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Hello again World

November 14, 2013

Hello again, world…

 A:  worksbyjj 


Walking in the Way of Jesus gives us the warmth of God’s love to share with others. With this knowledge of God’s Righteousness to be the Truth in/of Jesus, whom we have acknowledged in The Word, as we have read it in the New Testament Bible.

Allows us to hold our head up in the grace of expressions. Born of a caring heart that sees you as a person living life as you have fashioned it to fit your comfort zone; and I hope to see that you know Jesus by the gift of His Holy Spirit.

I try to see what the title is, of the book you are reading. I’m interested in seeing if you are reading for enlightenment or pleasure. I wonder if you are interested in knowing Jesus in the Way he taught his disciples. How, as you walk in the Way, you can know His Truth and His, and Our Heavenly Father’s Love. Through Him.

I try to reach out to the world through my blogs, written to share the understanding of God’s “Hidden Wisdom”. The Way of God’s Love can only be found if you walk in the Way of Repentance. NOT !!! as if you were turning away from your sin 180° . NOT !!! As a rebuke to sins temptation in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Not in ANY churches teaching. They don’t know the Way of Jesus either. The church, mainly the Catholic church and any of the Protestant churches that broke away from the church universal. You both have been around for close on two thousand years, tho it may have taken a lot of those years to brake away from the Catholic Church and its Pope.

But, the point is neither one of you is going around telling people to walk in the Way of Jesus. You talk about him, you share his Word,(One of Your redeeming virtues) and you teach us to believe by a blind faith; and call out for new converts.(your only other virtue.) You Teach A Faith that claims to be believing in what you can not see, and offer no proof that he exists other than the occasional “Born-Again” individual.

Yet the end-time prophesy of Isaiah 30:20-26 says: “…and thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the Way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.”

Move over churches, the Church of Christ has been revealed. It’s not a building, and it doesn’t teach a blind faith. And it doesn’t teach Old Testament repentance.

In the churches, repentance is over looked in its importance, yet to Jesus it was important enough to change the word: metanoia, which is how the word repentance is used in the Old Testament, but in the New Testament, the word: metanoeo is given and it means: to reconsider your sins in the thought, will and emotions of Jesus and submit to putting off the old way and putting on the New Way, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.

How that is done is given several verses that tell us that our sins are motivated by the desires we like to fulfill. These are worries, riches, and/or pleasures. And they bring harm to someone. Harm can be mental or physical, and we need to see this truth and that we can choose to change and walk in a revealed Way of Love. A Way that does no harm to its neighbor and everyone can do it beginning with ME!!! If you must have it, whatever it is you desire, then at least strive to find the Way to have it that doesn’t hurt anyone…including yourself.

Abide in that Love and Truth as you continue to walk in the Way of this repentance, and the measure of love you will come to know is the measure God gave you in your faith. If you are diligent in your walking in the Way of Jesus a summation of : Repentance that says:

“But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes. And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all, apt to teach, patient, In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the Truth; And they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.” 2nd Tim.2:23-26KJV

Are you ready to fight for your freedom from the snare of the way of the world, it’s perversions of Truth saying it is hateful to certain of them, a significant portion of a voting society, so much that it is to them a crime and needs to be silent in the pulpit. You believe a person has a right to believe in what ever they choose, but realize some choices are rational, some choices have consequences that effect our health and welfare. And I stand behind that, you have the right to do whatever you want to do, and suffer the consequences; as do I.

Further I believe you have the right to believe whatever you want to believe and live accordingly and suffer the consequences accordingly also. We all do. But we don’t have a right to silence the freedom of speech and belief of others just because it sounds condemning.

Well, wake up, it is!! Look at the status of the nations in the world and see that the wars are the clashes of The Word of God believed by differences of belief. Allah – God is One yet when he said “I AM.” Post-Jesus was created. From the substance of eternity that is of God Our Father. The Word God is light andLove,And it is Truth. Jesus was the embodiment of The Truth that is Light and Life. And in that embodiment post-Jesus, God ‘I AM’: called into being the heavens and the earths with Joy and Delightment experienced by both post-Jesus and all that is of God the Father; who willingly brings to creation within himself, the spoken Word, spoken in Love and Truth.

A day was as a thousand years, and a thousand years were as a day. Creation was all for the future sons and daughters of God who would inherit eternal life with the Lord God The Word Jesus.

Through our belief in Jesus who fulfilled all of the prophecies written of him, through his sacrificial death for all of US natural born sinners, our being separated from the glories of God The Father of all, by the entering in of sin, instigated by a too proud angel, who thought if he could corrupt all that was created perfect, he could become master over God the Father. Thus we are natural born sinners, separated from God because of a greedy angel. Through all of that, we are saved.

Man’s introduction of sin into the garden of Eden caused the Tree of Life to be taken from us or we might eat from it and become an immortal sinner, this, was more than God would allow.

The death of all nature and living thing was determined and resulting, from the sin of man caused by the proud antics of a dumb angel who egged them on. Too proud to see beyond his own nose.

It wasn’t anything new to God, who often walked with Adam and Eve, to see that, at some time Sin was going to happen. Though once given in to sin; a natural rebellion would occur, we are but children and tantrums happen. Resistance happens. But woe to him through which sin is induced. And all of the fallen angels with him now are used to teach us…the fallen, yet those created in God’s Image; how to get so caught up in sin so that it chokes us and makes us search for the love and truth found in Jesus. Tho’ we think we are looking for our own answers, But Because we were built to know the Love of God in Truth and sin doesn’t want us to know it… WE can know something is missing in the sin filled life we have been living. And the whole world is warring to live according to their chosen beliefs.

They have a right to do so just as we do. But when any belief is seen to endorse Harm to our neighbor then those of us that are able to see that Jesus was a man of peace and love and denied even the strongest of instinct’s desire to survive at all cost. His exemplary life fulfilled it’s course and the devil angel lucifer broke every law in the book to condemn an innocent man to death.

Every prophesy that was given about the Messiah was fulfilled in Jesus and his prophesied resurrection from the dead to live in eternity in heaven, did happen, and where God the Father rules through the Son, all of us, who want to live with the one true God and his only begotten, look to the man-God Jesus, who became a man to pay the only price that would suffice; the giving of his own life, as a sacrifice, for once and for all, for all time. Our belief in Jesus as Lord God and Savoir from the dark world of sin, is proven in your proper Repentance.

Read that again: Our belief in Jesus as Lord and Savoir from the dark world of sin, IS PROVEN in your proper Repentance.

Have you ever seen a teen movie where the shows main stars are the athletic hunk and the prettiest cheerleader? The movie goes on and at some point we get introduced to the friends of the Jock and the Cheerleader. And then the prom comes and the jock’s best friend and school lesson helper, the nerd, is needing a date to the prom and helps in the decorations. So the jock asks his girlfriend to find his friend a date. The pretty cheerleader asks one of her friends for a favor and as a favor she goes to the prom and meets the nerd who’s to be her date.

At first she dislikes him because she doesn’t want to be seen with the nerd and cause the possible alienation of a future date more appealing to her tastes. My God! He may be at this very prom!! (I smile)The nerd is shy, bashful, scared of rejection and doesn’t know how to have a conversation with a girl he knows. Lack of experience, fearful, shy; but he tries to catch her interest and sees her admiring the decorations that he made and  when he lets her know he made them, she is startled. To think she was liking, and that she admired something that was made by the nerd.

It was enough for her to ‘reconsider’ her chosen ‘Attitude’ towards the nerd.. “what did you say your name is?

She then reassess her opinion of the nerd, who can’t be all nerd because he was good at making decorations that she liked; and so she changes her attitude and choose to be a bit of a friend to him. (“A friend is a friend, before you ever meet them.” WorksbyJ.J.)And the unpleasant experience of a moment before is gone and a new atmosphere has been created. Feelings are charged, pleasure is found in an understanding that is agreeable and Loving(Agape). Growth in maturity is incrementally increased and increasingly known First-Hand.

We walk in that pleasant zone of increased love and understanding in the Way of Jesus. For it is the Truth that we found when we searched ourselves for the reason for our sin.

Yes! Her sin was directed towards the friend of her girlfriends boy friend, and a hurtful attitude was borne.

Wrong thinking and wrong acting caused this girl to live in depression, and un-happy, which is to say No-Joy! She doesn’t yet know that the Truth of Jesus was found when she ‘suddenly’ realized that she was liking the decorations, which clashed with her ‘Chosen- Attitude’ of how she made herself feel about this blind date favor. Should she continue in this repentance, and begin to acknowledge the Written Word of Truth that is “spiritually given in ‘Remembrance’”; then you will know the Way of Jesus.

We, (who) are on the path to becoming more and more like him to the fullness of our measure, know that the time comes, when we who know the salvation of Christ Jesus will be given to know Him Fully, even as we will become fully known in Him, and our Perfect Spirit of Christ Jesus is given a manifested transformation of a Perfect Body, in the blink of an eye, and the memories of the fallen nature is removed from our sight and mind. Then we will begin an eternity of living with God as one with Him through Jesus who is our redeeming virtue by choice.

All life is based in the relationships of who you choose to live in. Sin leads to death and is death for all who reject the salvation offered to us in Christ Jesus. The sooner you accept Jesus as the Loving and Truthful God of all creation and trust in his resurrection from the dead to Reign in Heaven; the sooner you can start walking in the Way of Jesus, and grow wise.

For all of life to be so dependant on whom you choose to relate to and choose to be one with, simply means it must be true; And it is true, ( it is self-proven that love and truth increase with the choosing in acknowledged Truth in Repentance,) then, your choice in life becomes clear and your end position is in your hands. Choose wisely, grasshopper!

Love, In Him,


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