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I Love you Jesus

January 1, 2014

I Love You Jesus.

A ‘worksbyjj’

I wake up cold, and with some nudging to get up and get into the sunlight to get warm, I get up. Quickly unfastening mine and my friends belongings, I am able to put on my shoes and stand up and fold my sleeping bag, without too much shivering.

It hit 47° last night and I need a warmer sleeping bag. After seeing my girl-friend off with a brotherly sisterly kiss, I took the first of my two buses to visit my Nam buddy, who lives in a place where he lets me use his WiFi. There he channel surfs while I hit the web.

Here, at my friend’s home, I have his full permission to use the WiFi and the shower. I’m grateful.

My purpose in life has been seen to be the same as yours or anyone; Our collective humanity’s individual purpose is to Find God. But our Mission’s are different yet for the same purpose: To share The Word of God in Jesus, to do good to other’s especially those that are in His Family.

The ‘Way’ we ‘Walk’ to Find God is to Walk in The Way of Jesus. That is the Quick fix that takes up to 41 years to fruition. Faster if you don’t have to find the ‘Hidden Wisdom’ known as The ‘Way’, without a knowing Prophet to share the teaching with you. Or you could know God through the Spiritual gift of Salvation in The Spirit of Truth, otherwise known as Jesus Christ.

At that moment you are saved by the Born-Again Spirit, you will be given to witness the Love of God according to the measure of your Faith. But Finding God is not the same as knowing God, though the Love is the same.

You can ONLY Find the Love of God in the Spirit that you receive at your Salvation. That is why we seek to find God’s Love that we are given to know when we are saved.

Everyone Truly Born-Again in the Spirit of Truth, experiences this bonding period at Salvation; yet even though it signify’s a Newness of the Spirit within us, It doesn’t give us a Newness of our Mind.

Our Minds are where we make the decisions to live according to the choices we have made in life. And it is a guaranteed given, that if we were natural-born sinners, our life time of decisions that we chose to live by, are still in our minds after being saved. Only now, our New Spirit is set to be at War with our Flesh, which is the sinning instrument of the desires conceived in our minds. Only with help of the New Spirit are we given Opportunity to confront our sinful ways of mind and search for the Loving alternative found in the Spirit of Truth.

Once we can find that Love, that we recognize as the same Love we experienced at our salvation, we can receive the supernaturally given ‘remembrances’ of the Word of Truth we have read in our early desire to seek out the answers we needed; and we can then see to choose which Way to live. Those who see to choose the Way of Truth in Love will, Guaranteed, either “increase” in the knowledge of God’s Righteousness; or be Born of The Holy Spirit at he exact moment they Acknowledged the Truth in their Movement of Repentance. (You move in repentance when you ask yourself the questions necessary to uncover the Motive for your sin you want to stop, and you Desire and so do to submit to the revealed Way of Love in Truth.)

When your abiding in the new Mind has become a transformation in Love, then you have completed the step onto the one True Path of Life. Now you just need to keep taking steps until the increase of your Love, the increase of your understanding of Truth, becomes fruitful and you see the whole teaching of the Way is the Way of Jesus and is THE COMMON Knowledge of every mature Christian. Where being Christ-Like is about being one with Jesus, in choices and in an increase of God’s Love, through Jesus.

And the daily grind of living still has its drawbacks, in pain, old age, poverty and the crossing of many roads being traveled by those less aware; but the Love we find we get to keep after the transformation period passes successfully, and ‘Walking’ in the ‘Way’ of Love makes me smile at my neighbor and seek to share the Way at any given opening, and if not, then at least I can love them with the Love I have found and have put on in true holiness and righteousness.

And THAT makes me say, “I Love you Father. And I Love you Jesus. Thank you for all you’ve done for me.”

And now my wish is to know my true brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. To share with them their warmth in Christ, and hopefully to share with them the ‘Hidden Wisdom’ of the ‘Way’ we are called to walk in; by God. Not easy to do, because of the blindness of their eyes and the frailty of their hearts strength, being afraid of changing makes for a lot of rejection of the teaching I am given to share. Could I be a false prophet? Why bust a move when I can hold to my faith that God will give me a sign. God will teach me!? Been there and done that!!

Yes God will teach you, even if he has to take away everything you hold dearly loved, only to give it back four-fold after remaining true to hold to your Faith. Or like the man who built his house only to lose it because he didn’t know how to build on the foundation of Jesus?…you are called to worship God by walking in the light of God’s Love and Truth. And that means more than just reading the Bible and going to a church on a regular basis. It’s also a teaching that is easily found if you know how.

You can rationally understand the teaching of the ‘Way’ of Jesus but rather you are saved or not if you begin to walk in the ‘Way’ of Jesus you will grow to the desired end you search for. If towards God and Jesus to an instant Salvation at the time you have your first insight…or if already walking in the ‘Way’ then you will add another Word of Truth to your Spiritual “Remembrances” and your love will grow more and you will have taken another step in your journey of faithfulness and at some point along your walk you will guaranteed, find you have enough understanding to see the totality of The ‘Way’ and you will have reached the level of maturity to believe in Jesus for a reason, and you will be able to add your Love and Truth to the world, especially to those of the faith. You will know them by their spoken word or Word. This is the ‘Way’ walk in it. Then he will tell you How.


In Him,

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