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The 700 Club

December 18, 2014

The 700 Club.




I love watching the show, The 700 Club; hearing the many testimonies of sinners being saved and knowing the Love of God The Father, in a personal feeling that makes time take a time out, and other people are seen as family, and Love radiates in your heart for everything you see; and should you be seen by others, they may see you radiate and comment on your rosy red glow.


But you! Yes you who experienced this baptism of the Holy Spirit…I am really glad you became my brother or sister in Christ Jesus but you are kind of new on the scene and are in need of direction by a competent Spiritual Christian Advisor. The Bible recommends a spirit filled prophet.


3 But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort. 4 He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself; but he that prophesieth edifieth the church.  1 Cor. 14:3-4



Why, you ask? Because the Holy Spirit has a two-fold service: one, to guarantee our salvation; two, to lead us to the acknowledging the Truth in and of Jesus Our Lord. And this is a secret “hidden” wisdom found in the Knowledge of God’s Righteousness as lived in Jesus.


There will be many who vie for your patronage and try to tell you what you need to believe. I too will try to tell you what you need to understand in the teaching of the Way of Jesus, for that is what it will all boil down to: your understanding of  the teaching of Jesus.


Life eventually becomes a walk in or not, of The Way of Jesus. And it bugs me that there are so many testimonies and NOT One solid teaching of  the ‘Way’ of Jesus…what it is…how is it walked…what must we do to found walking in the ‘Way’ of Jesus!


How important is this? Paul, the apostle to the gentile, teaches us that He confesses to worshipping God the Father of the Israelites according to the ’Way’, which the Jews call heresy. Jesus, himself, told his ‘disciples’ that he goes his way to the Father and where he goes they may follow. And when questioned about what the way was Jesus answered them saying that when the Holy Spirit comes he will make known the revelations of the Truth in and of Jesus through ‘Spiritual remembrances’; these for those of you who don’t know it, that these ‘spiritual remembrances’ are  encountered in our walk in the way of repentance unto the acknowledging of the Truth and find our salvation in this admission and acceptance of Truth. These walks in the Way of repentance as taught by Paul are fully delivered by Jesus. And make our faith a tangible expression of knowledge and Love, agape.


Tangible faith, with spiritual remembrances of the written truth in/of Jesus growing in time up to 42 years, to an aware person of faith and truth in you through the spiritual walk in the way of God’s Love and truthful actions ever reaching for more Truth, more Love

To submit to, abide in and become transformed as one who is seen to be walking in the ‘Way’ of Jesus.


But this is knowledge you have to find for yourself with the Holy Spirits helpful revelations. All so you can fulfill your purpose in life which is to know God. And you are at the front of a long chain of dominoes that fall down after we accumulate them through life’s experiences that reflect a repentant walk learning your measures worth and giving God praise that your walk in His Love experiences the fruit of the Spirit called: Joy.


You know that Joy and love when you get saved, and it will last as long as you allow it to  live in you. But time becomes days, days become weeks, weeks become months and months become years and years become who we are seen to be walking in, in the ‘Way’ of Jesus or Not..


Or Not…

Do I dare go there?


Let’s look at myself. The me that was not found walking in the Way of Jesus. (this is not a precise definition because while I crashed and burned in life – it took me 37 years of walking in the world of sin before I was able to harness the ability to walk in the Way of Jesus and find my salvation and find my lost innocence.) But what I want to stress is that if I had not struggled to overcome my sin so diligently, and had I been someone who LIKES to sin, then that person might look like this: Being in five State Hospitals, eight State prison incarcerations and headed to nowhere. Without wanting to find freedom from slavery to sin these stays at the hospitals and prisons would just be the building blocks for more and worse for all sin pinnacles and we emerge as the Ted Bundy’s of the world…’why he seemed like such a nice guy who would have thought he was a serial killer?’ all sin that is not actively fought in the wills is doomed to get worse and worse until death can result. And get this willpower wont save you! Only Jesus can.


But of all the wrong found in sin, we can also find loving and truthful alternatives to do instead. The old me is dead to sin and not worth talking about, but the new me that has died to the old man and put on the new man found in Christ Jesus, the me found walking in the Way of Jesus…I have the assurance of the Spirit as I know the Love of God the Father in my heart and through the acknowledged Truth found in Jesus, whose thought, will and emotion becomes mine through transformation and learning through revelation given in ‘spiritual remembrances’ while I walked in the Way of Repentance unto the acknowledging of the Truth.


My freedom from sin took me 37 years to find, and that I believe is out of an approximate 42 year period we are given to learn in. The choice to sin or not does not even apply, and becomes a moot question because when you walk in the Way of Jesus it is a progressive walk that eventually fills your measured part up and the Day Star rises in your heart, and walking in the Way of Jesus is understood and desired.


I will not break the common bond of any agape love I share with you all in Jesus family. Walking in the Way of Jesus is given to unite us in this world and time. We are meant to do good to others, especially to the brethren. If it is in your hearts to do, and within your ability.


The good I do in my capacity is share the message of prophesy, and tell others about The Way of Jesus. There is no church in the world sharing this knowledge of God’s Righteousness; there is no Evangelist sharing this knowledge, tho’ one I know of talks about it, but doesn’t share it. There is a bona-fide True teaching of The Way of Jesus, but outside of my sharing of it I don’t know anyone else sharing it.


To both the brethren and the pagan who wants to know The Father’s Love and Saving Grace…to the saved: walking in the Way of Jesus matures you and reveals the ‘Hidden’ to you and your life becomes known and aware, more loving and truthful and ALL of the fruits of the Spirit! To pagans: walking in the Way of Jesus becomes a walk in repentance unto the acknowledging of the Truth in/of Jesus. If you so acknowledge and accept this truth in your life you will grow to know all that a mature Christian can know. For both the Brethren and the pagan it is always your choice to make. Once made you need to begin walking in the Way of Jesus because it was that way that offered you salvation and maturity.


And every Church, evangelist wants to capture your attention, your ear, your heart, your money…though a true tithing to a true church or evangelist is to your benefit; that it helps the other is good too. But you are new as a convert or you are an old convert still wanting to know the love of God through Jesus – but tired of trying the church route, you couldn’t find your confident faith there, learning to walk in the way of Jesus is what you should be learning.


It’s clear that a life changing event happened to you when you received the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ and have been given to know you are given a new spirit and a new heart, but the love you first knew of our Father’s Love is filled with knowledge from spiritual revelations given through ‘remembrances’ in the truth in/of the Mind of Jesus and written in the Bible. And you have to walk in the Way of Jesus to obtain it in this life time and then only in the amount of the measure we are given. Other than that you will need to wait till Jesus returns. And what we now know in part will then be known in full.


To be one with Jesus and the Father, knowing the Father through his very Spirit of Truth. We can know it in part, now, but in full then, but that’s at the end of the trials and tribulations.


Yet we are given the very Spirit of Truth that is Our Lord God Jesus, that we may know the Mind of Jesus: His thought, will and emotion, in “increasing measure” to give us the assurance of certainty and sureness that our calling and election is to be one with Jesus, in these times that soon come upon us.


That prophesied day will come soon and many shall die before Christ Jesus Returns to restore the faithful to their sainted status; please don’t waste your time chasing church doctrines that capture your imagination and needs, but do nothing to throw any light on the reason you do the wrong you do even after being saved. You are needed to walk in the Way of repentance that Jesus taught; and pray that it be unto the acknowledging the Truth in/of Jesus! For in your search for Truth for the motive of your desires that bring harm to others, you will find and receive the “spiritual remembrances” that allow you to understand the word of  Truth it shares with you even as Jesus would consider it from his own perspective of thought, will, and emotion. A revelation when we walk in his Way.


In “increasing measure” until the measure you were given is full of the “part” it is given, still yet to be given to be fully known even as I am.


Whether alive or resurrected a time of peace of true peace, and of what we cherish in Love and Truth will be established; But make no mistake it can take up to 42 years to establish your faithful understanding in the knowledge of God’s Righteousness that makes for the Day Star to rise in your heart. Perhaps quicker if you delve into the teaching of the ‘Way’ of Jesus and reason together just how it is that, tho’ your sins be as scarlet they shall be made white as snow.


The reason for our motives, by which we live by, has two sides: loving and truthful on the one side, and the hodge-podge of worries, riches and/or pleasures found in sin and deception, neither seeking the truth and only taking satisfactions of the flesh, on the other side.  Does the action of giving into sin pain you?  Cause you to feel regret?  Make you feel guilty and shameful?  Does it control you?  Or urge you on? It’s not your fault…our flesh, before being born again, had no reason to resist the temptations of the flesh other than as they resulted in the treatment of our flesh and our conscience of feelings that we want and those that we don’t want. But of A Spiritual Awakening we didn’t have a clue. And if Jesus had not come to show us and teach us how to walk in HIS Way that leads us to the Truth in Him, where we get to share in His Holy Spirit and know the Joy of walking in God’s love…we would all be doomed to die a final death at the hands of God The Father.


Satan and all the disobedient angels will die a final death. As will all the unbelievers that do wickedness. There is time, that whoever walks in repentance to the acknowledging the Truth in/of Jesus, can find salvation and freedom from their slavery to sin.


Let the unbeliever or the pagan walk the path of the righteous One and receive your revelations without wincing, but be true to the love and truth you have discerned in the Mind of Christ Jesus and abide until you are transformed, and are found to be walking in the Way of Jesus.

Repent from unloving actions that harms another or our-self, actions that hide the motive/reason for our sinfulness from our own eyes, that seek to satisfy the worries, riches and/or pleasures of the sinning world; to find out why we do what we know is wrong, and seek out the Way of agape love that does no harm to its neighbor, and of Truth revealed in spiritual ‘remembrances’ of the written words of Jesus, that applies to every one equally, and choosing to walk in this Way continuously as you know the Joy of the spiritual gift, becomes your understanding and path of choice.


Or would you choose to continue in sin?


Results of ‘increasing measure’ apply to both: those who choose to sin and those who choose to follow after Jesus. One to his death, but the others, those who choose Jesus will live again and know an unimaginable life in heaven.


So you see, some of us have been forgiven for much sin and change our lives, which are to be a tribute to Jesus as we are of One Spirit, of One Mind, the Mind of Jesus. If you haven’t put-on the mind of Christ, YOU Need To!!!


I’ve heard your testimonies and I rejoice in your salvation.. I like watching the 700 Club’s testimonies, and the good they do. But even they need to know the teaching of the Way of Jesus in their life. There are some who call themselves Christian that need to understand how to prove their faith and know the confidence of a loving heart in the name of Jesus.


In Him,


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