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The Unpardonable Sin

November 12, 2014

‘The Unpardonable sin’





As a Christian, I’m concerned over my brother’s and sister’s in Christ Jesus. I share this same concern for the stranger who doesn’t know the Lord Jesus.

I’m sure all of us have the ability to remember when we were first saved and felt the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that is in/of Jesus.

But now, in comparison, we stand as the stranger; we may be saved, and only if you have been born-again are you saved, but we stand as a stranger to Jesus, we do not know his presence in the Agape Love nor in the Mind of Christ Jesus as did the writer of Corinthians pointed out that we are to have.

Saved or not, Christian or stranger, the only unpardonable sin, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, is performed by those of us who do not begin to walk in the Way of Jesus.

Steps to take begin with reading the New Testament Bible in both the original King James version and the New International Version for ease of reading.

Don’t bother with any study Bible that highlights the general doctrine of Jesus being Lord God, with notes and all. All you need is the word of God as given to us by Jesus Christ and his apostles, not some churches view of what it means.

I’m not saying to avoid churches, but for now is not the time to question the meaning of the written word but to become familiar with the written word.

As you begin your task of reading the entire new testament, you need to start taking your next steps.

The Way of Jesus is made manifest in the completion of the steps you take in walking in the Way of Jesus.

As we walk in the Way we are going to learn the knowledge of God’s Righteousness as the Truth in/of Jesus.

I’ve been saying we begin to walk in the Way of Jesus by first reading the New testament because the understanding of the Way in/of Jesus is to see the revelation of his Written Word as it applies to the mind of Christ Jesus, knowing the same thought, will and emotion that Jesus knows, His Mind, of Spiritual enlightenment given in a Spiritually given Remembrance of verse we have read, now filled with the understanding of choice; acknowledged by us as being the truth to live by from each moment on, and does no harm to its neighbor; this works over time and we are to build on the foundation of Jesus by walking in the Way of Repentance to the acknowledging of increased understanding in the Mind of Jesus with increased awareness to know the personal awareness of God’s ever present Love and Joy all thanks to the Hidden in Christ. The wisdom to know faith, hope and Love and the greatest is Love.

It is a proven heart-felt joy coming through knowing the Truth in/of Jesus and the Love of the Father that we know in our heart because Jesus word is alive in us and we know it as God’s Love witnessed in the heart that has been made new in being born again.

Many of us have yet to take the second step, in the bible teaching of Corinthians, we have yet to develop the Mind of Christ Jesus in our mindful belief by faith. With our heart as witness. No, many who have been born again have lost the joy of being first-born and didn’t know that it can be known again in a walking joy moment by moment.

We won’t see Jesus, but as we take step in the Way of Repentance away from our sins, where love that does no harm, is our most important desire to live by and in truth in All we can choose to do, so; we grow to understand the love of God and our hearts will bear witness to the indwelling of the Spirit and joy is ours. The Way made manifest by the steps we have taken…thus enabling the Holy Spirit’s ability to give us the ‘remembrances’ of “written Truth” that is given when God the Father best deems the time to be best possible time to become a revelation of understanding that we have acknowledged as truth and choosing to be abiding in living by, until we have been transformed to be one with.

To lay on the foundation of Jesus we use bricks of truth found as we ask ourselves one question: then as many questions as it takes to answer the one question: why do I do the unloving sin I do that I don‘t want to do?

This is how you take your steps. You might want to keep a journal of when you tackle the job of searching for the reasons for your sins, it makes it easier to take a break and pick up where you left off. It also helps you to see the straight of it. Think…why do you do the sin you know not to do but do? You must not settle for anything but truth that applies to everyone and love that does no harm to its neighbor. All reasons for sins being and motives for doing are found in the understanding of why you sin.

Anger is a good place to start; if you are working on your problem areas that need truth and love because they are hurting someone, you will be considered in a hyper state of awareness of your shortcomings and can become angry with someone who exhibit’s the same behavior yet you might not be aware of it at the time and just feel yourself getting madder. Remember man’s anger defeats God’s Righteous purpose. Ask yourself why are you mad; then find the truth of it and chances are it will bring a revelation to you about yourself.

When you find the answers to this one question and you take the responsibility to choose to walk in the loving alternatives to your sins, until the transformation takes place and it becomes the you that is one with the Lord Jesus; then you will know to help others learn to walk in the way of Love in Truth. And joy is yours.

Yes, repentance is the only action given to become the source of building stones to lay on the foundation of Jesus, see Hebrews 6:1 and see that we are to lay the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith towards God.

A basic principle: repentance from dead works of sin and you will know the love of God through Jesus that reveals our stand in faith.

Some of us accept the Spirits anointing when we pray the good confession, yet it is always God the Father who judges whether we were of sincere heart, and gives the spirit accordingly.

Hence it is the same for Christians as it is for the stranger…to turn to the Spirit of Truth in Repentance is the Heart of Sincerity so judged by God.

The Way of our walking, that is picked by us. But taught by Jesus, if it is Lord of love and peace we want as our Lord; rather than the lord of the ways of the world that satan dominates and serves only himself. And so it begins if you are in earnest, stop the bad do the good that you can see in your walk through life.

Thus we are transformed to be one with Christ Jesus.

It can take time, but remember: “all things work out for the best for those who love God.” Persevere until the day-star shine from within you.

p.s. read some of my other stories here or in my latest book at Amazon. May you find inspiration in the Truth in Understanding.


In Him,


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