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Calling all Christians

October 15, 2014

“Calling all Christians”

(Applications are now being accepted)

a ‘worksbyjj’


By definition the word ‘christian’ means Christ like. Meaning Christ Jesus is in them.


But many who call themselves ‘Christian’ do not have the Spirit of Christ Jesus in them. They prayed the sinners prayer, they called Jesus Lord, they were baptized in water and they were assured by the pastor that if they, as scripture says,…”if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”


We are told to believe this by faith.


And life is given over to going to bible studies, church services, and willful neglecting of past and present sins, until they erupt from being held in suppression of unaddressed issues and desires.


How do you answer the verse that says: “except a man be born of water and the spirit, he can not enter the kingdom of God.”


Are you believing that by faith too?!


If you know you are a true christian, born-again and not having to trust in the assurrances of a pastor, preacher who doesn’t have a clue, then read on.


You are a true born-again Christian, but when you witness your spirit do you discern its

Presence? Do you experience knowing the joy of God’s love?


When you view the life of others, do you see the paths their lives take and do you see where the ‘Way’ of Jesus is missing in them?


Do you know the ‘Way’ of Jesus, the teaching given to his disciples and recorded in the New Testament gospel?


Do you tithe? Does it benefit you? Do you have a church home? Does its vision benefit you? Have you been a member very long? Do you share with your church and members?


In these last four paragraphs did you see yourself involved with your church fully? Feeling the joy in God’s love and gratefully sharing with your church in a sharing of mutual goodness and glad tidings?




I’m not surprised really. Anyone who said yes would be asked to take the time to share with me the teaching of Jesus, called the ‘Way’, and by their words I would know them to be true or false.


The ‘Way6’ of Jesus is clear to the knowing, and the meaning of the words in verse are clear. Those four paragraphs define what true Christianity is capable of.


But for those of you who said NO!, I applaud you of your honesty. “If to no one else, be true to yourself.”


You see, I know that when we are born – again in the spirit of the Truth in Jesus Christ, we get to experience firsthand, the Love of God in accordance to the measure of faith we were given at birth. I also know that when we begin living as we always have, and we will because our mind has yet to be renewed with the knowledge of faith that being renewed in Spirit has made possible… When we see the world as we have accustomed ourselves to think how it is, the feeling of knowing the presence of the Love of God will be swept under the matt of your mis-understood pre-conceived notions of what the truth is, and that is: we have been given the ’Way’ of Jesus so that we can find the ‘Way’ of Jesus, so that you will be established in the knowledge of God’s righteousness, and the ‘Hidden’ may shine again from within.


The ‘Way’ of Jesus, straight and narrow and only a few find it. When you find it you will know it by name. and when you know it you will fulfill your purpose in life, and you can claim your standing to be one of a nation of prophets; a son or daughter of God the Father thru God the Son, Jesus.


My question to you is: don’t you think it’s time to lay down some roots and become a true Christian and be of One mind with other True Christians? Unless you are satisfied with you own spirituality of ignorance. You can preach the gospel all you want but that does not make you a Christian. Thinking you are born-again doesn’t make you a born-again christian either. And being born-again doesn’t give you understanding of the ‘Hidden’ that the teaching of the ‘Way’ reveals.


That’s it!


Calling all Christians! It’s time to unite! Contact me at 619-735-4422


In Him,


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