with the Father as he was from the day he said I AM. Because of Jesus Resurrection, He can now send to us his comforter. With proper actions in our walk in the ‘Way’ we will grow to experience the acknowledgement of Truth and Love, in the alternatives to the motives for our sin.

So you see we weren’t meant to find solace in the death and suffering of Jesus but to know the Joy in the spirit we have sparked in the Love of our Heavenly Father.

You were meant to find God. Whether you want to or not, without God in the world there will be death and suffering. And to prove it to us we are walking into it in these end times.

An ungodly world is out there and it’s Christians against the devil and his followers. With a hundred million fallen angels helping to stir the pot of death and disease, it won’t take long to flee for our lives. Unless you are prepared.

In Him,


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