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“In the beginning was the Word”

June 24, 2014

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“In the beginning was the Word”

By ‘worksbyjj’


That Word was the word of truth.

“…and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

God the Father is a spirit known as the Spirit of Truth, the Word. Hence the truth of the Word is alive with the Word’s spirit.

Thus we are created in God’s image, a body made alive by a spirit. Only our spirit that brings life to our body is just the opposite of God’s body; the Word of Truth is his body and that truth emanates a living spirit.

Our body emanates nothing, but the refreshing of our spiritual breath; and our blood keeps our body alive. Take away our life by either the loss of breath or the loss of blood and we die a permanent death.

Yet the life we are conscious of is kept alive in the spirit, but without a body’s mind to host our memories, and a heart to host the spirit of life, in our death we know nothing. There we await judgment to life or death.

All that you know in the world is colored by death, yet we can fight to know life in Jesus by walking in his ‘Way’.

Now in the beginning we lived clean sin free lives and we could live for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, if satan hadn’t butted in and caused decay to begin in sin. The fall of man in the Garden of Eden began a corruption of life and the health of all life was altered with human life being limited to 120 years max, with most dying earlier.

As man and empires grew without the presence of God in Truth and the lies of satan along with his influences of power and wealth infiltrated everywhere, the world became blind to the ‘Hidden’ in the Word of Truth and the Love it emanates in spiritual life.

As the empires grew and the corruption of life grew with them, the sins of corruption in man grew with no reason to change except a sickness of heart.

We can experience a wide range of emotions and though we cannot know God’s Agape love until we are born-again and then only in direct proportion to the measure of faith that was given to us. With none of us given to know the fullness of faith until the new life with God in Jesus is come and we are changed in an instant.

We know humanly love…Eros, Phileo, storgee, epathurmia…and through these we can see a hint of God’s Agape love and we can desire to know it firsthand though Christ Jesus.

With the utterance of a sinner’s prayer asking for God to grant you salvation and a new spirit so that we can experience God’s Love, we become born-again. We are now able to find God’s love on an increasing basis.

In the immediate sense we experience God’s Love in a joyful union that is felt in true elation, but when that wanes because of our continuing on in living in sin, we can find it in the steps that reflect our faiths measure. Each step is a closer walk in love until our measure is filled with the understanding of God’s Righteousness. A Righteousness that is inherent of the Truth.

Steps we have yet to take after our salvation is indicative of receiving the Holy Spirit.

The awesome feeling of God’s Love, given at salvation, precedes the Minds comprehension of the knowledge found in God’s Love, and the magnitude of pure truths emanation of total love from total truth is kept from destroying our minds ability to grasp concepts of understanding that would take us forever to become aware of and cause us to shut down or overload and pass out or die from shock, except that we are only given to know a measure less than the total. A measure of faith that reveals only a measure of God’s love until the time of ‘instant total transformation’ and what we can know in part becomes known in full, even as I AM. Thank you Jesus the I Am that I AM!

The key is in the becoming fully known as ‘I AM’. What we know is, if, Jesus starts something he finishes it. And our complete transformation after salvation is guaranteed; but if we ever want to know the Joy in God’s Love in ‘this life’ we need to set feet to walking in ‘The Way of Jesus’.

In the beginning the Word of Truth finds it’s consciousness in the living Spirit of Truth. Both being distinctly separate yet unable to live apart simply because the spirit of the Word finds its life in the knowledge of the Total Word of Truth.

How long did the awareness of God contemplate the many possible paths a life can take in diverting paths caused by incomplete awareness of the fullness of spirit which gives the Word the fullness of life that the love of God makes complete in spirit?

The possibilities are as endlessly different as the totality of life’s truths are able to exist in endless parts. In other words: how many parts or sections can truth be split apart by untruths?

When you can see the many truths that our lives depend on to live, both physically and spiritually, down to the invisible parts as well as the visible, then the totality of truth in the totality of spirit can be seen to be immense. So immense that it is written that the whole world couldn’t hold the needed books that could be written to record every detail of the knowledge used by God to create all things and plot the paths of each person to such a degree that all things work out for the best for those that love God.

God the Father contemplated the fullness of the time needed to bring man into the family of Christ Jesus, and knew all of the ways of erroneous choices that fallen man can travel unless they learned to discern the way of Love that can only be known if man was able to receive the Holy Spirit of Truth which makes possible the learning to see the need for love and truth and move to acquire the knowledge of truth made known in the spirit by Jesus.

Jesus, who came into an existence separate from the Father, having a separate fullness of the Word with a separate fullness of the Spirit…grants us his equal measure of Word and Spirit, that we can only know in part until the time of His Kingdom Come and we who know in part will be given to know in full.

Then we will know God in Spirit in fullness, and we will know that Jesus and the Father are One, yet Jesus saw no shame in being called his Son from whom he existed before becoming I AM.

Thus Jesus who brought all of creation into being by his spoken command given in full agreement with the fullness of the Word and it’s life in the Spirit of the Father, because when the Word became I AM, a complete image of the fullness of God the Father became co-existent with the Father having been created from: ‘The substance of eternity’ enabling the making of an incomplete humanity complete in both, the Word and the spirit of the Word whereby through Jesus we are become one with the Father. And our non-emanating spirit is replaced with God’s Spirit in Jesus and we are One.

With being born again and given a new spirit and a new heart we also get the knowledge of the new spirit. And the spirit of the Father reveals his love in us through Jesus who becomes the focal point for all of the knowledge of Righteousness and understanding found in the Word.

With witness to the truth and having put-on the love of God as revealed in the truth of the Word, and accepted in the Way; I fully acknowledge the way of Jesus as being the teaching of Jesus that shows us the increase of joy found in the Father’s love as we abide, and in the Father we are One.

But we don’t live like it. And most of us will never know this “Hidden’ in Christ until his kingdom has come. From the beginning of the fall of mankind, satan has lied to us, telling us we are the work of evolution and life is what we make of it.

We are being bombarded by hate, greed, war, terror, and even television shows that desensitize us from the horror of real demons whose soul purpose is to do the work of satan who wants to kill all Christians!

Where do you stand? Is Christianity just a bunch of rubbish that the entire world wars over??? If you can’t see the truth through all of the lies even though the evidence of Holy Wars make it glaringly obvious; then can you see the truth that we choose to live by the choices we make and love and hate, life and death, decisions are made every day by us and “IF” you want No more wars, “IF” you want Love in your life, not hate, and the choices are real to you yet you just can’t bring yourself to believe that it’s all because of God and satan are up for grabs for being elected as your personal God; then know that whom you choose to serve will be your master on earth, but if you haven’t accepted Jesus as your God in the after-life then satan will be your default choice and your after life will be nothing but Hell. Not to mention that this life will be a living Hell too!

The Way of Jesus was proven by his resurrection and proven by each of his disciples in the evidence of the joy found in God’s Love revealed by our choices to choose love and truth in all situations repented of, with the assurance of the promise that should we die before reaching the fullness of the knowledge of God’s Righteousness, we will be resurrected to know such a life that only God can reveal.

I firmly believe in Jesus because I have proven that love increases with the choosing. And it is my willing obligation to share with you the Way of Jesus so that you too can know the love of God through Jesus.

You see, by our choices the meaning to life is clear…to become a Christian means to be able to know the Truth of the Word and know firsthand that the love of God the Father is sparked and given purchase by the truth that I have found revealed in the ‘spiritual remembrances’ of his written Word given to us by Jesus. Thus I accept him and choose to walk in his way of love and truth.

Each born-again Christian is known by the Father even if they aren’t yet born-again. He saw your birth, life and potential in your heart of hearts, and he knows when you are ready to accept him before you know it yourself. That is why some are saved at the praying of the sinner’s prayer while others are not saved. He sees your hearts sincerity and gives accordingly.

We all have a measure of faith whether you find it or not. You have the sole responsibility to choose whom you will serve and acknowledge. These articles are here to share with you the knowledge of the ‘Hidden’ and hopefully inspire you to choose Jesus as Lord. But they are also here to share with you How to walk in Spirit and Truth in your daily life. When you learn to do that your life will become joy-full!         May the Lord Jesus be with you. In Him, J.J.

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