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Transmissions by ‘Eliminator Transmissions’ Santee

October 2, 2014



‘Eliminator Transmissions’

A ‘worksbyjj’

A book could be written on the worries that hit you when you break your transmission. How will I get the kids to school? How will I get to work on time?

And if you break the tranny to your motor home that you live in with your girlfriend, losing your home to a broken tranny just isn’t an option you want to consider; and the worries become an almost unbearable burden.

Cost for repairs were compared: $800. $650, and another over a thousand dollars.

The first offer was fair. The second offer was too sketchy and felt like it would take forever and cost more than expected. And the third…well it was too high. I chose the first one, but not just because the offer was fair to average, but because the manager, Mr. Mark A. Rains, was very concerned and offered consolation for my needs and was willing to take a partial payment and the rest in a couple of days when I came to collect my motor home. He competently sent a tow truck and made quick repairs that kept me from having to sleep homeless more than two days.

The total cost was $837. And some change, and even tho’ the tow was included for free I think it was included in the bill when charges were considered. But HEH! I want you to know that Mark saved the day and my motor home’s tranny. And the relief from that was a relief.

I’m also very grateful for my sisters financial help. That was the biggest worry.

My gratitude and kudos given to Mark A. Rains, owner of ‘Eliminator Transmissions’ located at: 11418 North Woodside Ave. Santee California 92071 phone number 619-596-2628. Tell Mark J.J. sent you.


In Him,



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