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The cycle of evil! The Path of enlightenment! The dangers along the Path of righteousness!

February 23, 2014

The cycle of evil! The Path of enlightenment! The dangers along the Path of righteousness!




These are different ways to describe the same thing, Mankind lives by choices that choose to give into desire that is never satisfied or they choose to find some safer more kinder way.

Those that choose to sin to fulfill their evil desires will continue to do them until they become a total deviant and suffer death in prison, at the hands of another evil person, or some other nasty way. Then we have those who seek love and freedom and peace, even as they resist the desires of the flesh in a losing battle.

Without the intervention of God, The life of sin escalates until there is little or no restraint and even the person that desires good in their life will escalate in their sin, if they don’t find forgiveness for their sins through Jesus by being born-again and then be wise enough to learn from a teaching prophet how to find enough Truth and the strength to continue to seek out more because with the strength of knowledge in God’s Righteousness we hold onto the Spirit of Love and desire it as strongly as we do to sin without restraint; but the consequences of sin is the law system that was given to punish sin by penalty. Mostly imprisonment. But with that punishment comes opportunity for those whom wish to know good.

Prison, yes it is a punishment but it is also where you can have three meals a day and all the time of your sentence, to ‘soul search’ for the answers you seek that reveal more strength in the Love and Truth that you seek.

In the Bible we are given a time period of about 42 years to learn to worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth. During this time we are to apply ourselves to the searching of our ways to find the hearts underlying motive for our desires and try to find the Loving alternative that does no harm to its neighbor, until we are given ‘Spiritual Remembrances’ of the Truth in/of Jesus that sees to love with the understanding of the Truth which we choose to acknowledge and submit to abiding in the Love revealed in the Truth.

We will increase in anger until we learn patience, we will find love and later, question whether we ever did find it. We will confess we found it and will continue in our questions that make our movement of repentance hinge on the stepping stones of love and truth we have found.

Matthew 13:52 kjv

says: “Then he said unto them, therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old.”

Each of us are given to walk in the Way of Love found in the Way of Repentance from our sin. When we share the knowledge of God’s Righteousness we have in Jesus, we will find answers to the questions of faith others ask, and our own knowledge will grow. When we have finished our walk we will know what steps we took to get where we are, and we now have a true faith that believes in Jesus because he taught us the Way of Truth and Love found in repentance. We witnessed, when we walked in the ‘Way’ of Repentance, How the Holy Spirit helped us, to make the steps based on the ‘remembrances’ of the Word of Truth we have read and heard in the churches we have been to. None of them knowing the ‘Way’ but sharing the gospel and giving us the Word that our walk in repentance has allowed ‘remembrances’ to be given to us by the Holy Spirit, to lead us to the revelation of God’s Love found in the Truthful alternative to our sins motive.

And now our love is Gods Love, and we abided in it, in every situation that warrants it; and it has transformed us to be one with God’s Love. Knowing and walking in the Love of God is a transitional walk …we start out being the walking dead in sin oblivious to the sin except how we are raised by our parents, siblings, teachers, persons of influence …we reach our teens and accept the mantle of responsibility, and we find a job. Yet many are called but few our chosen.

Some people have harder lives to live, made harder by the misfortunes of their parents, siblings, teachers, persons of influence. When they reach their teens they readily accept the changing from being a boy to being a young man…or woman…responsibility is accepted but often abused due to the inability to find your freedom from your sins hold.

Your sin. Given to you at birth, was your inheritance from the fallen nature in Adam and Eve. Your sin. Given to you by the depravities of your parents, siblings, teachers, persons of influence.

And don’t forget satan! He is used by God to bring about his good purpose. ‘Naked I came into the world and naked I will leave.’ and ‘All things work out for the best for them that love God.’ The problem though, is – the ‘brought about transformation’ is given approximately 42 years to produce fruit…or to say, grow mature in your faithful belief in Jesus. After-which we are Now able to walk in Spirit and in Truth which is our testimony of worship towards God.

Yes! Our maturity is found in Jesus! The Word of Truth lives in the Spirit of Truth and the Word became Jesus. He taught us how to find the truth behind the lie of our sins. He showed us the Love of the Spirit that comes through him from The Father. We don’t see Jesus but we see the Love of our Heavenly Father and the ‘Faith that expresses itself through our knowing the Fathers Love’ is given certainty. Assurance. Faithfulness. In our belief in Jesus because without him we can not come to the Father nor know HIS Love.

This foundation for our belief is only found in repentance. You can believe in Jesus by witnessing the Love of The Father when we first believed, often coming at the time of making the ‘Good Confession’ in our sinners prayer, that we are taught to be, how we repent.

But this experience reveals only The Love of the Father in accordance to the measure of faith we were given. It does not teach us to know the hidden wisdom known as the ‘Way’.

The ‘Way’ that Jesus referred to taking to go to The Father, and the same ‘Way’ that we are given to walk in and worship The Father in the manner set down by Jesus to his disciples, Note:. Not his Apostles!(see John 14:1-26kjv)

Yet we had to first, suffer in sin and the slavery to that sin that caused us to do wrong. Just to satisfy a worry, riches and/or pleasure. But remember the ‘temptations’ to sin is easy to fall victim to because we were abused and lost our identity of innocence and react from confusion that befuddles clear purpose for responsible behavior.

When it is satan that perpetrates the abuse that warps a persons life, then the freedom that comes from knowing Jesus is found in the truth for why we sin and when we Acknowledge that Truth and Choose to Abide in the Agape Love that comes with that piece of Knowledge of God’s Righteousness in Jesus through that piece of Truth found in the Movement of Repentance that asks Why do I do the wrong that I do not want to do? And Strives to Submit to Doing – or acting – in the Truth filled Loving Alternative that does no harm to its neighbor, that you can Choose to do instead of Continuing to do harm and live the deceitful life of lusts of the flesh that are insatiable and have a continual lust for all the more!

When you So repent, find, acknowledge, submit to, abide in, and be transformed by and live in the Love of God The Father with the fruits of a Matured Mind in Christ Jesus, then you are Representing your Confident Belief in Jesus and your worship of God is given a True Voice. You may not be gifted to walk on water or heal the afflicted but your faith is real based on a Real Heart Known Love of God that we taste for a moment and then revisit again when we have found the Truth of our sin’s motives. And as we add to our truth more truth in accordance to the measure of our faith, our Knowledge of The Hidden Wisdom grows also. And our life of love grows to be a reflection of Jesus in us.

Do you see the process of life a little clearer now? Because it is not our fault for the nature of original sin, but seeing that it can take up to about 42 years to find enough truth to acknowledge the ‘Way’ as a God given doctrine and grab hold of the freedom that comes from knowing it! Gives the teaching of The ‘Way’ priority over every other concocted teaching of the blind in Christ!

Over 3000 man-concocted false doctrines based on the King James Bible, or some other. Most not worthy of note but some better than others. Some even writing their own bibles to say what they want it to say.

God gave us a super simple Way have an abundant life in our worship of God and our belief in Jesus is made certain and assured in our ‘walk’ in the ‘Way’. The world offers a stage upon where our lives are played and offers nothing more. It’s been satan all along. Playing his games and laughing at the clueless. But God knows which are his and he will not lose any that are given to Jesus.

Your friends who do not know Jesus and walk in the worship of Gods Love, can’t be trusted to be there when you need them. He who does know can also not be trusted to be there when you need them. But they will do as much as they are able to try and be there!. Remember we read:

John 8:31-32kjv

“Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

And since we only have a partial measure of faith we can only have a partial measure of freedom from sin. But enough so that your life will be meaningful and abundant. You will have gained control over the desires of the flesh, and With the promise from he who is faithful that we will know Him Fully when we are fully known in the Love and Truth of The Word that is with God and is God. In the blink of the eye we will change from mortal to immortal, knowing in part to knowing in full even as I AM.

“A friend is a friend before you ever meet them.” A knowing Christian is more trust-worthy than a blind faith Christian, and all Christians are given the task of preparing themselves as a suitable bride for the groom Jesus. As well as caring for others especially the family of Believers.

We can quickly recognize our teachers of the faith because they teach the ‘Way’ to the Truth that leads to Life. Prophets are for believers, and any prophesy that does not teach us to know the ‘Way’ is a false prophesy.

Every teacher that doesn’t teach the ‘Way’ has not yet matured in the fruits of the Spirit. Such a teacher will cause you to become drained and/or bitter. You will not find the truth you seek there.

Until you find the ‘Hidden Wisdom’ of the ‘Way’ you will be cast about by the many winds of false doctrine. After you have matured you will know the true teachings and the false teachings and you will always be able to grow wiser. Then you will no longer strain to hear the needed Word of enlightenment, you will know it and add to it.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! But until the resurrection, and blink of an eye transformational time of Christ Jesus Kingdom, the tip is the only ’Measure ’ we will ever need to be able to know the faithfulness to believe in Jesus by faith Proven True and warmly heart-felt embraced in our Love relationship with all that is in/of the Word Spirit God the Father through our submitted and honored choice of having Jesus the Word Truth as are Lord and savoir; brother and friend.

I tell the world, I not the Lord, but as one who has come to see Jesus through the eyes of faith known in knowledge and in expression’s of Agape Love we have embraced as the fullness of our need to satisfy our belief in the Truth that love grows with the choosing and satan can kill us but he can‘t steal our soul away. We may die at the hands of the anti-christ but our soul is secured. “Not one the Father has given me will be lost.” Said Jesus.

Are you Jesus Christ’s disciple? Then it’s time passed that you start learning to walk in the Way of our older brother and Lord Savior Jesus. Prophets are for believers! (see I Cor. 14:22) Find one or read on.

In Him,



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