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Hello World

July 9, 2013

Hello World,

As I sit and think of life; many things, persons and places are filed away in my brains memory.

For you to sit and think of life, would probably involve things, persons and places and also be influenced by your own particular chosen pieces of experiences.

I expect some of you are orderly and efficient, in your thinking and in your life. A multi-tasker so to speak. Others, perhaps lazy or troubled or lost.

All of this thinking is what makes us what we are. It’s a spirit of life and its status is either eternal or damned. Contrary to popular thought that the spirit is eternal no matter which way you go, it’s not.

The ‘Way’ Of Jesus was walked by Isaiah; He was told by unbelievers, “Leave the Way! Get off the path! Let us hear no more about the Holy One of Israel!”

And depending on which ‘way’ or ‘path’ you choose to be found walking in, eternal or damned, how you think which becomes how you become, is all because of your choices made in all of the decisions made.

Now the biggest reason for choosing as we choose, is based on the informational experiences we have while growing up and into old age. Influenced by the life’s of others.

Clearly the permutations of thought sequences could be numbered in the millions and are specific to each person.

A psychiatrist could spend years trying to unravel the root to whatever mental ailment is afflicting you. If you think you need one. Personally I believe they mean well, but in my life time of five state hospitals, what good you can get from another person trying to help you is still your choice to understand or not. And, like the esteemed, considered father of psychiatry: Sigmund Freud; They too, most not all, believe as he, that, “God is an illusion.”
And That is the real legacy of this man, he did not believe in God. Do you?

We who have understanding that is considered normal, are able to handle our affairs independent of needing a payee. Those who lack understanding are at the mercy of their desires. Yet many who are not saved are those of you with otherwise normal life responses. This includes all of you ‘Christians’ That Are Born-Again, yet who live as if you weren’t.

With the only evidence of our life spirits status, is whether we can still think clearly or do all of the mental gymnastics we once did when we were younger. That, and a heart that feels a little colder.

In today’s telecast of my friend Joyce Meyer, she shared something she read, and said, “97 % of our problems in life can be seen tied to whether we think appropriately.) (my mistake if the percentages were a tad high.)

Knowing the ways of God; and Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, certainly makes it mandatory, that we read the Bible. I recommend a composite Bible with four versions per page, the NIV, the King James, the Amplified, and subtitled Greek (if you can find it)but most likely the fourth Bible version will be the American Standard.)

And then devote yourself to reading it, For now, only the New Testament is a Must read. It is the words of Jesus and of his apostles that are important for us to become familiar with. Understanding will come, if you interpret them through the Holy Spirit given to you when you were born-again, and use your foremost Reasonable and sincere abilities.

There’s no need to grieve not being born-again and unable to know the things of the Spirit.. If you are not born again, meaning receiving the Holy Spirit of God, the beauty of the ‘Way’ of Jesus that we learn to walk in, is the first step is the same step however much later than the first step you took, and that step was: Repent.

Now the importance of knowing God’s written Word is a top priority. You must be able to experience the “remembrance’s of Truth” made understandable in the experience of them in your life as you walk in the “Way” of Repentance as taught by Christ Jesus and his Apostles.

This “Way” of Jesus short stops all of the psychiatric sessions by letting the Holy Spirit affirm your Mental Status. Because when he gives you the affirmation it is felt in the heart of Love. Known as Agape Love. And IT Increases with the Choosing!!!

But please do not make the mistake of thinking that your Obedience is to the written Word. That is by the letter, not the Spirit. Sorry Joyce, but that’s not how we do it.

No, what we should be choosing is: to Find the reason/motive for why ‘I’ am not knowing God’s Love in this experience I am in? Being in a bad relationship, a bad habit, a bad mood, all have their root in your accepted form of thinking. But what decisions, did these experiences, cause you to consider in your walking actions, the way how you respond to such a situation, Are yours alone. If you do not look for the underlying reason for the negatives in your life, then you will never find the ‘Way’ of Love that you can choose to live in, in your walk through life.

Nor is it the way Mr. A. Wommack says is right either. But he hit’s the nail on the head when he describes the meaning of Romans 6:16-22 except the end at verse 21 and 22 he is missing the connection to the ‘Way’.

Lets read them:

“Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?
But God be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered unto you.
Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness.
I speak after the manner of men because of the infirmity of your flesh: for as ye have yielded your members servants to uncleanness and to iniquity unto iniquity; even so now yield your members servants to righteousness unto holiness.
For when ye were the servants of sin, ye were free from righteousness.
What fruit had ye then in those things whereof ye are now ashamed? for the end of those things is death.
But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life.” Romans 6: 16-22 KJV

Mrs. Meyers would jump on the word Obedience, See there! It says “obedience unto righteousness!” Yes, it sure does say that. But read on to ‘see’ how it’s done.

Mr. Wommack would jump onto the last verse saying that this is teaching that that you can’t lose your salvation just because you sin; that our status in the spirit of Christ Jesus is already set in the Spirit. And all of the sin we did had no more effect on us, as our good deeds did, while still servants to sin and will not change the end result. Sin even with an occasional good won’t change your end result one bit. You still end in Death. Switch it around and Now that you have been freed from the sinful nature and the end result is Life eternal, no amount of sin done while walking after the spirit will make you lose your end result which is unto everlasting life. Just like no amount of good done while servant to sin would change your ending in death.

But obedience is Not by doing good things, that you read according to the Bible, Nor is it walking in willful ignorance of the ‘Way’ of Jesus Christ, thinking we don‘t have to do a thing! But it is, rather, looking to find the reasons for my sin negatives, and finding the Loving actions we can see to do as an alternative, and then choose to submit to that ‘Way’ of Love, after seeing the Knowledge of God’s Righteousness in the “Remembrance” of Truth ‘acknowledged’ just now by us who have been reading the New Testament, and experienced, and abide in, in all such situations, until we are literally, transformed, in our minds, by the increasing love found in the Way of Truth/Love to the reasons why we commit sin even while in a New Spirit of Life.

And when you do this with a sincere desire, Moving to clean up your life by finding the ‘Way’ of Love/Truth in Repentance, You Will either be Born-Again at that time you ‘see‘ the Truth in love; Or you will increase in your Knowledge of God’s Righteousness; seen to be Jesus, The Word that became man.

This Knowledge of God’s Righteousness is found in our continued repentance. This is a continued Walk in the Way. Hence if like Mr. Wommack says is you don’t have to do anything to receive it, he’s right, but receiving it and understanding it are two different sides of the same coin. And, Bible gives warning, that’s what you do if you bury it in inaction. Read the Bible and ’See’, that he that speaks in tongues should remain quiet if no one is to interpret.

You will still be transformed in the blink of the eye, but when having your house tested by fire it will get burned up because you never found anything to replace the substance of it, as it was given a new foundation to build upon, but you didn’t concern yourself with the materials you added on to the foundation. Because you didn’t take into account that the “…fruit unto holiness is more than the transformation of the person’s Spirit on the first day – it’s the fruit we grow in – in the Spirit, while learning the Knowledge of Gods Righteousness found in our continued repentance to the sin that is still in us that we so wholeheartedly believed in when we were yet in our sin nature.

Consider the Fruits of the Spirit in the book of Galatians Fifth chapter verses five and six. and ‘see’ that every increase of fruit is tied to the choices of choosing to find the ‘Way’ of love as our alternative to the reason/motive for our sin/negatives in our life.

For that is what the ‘Way’ is all about…Repentance in continuation. A walk with God. Not unto salvation, though yes it leads to that salvation, but continuing in the ‘Way’ of repentance after salvation also: a continued looking for our reasons for sinning, and looking for the loving alternatives to those reasons that are applied to all such situations, that we can choose to submit to and be obedient to, being found in accordance to His Agape Love that is revealed in the ‘remembrances’ of the written Word ,(you have been reading,) and we have ‘acknowledged’ this remembered Truth as the Way of Jesus, and we recognize the potential for growth is real as long AS WE CONTINUE TO WALK IN THE WAY OF REPENTANCE unto Everlasting life!

The only thing we can do in our choices to live by That is put on the same level as the foundation we have in Jesus. Repentance.

Hence solving the mis-understanding in Mr. Wommack that makes other Christians say that you have to stop sinning. Grow in the Spiritual knowledge of Truth and letting go of the untruths you have accepted.

And of having our Obedience be based upon a seen choice between the known evil, (the unloving reasons/motives for your sins.) or the found Loving ‘Way’ of Jesus, ‘acknowledged’ by you to be ‘remembered’ by the graceful teaching of the Holy Spirit of God, who knows when your heart is true to wanting to choose to live in the truth and love that all life was given to know, in written verse, and to become a choice of submitting to in the discerned depth of the thought, the will, and the emotion seen capable of choosing to become one with. The Mind of Christ. Thus being successful at your transformation.

Being involved in finding the truth out for your sinful desires. Submitting, in the Way of choosing, abiding and transforming. Not an empty habit gained by repetition. Nor a blind faith with no understanding of the teaching of Jesus and his Apostles. With ample warning of being ‘likened to a person who looks at himself in a mirror, who then walks away without having changed. Yes change is needed and called for. Change to know how to find a successful life-mate. How to know fake belief from the Way of Jesus  to know if someone is a fake believer.

Both teachers correct in part, but both teachers in error of understanding. And not showing others the glory of knowing God’s Love through our acknowledged relationship to the Truth we live in byway of Jesus; hence both will be judged of in the end. Even as I will be too.

In Him,


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