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The Way to Happy life

December 9, 2014

The Way to a Happy Life







I’m a happy person; as any nature lover will confess, when you love what’s before your eyes, it’s easy to be a free spirit.


But then we reach puberty and grow up. After we grow up we tend to lose touch with happiness and have to work for a living.


You can try to find happiness, and some people try to teach you how. One such group is The Jehovah’s Witnesses. Their Church recently wrote a ‘Title’ issue of Awake Nov. 2014 entitled: Keys to a happy life.


I don’t believe you will find happiness through their teaching; they quote and often mis-quote the bible for reference, but fall short in putting on the garment of Righteousness only available through the Holy Spirit of Truth in/of God Almighty as Shared by Jesus, whom, ‘created from the substance of eternity’ became man to die for us, and to live for us and in us, as our brother, Lord God and savior, and friend.


Jesus commanded the seas, the animals, and the demon spirits, and he proved his God-Head by rising from the grave after three days and three nights. Resolutely taking the keys of death away from satan, as only a Holy and Righteous One can do.


His teaching in the Bible teaches us that He is the Way, the Truth and the life! And if you want true happiness it is only found in Jesus. It’s His Holy Spirit we receive.


The Bible was written so we could know the words of God. But if all of the works of God were written, the whole world couldn’t contain the books. The mysteries of the universe to the microscopic; God’s creation is being revealed in vivid detail, but it is not the person of God. All these exist in God through his will and command of “I AM”.


In the beginning was the Word and that word was with God and that word was God. That word was the word of truth that became I AM, and that I AM became Jesus as a man to give his life as a sacrifice for the remission of our sins, for all who believe in his life death and resurrection from the grave, and for all who accept him as their Lord and God, will receive his very Holy Spirit he was given in life and inception and through our new Spirit in Jesus we are able to know the revelation of the “rememberances” given by the Spirit to help us see the very Mind of Christ Jesus found in his written word and we experience his thought, will and emotion in our understanding of the revelation of this ‘remembrance’.


His Word even if regarded as the words of a prophet and not of God, not equal to God the Father as the Jehovah‘s Witnesses teach…is in reality equal. But if you don’t believe Jesus is God in the flesh, then, how can you share in his spirit when you want to be born-again.


The Jehovah’s Witnesses like to quote the Bible but fail to realize that the person in the verse, while being a figurehead of our imagined self, should we like to think it speaks of us :


“Happy is the man who keeps on enduring trial, because on becoming approved he will receive the crown of Life.” James 1:12


As if it is you are the man or woman who is enduring trial so that on becoming approved you will receive the crown of life. Yet you fail to realize that this person who is happy is a Christian and he must stand approved in Christ Jesus.


And YES That can be YOU…but if you haven’t walked in the Way of Jesus and proven that God is True and that Jesus is Lord and prophet, the first fruits of a nation of prophets, and walked in the Way of God’s Love and Truth where we find our happiness in life, then you have turned a deaf ear to his word and believed the lie of a false teaching church.


The Jehovah’s Witness Church is one of many who stands in danger of rejecting God’s word, because they are told to read only their own version bible The New World translation where the Word of God is given a Little “g”. Even tho’ it is a capital “G” in the King James Bible translation.


1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God“. kjv (they say: a god, instead of God.


They say the little “g” is the correct translation of that verse but I disagree. I don’t have to look it up to prove it because they would just say they don’t trust the authority I used, and would have to have their own church authorities examine it.


Okay, then I would show them their very own published authority The Greek Interlinear translation that translates English verse with the Greek words underneath the English words. Turn to revelations and read down a little and look for your English word Jehovah and its Greek equivalent; then turn to the book of John and read the verse that uses the small “g” for “a god’ rather than a capital “G” for God, and see that it uses the same Greek word as used to call God Jehovah in revelations, but in John a little “g”.


Even when I show them their error and this in their own church written authorities, they still refuse to acknowledge the truth in/of Jesus that he is one with God the Father whom they call Jehovah, yet Jesus Name shall be made higher than every name in Heaven and earth, so says psalms. Because Jesus, The Word of Truth made flesh, was in the beginning before and after he said “I AM”.



And because they refuse to admit in the Godhood of Jesus they don’t give the Holy Spirit the heart of sincerity. If you are not saved prior to entering into the Jehovah’s Witnesses then, chances are poor for finding salvation in the Truth. And because you do not repent unto the acknowledging of the Truth and you are told to believe only Jehovah can save you not Jesus…well you will at least have this: with God all things are possible.


If you do make the good confession and happen to be in the wrong church, I know you won’t be taught the truth of the gospel and will not find the revelation of Spirit to know the Mind of Christ Jesus. His thought will and emotion expressed in his written word.

Where you get to make a choice, to acknowledge the Truth in and of Jesus and the way of God’s Agape love is yours to put on until your abidance in the Truth produces the transformation of becoming one with the Truth in/of Jesus through his Spirit shared in us when we are born-again, making the knowing of Gods love and light as our own. And as you continue to walk in the ‘Way’ of Jesus knowing the ‘Way’ of Repentance that produces the fruit of the Spirit in increasing measure until your measure is full and the Day Star rises in you.


There is only one church in Christ Jesus. Not in Allah or Jehovah.(Jehovah is the fullness of Agape Love and Truthful Light that the Spirit of Truth is.) Yet Jehovah did not cease to be Jehovah when he said “I AM” and became the only begotten Son of God, begotten, to come out of and yet take with you, the same substance of eternity as a separate entity of Godhood, Yet in Jesus we have the Father in us even as we are in the Father. Both are One. Its not about Jehovah as the Jews call God, or about Allah as the Muslims call Him. But in the substance of eternity that The One God is: the Spirit of Truth that became Himself within Himself when he said “I AM” And we are honored and Highly Blessed to be One with God The Father, Through our being born-again in the Holy Spirit of Jesus.


It is a shame everyone can’t see that God gave his only begotten Son, the I AM that I AM, who created the universe and the heavens, where he prepares a place for each Christian found approved in his Truth. To know it Fully without measure even as I AM fully known. And at his coming back to take over, we who are born-again and share in his Holy Spirit will rise to be with him and life will be full of Love and Truth, the past will be forgotten, and all things will change; in the blink of the eye all Christians will be transformed and become perfect and immortal Sons of God knowing the Fullness of the Holy Spirit that we have only known in the part when given to us when we gave the ‘Good’ confession and found later, in understanding and transformation that only true walking in the ‘Way‘ of Repentance can reveal to us as we walk in the ‘Way’ of Jesus and become one with in this life, but then, we shall know in full even as I AM.

After that, I won’t even guess, but I bet it will be heavenly.  pun intended.

Hope to see you there.


In Him,


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