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Blogs from other sites by worksbyJJ

June 29, 2013

Article links:

1. Continuing works by J.J. on Blogspot.

Go here and you will find over 25 articles from ‘WorksbyJJ’
Titles like:
Tomorrows world
Looking through the Rose-Colored glasses of Christian Science
Like a Child
Hi All!
Spiritual Strength
The mis-guided love of Amos Rundle
Dear Humanist
The parable of the good Samaritan
Lets talk about Bibles
#9 hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well.
A word of encouragement for Oprah.
#5 learning to see the differences between belief and proven truth.
#4 Just How Big is the kingdom of heaven’s “New Jerusalem”
The Way (The first most of all my articles)
The error of Christianity
I call myself J.J.

2. Works by JJ as found on yahoo.voices

“One answer to the question”

‘Why every church needs a prophetic teacher’

‘walking in the presence of the Lord’

‘Maum meditation’


‘The love of Amos Rundle’

‘How Jesus was begotten’

‘How to find Hope’

‘Repentance in the Way’

‘My Conversion into Christianity’

‘When I was young’

‘Understanding is in the heart’

‘How now brown cow’

‘Maum Meditation’

‘Obama care vs. Republican care vs. MB3P’

 ‘The story of Barabbus’

‘Earth 2010’

‘The Way’

‘Spiritual Strength’


‘The life of Man’

‘The teaching of christian churches today’

‘In the Good Book’

‘One answer to the question’

‘The Way, the Truth and the Life’

‘The Teaching Prophet’

‘Is the time now…Now?’

‘Emotions vs. Knowledge’

‘Bible Study by the Prophet J.J.’

‘Marriage-Who is Right for me?’

3.  ON:

4.  On Works by JJ Christian blogs at Word

‘Spiritual change is required to be able to grow closer to God’

5.  Earth 2010 Storey Project idea on: My

6.  On Associated

“The Way, The Truth, and The Life”

‘The teaching prophet’

Is the time is now, now?

‘Obama care vs. Republican care vs. MB3P’


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