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Accepting, Willing, Obedient

December 6, 2013

Accepting, Willing, Obedient

a ‘worksbyjj’

The other day, Sunday, I visited a church in San Diego up on 47th st. and as I listened to the pastor talk, He said a few things that caught my attention; “to be a Christian you needed to first be accepting of the Gospel of Jesus. Then you need to be Willing to know Jesus as your Lord. And lastly you need to be Obedient to the Word of God as revealed in the Holy Bible. Jesus came to show us the Way and we need to start showing the love of God to others.”

Hmmm, interesting. As I listened I never heard the pastor talk about The ‘Way’ of Jesus as to what it was. I also never heard it said what part of the Word do we begin being obedient to; Nor did he express how we share Gods Love with others. Hoping to hear him teach on these, I sat through the talk he was having with several of his congregation who stayed after the service, to have a casual spiritual talk with the pastor. Questions were asked and answers were given, but sadly no mention on the casual comments made by the pastor.

That irked me because I have been given the gift of Prophesy so as to be able to comfort strengthen and encourage the believers in Christ Jesus with a Word of Understanding. And having come into the fruitful knowledge of the Spirit of God, I have learned that The ‘Way of Jesus, the Love of God and the Word of Our Obedience is all connected and have a definite answer; And if a pastor, preacher, teacher, evangelist OR BELIEVER doesn’t know what it is, then, they are sadly not walking in the Lord Jesus as the Holy Spirit is intended.

When you learn to walk in the Lord Jesus You will learn His ‘Way’ that we are called to walk-in. You will know the “AGAPE-LOVE that you can share with others. But only in accordance to the measure of Faith given to you. And The Word of God that you are Obedient to, are the ones that the Holy Spirit gives you “Remembrance” to, As you Walked in the ‘Way’ of ‘Repentance’[New Testament Way, not Old Testament way.] and Saw with ‘enlightenment’ the Word of ‘Remembrance’ and Acknowledged its Truth as your accepted Truth and you become Obedient to this Word of Truth [In increasing measure until you have fulfilled your personal measure of faith given to each person alive.]. That you strive to be obedient to the entire Word of God isn’t expected and it’s not even possible. If anyone says it is they are just lying. But when you come into the mature Knowledge of God’s Righteousness you will GUARANTEED know your Lord Jesus in the Agape Love of God and your Faith will stand true. Praise God!!! And you will be able to turn from the sins you repent of.

So sure it irked me that this pastor dropped the ball. Happily when the church began to close the morning service I was singled out as a new visitor and greeted. I was also asked if I had any comments. Well YES! (I smile) “The pastor mentioned a few things, such as we need to be obedient, and follow the ‘Way’ of Jesus and show the love of God to others and I would ask what do we be obedient to, What is the Way, and how do we show the love of God to others?”

The answers he gave? Jesus is the Way. Obedience to the Word of God. And show your love through your compassion and concern, show the gifts of the spirit, I.e. be gentle, kind, patient and so on.

Not being the time to enter into a long discourse of the dialog given above, I waited outside for a chance to speak to the pastor alone. It didn’t workout… he thought that it was a matter of nuts and bolts you don’t talk to them as mature Christians because they need to be saved then they can study the Word and learn how to be obedient to it. Ohhboy…

Listen folks: I grew up hearing this kind of drivel from pastors sermons, and I took it all in, just like you. Some was good, some was nonsense because it didn’t make any sense; and I would accept the norm, but couldn’t believe them until proven different. That’s what happened…I was given the gift of Prophesy and 37 years later the Light went on and I was set free from the sin I didn’t want to do. I was lucky, the Bible gives us about a 40 year period to learn it. I learned the ‘Way’ of Jesus and How to walk it in perpetual repentance and in increasing Agape Love. And I’M here to tell you It’s a Great feeling that stands strong in faith because the Bible teaches the Truth and IT’S Provable! Knowledge is “Transferable”!!!

The Holy Spirit is given to the True Repentant, even years before you find you have witnessed maturity in your faith; for Jesus stands revealed in our Mind and the Love of God is my Hearts witness to the revealed Truth that was found in repentance and revealed in a new spirit of understanding, Or for those not yet born again in the Holy Spirit, and desiring to turn from the sinfulness of your soul and wounded in Mind to turn from the cheek of God and hide in shame; There is no sin seen by you that is seen by God except the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

If that was you then, listen in…Any person who ‘Chooses’ to Walk the Way of Love found in Walking the Way of Repentance with the assist of Holy Spirit given ‘Remembrances’ of the Written Word of God, that are personally experienced, Acknowledged, Submitted to, and ‘Abided’ in until the Joy and Transformation of our individual Mind’s becoming One with the Mind of Christ Jesus allows us to live free from the soul that was mine at birth and now in control of The Holy Spirit given New Soul in Christ Jesus enjoying my walk thru life in the Love of God. It happens and it is a given: “Repent and be Baptized in the Holy Spirit.” And when you are sincere in your choice to be true and loving, God our Father WILL know it and grant you the Holy Spirit; or if you are already born of the Spirit then your personal growth in the knowledge of Gods Righteousness will grow and the love of God that is given to all at the point of Salvation is revealed again, in measure.

In time soon to pass whether I live or die in my flesh I will either be an eternal Soul of a transformed flesh in the blink of an eye, or resurrected a perfect spirit with whatever form it is in its natural state of Glory in The Father through The Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

And in this life…I live to share the Love of our common Father and the Truth of Jesus in words you can understand. May the Lord be with you. Oh! By the way if you go to this church stand warned there are bedbugs in the seats in the back.

In Him,


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