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They did it again!

February 12, 2014

They did it again.

A ‘worksbyjj’

Hi Friends,

I don’t mind it too much when the Tel-Evangelist teaches the same old blind faith;

after-all the true teaching of Christ Jesus, called the “Hidden Wisdom”, until you find it and then it is called “The Way” is not widely known because God‘s teachers of it have been kept hidden in a corner till these end-times, yet it identifies every true believer because it speaks in the Truth and in the Spirit. Thus we are called to be a nation of prophets because all prophecy is found in the Spirit of Truth, and we “prophets” are called to comfort, strengthen, and encourage the Church-Body with Words of teaching in the Understanding of The Knowledge of God’s Righteousness.

So when I hear Ms. Gloria Copeland’s co-host Ms. Brim, say that, II Timothy 2:15kjv which says: “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

When I hear this person claim that: ‘to rightly divide the word of truth” you need to know who this is talking to. Claiming there are gentiles, Jews, and the chosen bride and you need to know who this verse is being said to.’ It burns me up.

Well it’s Paul to Timothy both Christians, so what now? What does the verse mean? she didn’t say, but I will tell you; and then you can see that it has nothing to do with who it was told to, but how to understand it.

The first part: ‘study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed….is often mis-used by Ms. Brim and Ms. Copeland and others, to mean study the Bible; but ‘unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees you will not enter into heaven.’ These were the educated of the Jewish nation and their education counted for nothing. So even to study the new testament would have the same effect. If your righteousness doesn’t change.

And to have your brain washed with the doctrine of man, thinking you have the righteousness of Jesus to stand in, then you are correct and at the judgment Christ Jesus will redeem your soul as one passing through the flame. You will not receive your reward of crowns but you will be saved. Yet Had you learned to walk in the Way of Jesus you would have experienced the dividing of the Word and seen both the Truth of it and the Love in it. Having learned to take the next step and Acknowledge the Truth in/of Jesus and the Love of our Father and then Submit to being one with the Love of our Father, that reveals the Knowledge of God’s Righteousness. Having so chosen and Submitted we are then to Abide in our Submission until we are ‘Transformed by the renewing of our Mind,’ and we now walk in the “thought, will, and emotion” of understanding in the Mind of Our Lord Jesus. And where we have learned to walk in The Way of Agape Love that does no harm to its neighbor, we have no need to be ashamed of the sin nature that we have learned to turn from in our Walk.

Now you see the true teaching of this verse. When you read the full teaching of the Way you will understand why Paul says he ‘Worships God according to the Way.’ and that is what I hope you come to understand in your walk with Jesus. And that is why I gripe about Joyce Meyers and her empty attempts to lead her congregation to a closer relationship with Our Lord Jesus; and all the other Tel-Evangelist who don’t teach it.

LISTEN!!! We can’t fake it!!! To show more ‘Love’ (Agape)in the world we HAVE TO FIND more love (Agape)to share. When you do a good deed and share the love in your heart it is not the Love (Agape)of God that does no harm to its neighbor! And if you are trying to fake it you will hurt your chances of finding it for real!

When we are told to do good to others, we are told to do good to others especially to our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. We know them by their knowledge of the Way, if they don’t teach it it’s because they have not yet finished their walk to where it becomes self evident. And that means they still sin in ignorance. Hidden yet clear to see to the dividing of Spirit and Truth, and how we will walk in the spirit of Truth in part, until all Spirit and Truth are given to be known.

But understand this: Jesus died finishing his task of teaching us his word and redeeming us from sin. When we are saved by becoming born-again, we are saved but our spirit and mind are at odds against each other. Our spirit is pure, our mind is fleshly trained. We must walk in the Way of Love found in our proper repentance and choices to abide in. IF YOU are just trying to do good deeds, do them and maybe God will show you mercy in your ignorance of Gods Knowledge of Righteousness. But don’t think that your knowledge of the Word will suffice for your guidance in righteousness, that guide is the Holy Spirit and it is tuned to giving you revelations found in the insight of ‘Remembrances’ as you walk in the way of repentance. You won’t get it by faking it like Ms. Meyers teaches, you won’t get it by knowing what verse is given to which nation like Ms. Brim states and Ms. Copeland blindly endorses.

And so I gripe about Tel-Evangelists and their failure to finish their own Walk into the mature understanding of The Way and hence be a failure to share the Word in their Congregations as it was given to be taught in the Spirit of Prophesy.

And so I gripe that Kenneth Copeland is slack in his husbands duty to enlighten his wife to the teaching of Walking in the Way, so that she would not be giving platitudes to the false teaching of the Bible by her co-host Billie Brim.

But then I don’t care for Many Tel-Evangelist. I don’t care for Mr. prince from Singapore, He teaches Grace but not how to walk in the Way of Love(Agape) so that the grace is well received and appreciated in knowledge of Truth, or Kenneth Copeland’s kids trying to become Tel-Evangelist like their dad and not having any understanding in the ‘Way’ either.

FRIENDS!!! We who preach should be doubly careful how we teach for we will be judged more severely.

There are no seven rules protocol, there is no fake it until you make it, And any preacher not teaching The Way is only a sounding gong.

In Him,


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