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The Plaza Hotel, San Diego

January 22, 2014

The Plaza Hotel San Diego,

If you are coming to San Diego on a shoe string budget Stay Away from this hotel!

Recently my friend was run over by one of the many bad drivers in San Diego California, and while he was in the hospital his hotel did some work on his room and he was unable to move back into his room for four days.

So with a limited amount of money he was able to secure a room at the Plaza hotel. A room with no visitors and no phone in his room. This turned out to be a bad thing because I had to go pick him up and help him go to his 6:30 am appointment.

The hotel desk wouldn’t let me go to his room to wake him up and make his appointment, nor would they send some one up to wake him up. I asked who’s rule is this and they said it was the owners rules. And when I asked for his name they pointed to his name on a posted paper: Mr. K. That’s it. No real name and on top of everything else the desk clerk began being abusive saying that I couldn’t wait in the lobby and had to go outside to wait. All without being able to contact my friend.

Well I resisted saying I need to wake my friend up, but he said leave or he’ll call the police. I called him an asshole. And that takes a lot of abuse to make me cuss out of hand.

Luckily a guy I knew, who lived there was able to go wake my friend and I was able to take him to the doctors to have his staples removed from his shoulder put in in his surgery.

But this Plaza Hotel earned a big ZERO for places to live. Even for a short time. My friend was able to move back into his own place again but three days of paid rent was not refunded. No Refunds on rent.

This hotel is on my shit list. Having no Christian principles, with desk clerks that have no consideration for their tenants, have no desire to help, and only act abusive to all, this place deserves no business from anyone who lives by decency.

So Please I personally ask of you don’t go to the Plaza hotel. Just go down the same street a few more blocks and you can find a much better place called The Golden West Hotel. There they allow visitors, there you can call on a house phone, or even go up to a room to visit or wake up someone who needs to make an early appointment. The Desk is professional and courteous to every one.

Thanks for hearing my gripe and I hope that that the Plaza Hotel closes its doors due to being unable to find any tenants.

In Him,


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