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hi all!

August 22, 2013

To all,

especially those that are in the Born-Again family.

Once long ago, longer than anyone can imagine, God existed. And planned.

Knowing sin would come into the world, he planned the ultimate Plan. He did this for you and he did this for us all. Why? Because he loved us.

I can’t imagine the full warmth and comfort wanted for us by our creator; it’s so deep that God Himself paved the Way for our admittance into his Kingdom in a uniquely personal experience that allows for the Holy Spirit to give us revelations of insight in the Word of Truth, through little ’remembrances’ as we experience the Truth in action, as we repent.

He died for us, and three days later was raised from the dead to live with the Holy Spirit of Life within himself.

He had to die for us to prove that he loved us with a perfect love. That devil satan Lucifer killed him. The love of Life in The Father  Was to be given to us. Us who choose to believe in Jesus as God’s Son, a redeemer. Redeeming us from the satan devil unworthy angel of God who conspired to corrupt all of creation by corrupting the woman of Adam. Eve. And that devil satan Lucifer wanted to prevent us from getting it.

Then through her, hopefully…slyly…trickishly and successfully in corrupting her Man: Adam. And as a result, successful in corrupting all of the world; Where even the trees groan in waiting for the release from the corruption that entered the world through sin. By doing this he stands cursed under God and has the lifeline of man, the key of death given to him to wield in his earthly kingdom. But Jesus took his key of death away and sits in authority of all creation; and now goes and prepares a place for us in his kingdom. For he knows who are his and his sheep hear his voice. And when those that were chosen rightfully find that their way to freedom is in Jesus. Because The Father’s Love can be known firsthand in increasing measure proves the Truth of his life and witness.

Now since the world was set to corruption by those that are our ancestor and the devil, Our Father says that he does not hold it against us, that the life of sin we have been living in, is only because we didn’t know the Way of Jesus.

Living without Real Godly Love means that there is no good luck, no- good fortune. Nothing good existed. And yet to some, all of creation bore witness to a loving creator.

Every animal has a mate. Everything born involves a union. The flower has the stamen and the pistil, the male has a female. And every christian believes in the Love of God.

It takes two to love. Any god that has no Son has no love. Surly they would need to create it. ‘I Create 3 parts of mercy for man 97 parts for me.’ Any god that says that and has to make it a tenant of faith, to not believe in any other god if he says he has a Son, must be fighting a losing battle.

Truth is, those who believe in a God who has no Son, were set up by God who has a Son. The problem is that they don’t know that when God said “I AM.” Jesus was formed from the substance of eternity that was God. And it was Jesus, before his incarnation, who brought all of creation into being, in the Father, by the power of the spoken word and the substance of God, that was God, formed what ever was spoken, into being, in the Father. And if anyone were to put aside their hate for God’s chosen people, they would see that they too are being called. But few are chosen because they could not release the hate and the Lies given to them by satan and his demon angel army.

Since the time of Jesus resurrection, and ascension into the heavenly realm, the entire world has been led astray by the satan devil Lucifer, so that he could have his day, before all of those that God has chosen in Christ, could come to God in Christ and be renewed in their spirit. Thus proving that satan has no control over those that are God’s through Jesus the Christ. And the Only begotten of God the Father. And Jesus has his day, everlasting.

The teachers of the ‘Way’ of Jesus, are his prophet’s and true believers. And the message they are to share in the gospel is also, the message called the ‘Way’. Except that the teachers of the ‘Way’ have been kept hidden, letting the satan devil Lucifer have his way in the world, so that the whole of creation can see the wars, the hate and the blindness is all done away with when we come to Christ.

All of the great believers were at one time children of their father the satan devil Lucifer, Yet because they wanted LOVE and TRUTH in their life, they grew to hate the hate and lies. Only Jesus showed us that, Truth and Agape Love has the only life they wanted.

A serious study of the scriptures and the life of Jesus will convince anyone that Jesus did in fact live and did rise from the grave. Those that were his apostles lived in fear after the crucifixion of Jesus, yet after his resurrection the apostles became unafraid and most died gruesome deaths. Something changed them, that’s for certain. That I believe the Bible is not because of its reputation, and I don’t need to impress anyone by believing in the Bible gospel. I also am not a christian believer in Jesus because I was raised in a christian home. Let me clarify that, I lived in a home and was raised to go to church, (catholic) and learn of the gospel of Jesus, as taught by the catholic church.

But I am not a catholic believer. I believe in Jesus despite all that the devil Lucifer has done to corrupt the Bible. And Like the Bible says, I have a reason for my belief. And along with the reason for my belief in Jesus, I also have the love of God, his Agape Love, as my witness for my belief in Jesus. For even as the scriptures talk, We here them through the personal experiences we grow up in. But only because the Holy Spirit brings these scriptures into our experiences through the given “Remembrances” of the applicable scripture. And I have the gift of the Holy Spirit because I repented of my sin and chose to walk in the Love alternative to my sinfulness.

I smile, because in that last sentence, I recognize that the moment I repented and saw the Truth, and associated it with the Holy Scriptures “remembered”…I was instantly Born-Again, yet it was not until 6 months later I received the gift of prophesy, that got me started on the road of understanding, and that didn’t become fruitful until about 26 years later. And I was able to die to my old man and walk in the Way of the new man in Christ Jesus.

Total time of transformation, about 40 years. From the moment of grief given to me at an early age and the pain of falling down to skid row and taking me on a trip through hell on earth for the next 11 years till I was born again, 6 month’s later given the gift of prophesy, and 26 years later, still living in hell on earth until I matured in the understanding in the Hidden Wisdom of the gospel; and was abled to die to my sinful self of my mind. To become one with the Truth of Jesus. Separate but one. By choice and pleasure of knowing the Agape Love of God the Father that Knowing Jesus in Truth allows for me to know the Love of!

Forty years. Not bad, pretty much what is expected for all of us. Unless you are able to learn from a teacher of the ‘Way’. Then it can take considerably less time.

And the beauty of it all is that, it’s all been part of the plan all along. Now there are still Christian teachers out in the world teaching the false teachings of the bible. Some easy to tell are fake because they write their own Bibles. Patterned after the Holy Bible. Or denying it altogether!

Others not so easy to tell if they are fake because you haven’t yet learned to tell them apart. But, Once you learn what the truth is, you will be able to tell them apart, easily. How? Simple: those who teach the Truth of Jesus call the teaching ‘The Way’. Except some use that title wrongly to teach their brand of truth.

In a chapter read Matthew chapter Seven, in a nut shell, read Ephesians :17-24. In a word:


Not according to the Old Testaments way of ‘metanoia’ but according to the New Testament Way of “Metanoeo”.

In the old testament, repentance means: to turn away from your sin 180 degrees, and find God in his written word.

In the New Testament, repentance means: to reconsider your sins from a divine viewpoint of thought, will, and emotion then choose to walk in the divine way.

It takes a sincere desire to change the way you have been living. In sin. And it takes a reading of the New Testament. And most important it takes a confession from you, confessing your sin to God and asking God to grant you a new life in Christ by way of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

In this confession of your sin and your heartfelt need to be done with it, you must see the need for Jesus as our redeemer from the life of sin that was given to us even in birth.

For by one person sin entered into the world, and by one person sin was taken out of the world.

But the estimated need for forty years is needed to become stricken and escape from the tangles of the mind; and mature in the faith that is needed to believe in Jesus. And believe in him you will, because you will prove the scriptures; and as you continue in your move to repent and of choosing to walk in the love found in the Truth, you will know that according to scriptures Luke 10:22 and John 17:25-26, we see it is Jesus that shows this Love to you. So even tho’ you don’t see Jesus, in your heart you know him as the revealer of the Love of God that lives in you, through Him!!!

That is your faith in the unseen Jesus. And that is how you walk in the Way.

May God be with you, and may you find the Agape Love of God in the Truth in/and of Jesus. And may you choose to walk in the Way all of your life. And you will, because not one that the Father has given over to Jesus, has been lost.

In Him,


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  1. this is something i have not ever examine.very detailed analysis.

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