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Love in a song…

September 18, 2013

Love in a song…

Have you heard the song that’s played on VH-1, the lyric “I know we’re only half way Baby, ..” but then goes on to say something like, …take me all the way.”

When I heard this song, I sympathized with the singer because his description of desire in song, was also how I saw myself growing up and feeling the desires of the flesh. But I matured and thank God for giving me, through my life’s experiences and ‘spiritual “remembrances;”’ the answers that set me free from my own entangled desires and misunderstandings.

And in the knowledge of God’s Righteousness, I was found walking in The “Way of Jesus.” And in awareness I was set free from my own entangled desires and misunderstandings.

After being Born-Again and truly experiencing the Love of God so profoundly that I have no memory of leaving the group. Where every person in that group, I saw, was like family, and everything I saw resonated love. The bars, the walls…two counselors walked passed me and commented on how I glowed like a ripe tomato and asked what happened?

I then started to ask myself questions, How did I get this, and suddenly fearing if I lost it, can I get some more? And BAMM! It was gone and I was left with an intense desire to get it back.

Six months later, laying sideways on my bunk reading the Bible, when suddenly something fell from my eyes and Thumped! On the bed. Wow!! I looked but saw nothing. Re-reading where I last read before, that strange occurrence, I read Mark 10:15 again and This Time it had a new meaning.

I had been taught that just like a baby looks to their mommy for that which is good, and accepts any gift with true joy and possession; we too, should accept the gift of salvation from the Lord Jesus just like as if we were trusting children, with joy and possession.

In fact the Billy Graham Bible has that very concept given in-between the Words of scripture with parenthesis’.

I had no reason to doubt what I did not know, this verse in scripture was much like all the others, literally understood but ‘each’ to their own interpretation. I have said many times, before this day, that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That was so that, every time someone told me there reason for how verse was interpreted; I could say I see it this way. And we could talk about the bible and life and how the two are tied together, in most enjoyable conversation.

But then, I was given a new understanding of the verse Mark 10:15 kjv

“Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.” kjv

A person is seen as three ages. Child, teenager, and adult. Picture three circles so labled. Now picture over the child circle a single line. Over the Teen circle we see two lines, one above the other; Over the adult circle, we see three lines, one above the other.

We call these lines: sin. The child’s sin is seen as the original sin given at the fall of humanity when satan, devil, liar lucifer, introduced sin to the world. Know as: missing the mark. It is the same First mark over both the teenager, and the adult. Yet their extra lines are the sins they made up to their own line. Called: falling short of the mark.

When we are Born-Again, we receive the Holy Spirit of God, thru Jesus. And every sin we have over us is terminated. It no longer exists, past, present and future sins: All gone!!

At that time of being Born-Again, We are given measure to know the love of God all through us, in every cell of our being. And when it is gone. As it will always go, it is but one step away from your minds memory of life before you were made new in spirit. Your mind is still of the world. And when we reassert our most common commode of thinking, we enter into a new arena, where the desires we wanted ‘all the way’ now stand between us, and the love of God is seen as much more than just sex.

It’s what we felt when we first hear this song, it’s a need for Love in the Heart of Hearts, where good sex is a given when the hearts love each other in the heart, and not just the gonads of desire. Where the passion of the song sings on while we lay spent. Our song? Not even My song, Real Love is Agape Love not sexual love.

Yet so many songs try to educate you to the Way, rest assured there is only one Jesus and His Way is decidedly my Way. Why? Because the love you experience at your re-birth of spirit is given back to you in increasing measure where the final measure is in Full.

And unless you can find the love of God in the Truth in/of Jesus, you will not be able to see where it is in Full. For the kingdom of heaven is open only to those who know the love of God thru Jesus.

If you are saved, you will know the Way of Jesus “IF” you walk in the Way. If not? You will still know Him, at the last day, yet so as by fire. Which test each man’s work of faith.

Having said all of that, I now show I’m concerned for all of you whom, being separated from God by your sins: life’s sin and original sin. If you are old and still feel the need for the longing of Love, I say, let it be the real love you long for, that’s what’s needed to make the sweetest of sex with. The love of God is real and the heart will bear witness to it as it lives in you. To the writer/ perhaps, singer of this song, I hope you find what is real and true.

In Him,


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