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To Every Preacher, Teacher and student Of The Word of God

December 20, 2013

A ‘worksbyjj’


Joyce Meyers, Andrew Wommack, Joel Olsteen, Jimmy Swaggart, Christine Caine, the seven hundred club, Richard Roberts, life today, the bvov and every evangelist, pastor, preacher, and teacher…this is for you. Some more than others. And if your name is not listed you are still included. Some more than others. And Especially ALL of Their Congregations!!! The answer you are looking for is here…

I have been listening in on your broadcasts and your books that say it all, and you teach by discussion that book. Don’t worry other churches have their own book too; the Moonies, the Jehovah’s witnesses, the Mormon’s, the Christians.

Welcome! To the club, but not to the council of elders. Though it is not the elder’s age that qualifies their seating, but their holding to the Truth. You are failing that. Some more than others.

Yet because you are pushing the Bible and the Word of God, you have this for you. But as a teacher you need to “…First cast the beam out of thine own eye; and THEN shalt thou See Clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” KJV Matthew 7: vs. 5

Had you been successful in walking the “Way,” needed to cast the Beam out, you would have found the hidden wisdom of the gospel. To say you know it doesn’t cut the mustard, if you knew it you would share it instead of your book. Listen I know it’s hard, but try and listen:

No one can cast the sin out of another person; but you can show them the “Way” to do it for themselves. Why? because there are two types of people, those who will seek the truth and those who will indulge in their sins with a continual lust for more; and not seek the truth for themselves.

“For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth Truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.”

KJV John 3:20,21

Hence the only unforgivable sin is to not seek him out! The excuses we make are the added blasphemies against the Spirit.

Now, If you will notice: when we were told to cast out Our sin, it is not a moat, or speck; it’s a Beam, or a sin with excuses! We say: you are a thief, and don’t attribute to them any excuses to use. But if we admit to thievery it’s only because we were hungry, had no money, didn’t think, too proud to panhandle or beg, or be a nuisance. Or the real reason we did it.

While we who are seen to come to the Father by the Father before time began, are protected by his angels. And after childhood are the teenage years and after the age of accountability has passed, we are open to spiritual attack. Still young and innocent, evil is given and we are burdened with the resulting confusion and am now a victim. That satans love of evil is based on worries, riches and or pleasures, means they are used to trap you into a vicious cycle of confusion. Throw in some fear and shame and sadness will follow. Hopelessness is a terrible feeling, but memories are given for a reason..

But the Truth says we all sin for a reason. That reason is we have a desire to satisfy a worries, riches, and/or pleasure. It’s Our inherent nature! And we can make up our mind to change it; every time we are tempted to choose to satisfy one or more of these desires to do a sin, that usually brings harm to some one! Because of this way-of-death we walk, in a life of sin, whether you are born again or not, you MUST begin walking in the Way of Repentance or suffer the fate of an unrepentant sinner.

Which will now be worse for you because you heard the call but turned away. But if you chose to change then know: The Way is a continual process of improvement… if done correctly and with the right desire to change yourself with the Lord Jesus’ Way in Love! Then, You will be saved at the moment you choose to submit to God’s Way of Love. Don’t count on the rapture to pull you out of the time of trials and tribulations, that’s coming only AFTER the Lord Jesus comes back. After the Tribulation period, Les.

It all hinges on your movement in repentance.

Not the Old testament way where you turn away from your sin 180 degrees and turn to God in the meditating(repeating)of His Word in the Bible. Was that you that said meditating is repeating God’s Word to yourself when facing temptations? It was and it was wrong.

Why? Because Temptation is like the wind, here for a moment then blowing elsewhere. We are expected to resist temptations that can bring on sins action which can happen quickly after the desire has been tempted; and it does good to resist the onslaught of desire driven confusions. But After you have resisted the initial onslaught of your need to sin, to begin walking in the ‘Way’ You NEED to ask yourself why? Why do I want to do this sin?

“FROM whence come wars and fighting among you? Come they Not hence, of your lusts that war in your members?”

KJV James 4:1

Write it down!!

Why do I want to get drunk, get high, cheat on my wife/husband, why?? Why?? The reason you are looking is because you want to stop the hurt this sin is giving you and/or a loved One. The Love of God does no harm! ! And it is only found in the Truth.

The use of such a journal is encouraged as you walk in the Way of Repentance which is also To walk in The Way of Agape Love which is also How you walk in The Way of Truth in and of The Word in and of Jesus.

Yet even when you use a journal type Diary to record and provoke a desired outcome of The increase of the hidden wisdom in the teaching of Jesus called the Way and the Agape Love that comes with it; You will still need a mentor to guide you to the straight and narrow road, so that after you have learned to know the Truth and Love of God, you will be able to continue on in your own acquired ability and discernment, then the mentor will be the Holy Spirit. Now that you are trained to discern your own steps of Discovery, Acknowledgement, Submission to, Abided in and be Transformed! Now you can be firm in your faithful belief in Jesus, The Truth and Love that is God is Only revealed in the increase of the knowledge of God’s Righteousness found in Jesus, and put on in our transformation. Some Christians will be deeply impressed with the Spiritual aspects of our Born-Again being and will be able to see some of the deeper passages in scripture but that is because the Knowledge of God’s Righteousness is founded in the LOVE of God and that is why newly weds in the throes of love are close to God too, but The knowledge found in the Love still needs to be given Truthful Awareness; and will still need to find ‘The Way’ to Walk in The Love of God through The Truth in and of Jesus. Take notice:

“God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.”

KJV John 4:24

You Tithing teachers and preachers beware, nothing is hidden to our LORD Father and your deeds will be made manifest; be fearful if they are worldly. Your sharing of the Word of the tithing ministry is not forgiven its lack of teaching the ‘Way’.

A prophetic teacher is one that is properly trained, who teaches only the Way of Jesus, with or without an analogy, for the answers to all who ask for a reason for believing. Because the Bible is straight in saying that Our Heart is witness to the Love of God, and Only the teaching of Jesus will fill your need for answers and grant you a fruitful New Spirit of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, given to us by Our Heavenly Father the very moment that he has seen that you have repented to accept the Truth and have chosen to be one with the love revealed. If you are already Born-Again, then your increase of Love and Truth: found, submitted to, and abided in and bringing about the increasing transformation of your mind, will be increased in the measure of the Truth Discovered, submitted to from sincerity of heart, the Love of God will grow in an increase of understanding as you continue to walk in repentance, and in the end- result of our transformation, that which allows us, will make Our walk in ALL the Agape Love that includes the measure given to you, and Your Full Knowledge of God’s Righteousness will be Completed in Truth in and of The Spirit of Jesus and the Full Love of God will be known through Jesus, even as we have started the journey to prove and set to our seal that God is True. Amen.

New testament Repentance is given a new word (Metanoeo verses Metanoia in the Old Testament, and a new meaning, this is the new meaning:

to reconsider your sin from the divine viewpoint of thought, will and emotion and choose to submit to the divine Way that is given to you, in “Remembrance”, of the Word you have read and tried to see the meaning to, but couldn’t until you experienced the movement in the diligence of your repentance and are blessedly-given to see the meaning of the verse that is given in the Bible you were instructed to read, and in the revelation of “Remembrance” of this Word of Truth taught by Jesus or his apostles, your freedom (in Mind and actions)from sin is found in the experience that we have a choice to choose from in repentance. The “Way” of repentance will also reveal to you the LOVING alternative to your sins motives and desires that you are given a choice: to reject the sin and submit to the Way of Love, so that you will do no harm to your neighbor or yourself. In increasing measure as you seek it out truthfully and do it!

If you repent of your motives for a sinful mind and your desires to fulfill them, and choose to Submit to the “Way” of Love revealed as you walked in the “Way” of New Testament Repentance, that is given priority by Jesus, And as you walk in the ‘Way’ you will also be able to Acknowledge the Truth you have seen and understood rightly, and as you would also be expected to choose to continue in your Submission to ABIDE in this revealed/ remembered ‘Word’ that you read in The Holy Bible, given in the Spirit of Truth, and you Experienced the “Way of Love”, as a choice, that you do not find hard to do, thus allowing yourself to be Transformed by the renewing of your mind; but only within the measure given to you to grow in. For that bit of the big bite of our sins lost to this renewing process, diminishes our walk in sin and increases our walk in Jesus and we know his Joy in the Soul. Now… Add Some More bits!!!

The Renewed Mind of Acknowledged verse and transforming in mind and heart that we put on in increasing measure (if indeed we continue to choose to change), is seen in our choices to live by the self acknowledged Truths of the Written Word. In all of our dealings we remain true to those areas that the Truth has been spiritually established. and the revealed Love of God Reveals the mind we are renewed to know is As is The Mind Of Christ Jesus. One with the Father of all, in a mind boggling totality we can’t even begin to describe.

OUR Faith, rest on this established Way of Love because this Love is God’s Agape Love, His Agape Love is the Only Love that fulfills the New Commandment of Jesus …to Love one another as I have Loved you…We had to find it in our personal Walk in Repentance and put it on like a cloak. It’s real, it understands another’s sin, it learns to teach them how to repent and put on the new man even as we put off the old man.

We read Luke 10:22, John 17:25-26, Gal. 5:6 and our faith is established. The Agape Love we find in the Truth, was revealed by that Truth, in and of Jesus. Truth…In the beginning was the Word…The Word of Truth. For all of us who learn to Walk in your Truth and in your Loving Spirit… Thank you Jesus.

Thank you for showing me how to see the underlying causes for not only my sin but the sins of others; Thank you Jesus for giving me understanding of all men by understanding myself; Thank you Jesus for giving me your Word made certain and real; and thank you for the promise that what you start you finish; I now know that we can only know that measure of faith given to us as only you knew the total faith; I Thank you Father in Jesus for all that you have given to me and others, and what it meant for both of us.

So please , I plead with YOU who call yourselves by some religious moniker, to begin to teach the “Way” in which we are called to walk. If you continue to use the worlds wisdom in your ‘discussions’ you will do more harm than good. Keep on giving an altar call for new converts, Every person can choose to walk in personal repentance, if they don’t, it’s on them, but those that want to know Jesus personally can ONLY do so in the walking of the “Way”. The Salvation aspect of our Repentance is our WAKE upCall, to begin walking in the continuous Movement associated with The Way of Repentance unto the Way of Truth and Love. Real and proven by the heart. Reasoned in the mind and found worthy to Submit to until Transformation is mine for Good. Knowing if we begin the Walk in these Ways that are one, we will either be born-again or experience growth in our maturity. And that if we die while walking that path, Jesus will raise us up in the fullness of His Faithfulness. Even if you are not found walking this ‘Way’ if you are truly Born-Again, you will still be saved but you will suffer loss. That my friend is practically every one who is born again but doesn’t know How to walk in the Way of Jesus.

All of that repeating the Word for your strength in resisting sin, loving God by being awed by his great love, and telling people to be something they are not. (Agape loving – you can’t fake it), repetition shows us nothing but blindness to the reasons for our sin that we refuse to look at in all their ugliness.

Where’s the change in that??? Your ‘congregation’ needs to hear the “Way” so that they can move themselves to repent correctly. Encourage them to write their repentance on paper…Why do I do the sin that I don’t want to do? What worry, riches, and/or pleasure am I trying to satisfy? Am I hurting someone?(include yourself) What can I do to satisfy my desire without hurting anyone?(including myself) Do I Need to do the sin? Why?

True heart-searched for answers are where we find the answers of Truth and see the ways of truth revealed, with little nudges from God in the spiritual ‘Remembrances’ of the Word. Choosing to put on the way of love and truth requires known results and active choices that begin to transform us accordingly.

This is what your listeners need and want. A way, The ‘Way’ they can make that change. In time. About 40 years to maturity. Faster if they are diligent and persist in walking in the ‘Way’ of Jesus. And The Love of God The Father. And if they have the guidance of another teaching prophet, like me.

In Him, and in His Love;


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