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Dear Joyce Meyers Ministry

November 25, 2013


My name is J.J. and I have the gift of prophecy; and with it I share the teaching of Jesus that the Bible tells us in Isaiah 30:20-26 that the true teachers that have been hidden will now show the world The teaching called the ‘Way’. This is the fruit in the faith, that your work in the faith should become mature in and knowing of; the ‘Way’ of Jesus.

I write to the popular preachers that are seen on Television, because they are the teachers of the Gospel that are seen by most, and I tell them their short comings in the message’s they share.

Joyce Meyers, Andy Wommack, Joel Olsteen, Jimmy Swaggert, James Robison, and others; I share the ‘Way’ with them and show them the error of their way being taught. Most of them don’t pay me any mind, some try to discredit me as false teacher trying to become popular on the hem of their own popularity, some write and invite me to be their friend on face book. But then they ignore my word of knowledge, and don’t accept it.

Such a letter has been written to Joyce Meyers. It’s clear she wants to teach her listeners to change but rather than show the ‘Way’ of Jesus she uses her own understanding that has not yet matured to see and teach the Truth of the ‘Way’ of Jesus.

That letter is below. Please feel free to read it and see the sharing of the ‘Way’ and how I caution her in her own way of teaching. Judge for yourself, am I being overbearing? Am I being false?

The bible warns of the spiritual leaders being closed-minded and those whom haven’t heard of Jesus will be the ones who see him. The teachers will reject this message, while those whom haven’t heard the Truth will be acceptable of the message. So please read it and decide for yourself. And if you find it acceptable perhaps you will want to read other articles of sharing I have on my blog site


Dear Joyce Meyers,

You are telling your congregations to reject the sin in their life and stop their addictions; but you are telling them to change by being led by the Holy Ghost. In essence telling them to recognize their weaknesses and disavow them and walk in the spirit of God’s Love.

That God loves us and we should believe that God’s Love is forever; be thankful. Not feeling guilty but repenting. Saying with sincerity that you want to stop that sin. On and on you talk, telling little stories of personality frailties’ and show the many sarcasms of life.

Always telling your listeners to believe in their self value in Christ, and be the loving Christian that you are in Christ.

Okay, I get it. You know about our need for change and learning how to walk in the Spirit of God’s Love. BUT!!! You are not showing your congregation the Bibles “Hidden Wisdom” that reveals the Way HOW we walk in the Spirit. Nor are you teaching according to “The Way” of Christ Jesus; that makes it all possible. Listen for a moment:

Jesus told his disciples that he was going his way to the Father and that where he goes they can follow. But his disciples said where are you going we don’t know the way to follow. And Jesus said in John 14: 23-26niv :

“…the counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”niv

“…But the comforter, the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.”kjv

We read the New Testament. The King James Bible or The NIV Then as we walk in the Way of Repentance and as we find the Truth to our desire for any particular sin, The Holy Spirit will bring the written Word that you have read, in ‘remembrance’ and the Truth will be seen and now known and then, we are to Acknowledge that Truth, and Submit to the Loving Alternative that we have Understood in Truth, and Known with our Heart. And if we ‘Abide’ in that Way of revealed Love that is tied to the Knowledge of the Truth we have seen and Acknowledged in our repentance, we will become ‘Transformed by the renewing of our mind.’ Not our mind but now one with the Lord Jesus’ Mind.

You see the heart is our witness to the Holy Spirit because of The Love of God we experience in our repentance. We experience it at our salvation and we experience it in our daily walk in ‘The Way of God’s Love…found in the acknowledged Truth of the written Word of God, submitted to as our way to walk in all situations that the Knowledge of God’s Righteousness gives merit to, and as I abide in ‘Him’ he will abide in me and our Joy will be complete.

The knowledge that sin prevented me from seeing was that all of my desires were tainted by the desire for fulfilling a Riches, Worries and/Or Pleasures and through my actions that sinned in the pursuit of these sinful desires I handed out hurtful afflictions.


And yet my heart wanted to know love and my mind wanted to know a faith more tangible than … “just believe…you can’t see Jesus but you believe by faith…” I needed more!!!

You don’t understand, I’m the original Richie Cunningham. He acted it… I lived it. I was popular but never found my thrill on blueberry hill…hmm….when in an accident I was given a compound fracture of my arm and spent four days in a hospital. There, I had my thrill given to me in fear, and my innocence was taken from me by a molesting nurses helper, and confusion entered my life.

When I fell I fell hard and I hated my new-found weakness that made me hurt others by passing that confusion on in my criminal life that resulted. Pain and fear and immorality can and is passed on to us by someone who was most likely a victim themselves before becoming corrupted by the confusion of their mind.

Like I said I NEEDED MORE. I couldn’t explain my mind. And it was only by walking in the Way of Jesus, in The special way of repentance that gets spiritual ‘remembrances’ and understanding in the Way of Love being a choice found in the memories and actions of the sinner that I didn’t want to be; that I found my sanity.

In my need I have experienced many blessings along the way. The most valuable blessing was to find that in repentance, the life I lived from personal experience, was the means to find the Truth and Love of God, where, by my choice to live in the truth I found an increasing measure of the Love of God become one with me in Jesus.


In verse we read that Jesus reveals to us the Love of God, John 17:25,26 and because we can’t see Jesus we can know he is present when we feel the Love of God. Luke 10:22

And because Faith expresses itself through God’s Love -Galatians 5:6niv we can now draw a line from evidence of things unseen, Jesus; now (love- revealed) through the truth found in Jesus, to the substance (of that same Love) that gives us hope, Love never fails.

Now Our Faith has a reason for being! love increases with the choosing. But let the choosing be from the acknowledgment of truth found in the proper repentance to your desires for sin. Trying to imagine God’s Love as our reason for belief or faith, as you have been mistakenly teaching, relying on us to fathom the unfathomable riches of God’s Love towards us, and then feel grateful and start acting like Christians, is just pure malarkey. That isn’t’ the Way of Jesus. So please stop that kind of teaching and start teaching the Way of Repentance that finds the truth of our desires and gives us a choice to choose to submit to, to the loving alternative that does no harm, and grow to know the Love of God that applies to everyone equally, in increasing measure. II Peter 1:3-11

After they have abided in the love found in the truth they will be transformed in that same increasing measure according to the measure of faith given them. This is the fulfillment of the verse that says: “the hour cometh and now is when all who worship the Father, worship him in spirit and truth.”

The teaching of the Way of Jesus is self proven in our walk. Yet if we begin to teach early and the Way has been lost along the wayside, then we need to see the truth, verse by verse and we need to acknowledge the love of God we Have learned to see in truth, and thank Jesus who makes it possible to understand and thanks to God who makes our heart the witness of his Love.

Thus our faith is established and the family of God is revealed.

God be with you Joyce.

Love in Him,


My friends,

I call you friends because the Bible says ‘your friends will hear your voice.’ And I know that the reason of these scriptures will be seen by you whom is my friend. I hope you will join me in my worship of the Lord Jesus, my God and savior and friend; and The Father from which he came.

“A friend is a friend before you ever meet them.” by J.J.

Love in Him,


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