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Damaged Goods

December 23, 2014

‘Damaged Goods’







Don’t think you will ever make the grade? Are you believing all of the lies told to you? Our God is a God of love and mercy, and he never condemns you.


We go through tuff times, get hurt, but God will bring you through them to make you stronger. God can take any ingredient you give him and make you better. Shake off the negative life and God will restore you.


Folks…these words and others are given by Pastor Joel Olsteen on his telecast; he follows up with his book offers and testimonies from others that say they learned to center on the positives not the negatives and find joy in giving your all to every job.


You can see I saw the program.


Joel Olsteen is a smart and talented speaker; Evangelist, but not of the average kind who preach hell and damnation or get salvation. No, he likes to make you feel good, thinking all you got to do is shake it off and God will restore you.


Okay, how many of you are parents? When your child comes home from school crying, do you tell him to shake it off or do you get to the root of the crying? What happened?

Do you try to console the child, yet it breaks your heart that the pain remains.


You know the reason now, your child is hurt because he was called names by other school boys. He’s challenged not a retard.


Then one of the school boys comes to your house and knocks on your door and asks if your son can come out and play.


They go out to the back of the house and play, he brought his army men toys and your son played with his Tonka dump truck. They did not know you were watching from the back bedroom window and are crying for happiness as you see your son laugh and play with the stranger boy. He has such pretty red hair and makes your son laugh and forget the pain.


When he starts to leave you rush out and hug the boy and say, ‘God bless you for making my son laugh.’


The red-headed boy is gone now, but at every chance you remind your son about the boy with the red hair, and how he was such a good friend to remember when the bad times come and after much pain is endured adulthood will come and memories are many, and you understand a friend is a friend before you ever meet them, and always your boy smiles.


Today is fifty years later and your son grew up to be strong and a good friend to have, who makes you proud. But what of the red-headed boy?


What would you say to him to comfort him after his life became traumatic when, at the age of fifteen he was victimized to be awoken after a surgical sleep was induced to repair a compound fracture and wake up to being molested by a nurses helper. To become a troubled child of innocence lost with five state hospitals and eight prison commitments yet to come.


What would you say, shake it off remember the good times? A loving parent wouldn’t say it, and I didn’t. Today I’m here to tell you when those preachers, pastors, and evangelists speak it’s like they are trying to tell you to be what God makes you to be, but they neglect to tell you how it is done and how will we know it?


Did he shake it off when he cried in school? The red-headed boy grew up believing in the biblical Jesus. Life for him was a wonder of beauty and love; satan tried again and again to corrupt him with the lure of sexuality, but he was pure of heart and innocent of deceitful desires.


The red-headed boy still believed in Jesus when he turned sixteen and when he turned seventeen. But  you see he was now burdened, when he went into the first state hospital at seventeen he still thought the world was a beautiful place and God’s wonders were grand to behold.


When he turned 18 he went to prison for the first time. And after prison he went to four more state hospitals and seven more prisons. He was called insane, chronic schizophrenia undifferentiated, borderline exhibitionist, borderline institutionalized, and paranoid schizophrenic with depression and suicidal tendencies.


In prison he was labeled a child molester for his crime of exposure. Yet he went to church and heard every caliber of sermon you can hear. Baptized as a catholic as a child, baptized in water as a teen, and in his last state hospital stay, baptized in the spirit.


That was in 1979, a new man with a new spirit; and six months later I  was given the gift of prophesy in 1980. And from the time of being burdened by a molesting nurses helper, to the time I  was to find my freedom in Jesus, it took 37 years.


I’m now 52 years of age and once again innocent of sins burden.


Did the mother’s prayer help him? Perhaps. Did the teachings he heard and read and studied from all of the  Joel Olsteen’s of the world help? Some, not so much by what they taught but because he learned more of the written word, needed when he started to walk in the Way of repentance, needed so that the Father could give him the revelations of ‘spiritual remembrances’ of that Word, when his repentance brought him to the mind of our Lord Jesus in truth and in love.


The red-headed boy spent years growing up in the church and home, and did nothing to deserve being molested and living in hell for the next 37 years. Yet God is good and he found his answers to his faith and found his freedom from being the worst of sinners.


He did not find his answers in the sermons, they were unable to silence the monkey on his back. He heard it all, spiced with anecdotes and stories to help us feel the joy that is to come when the scriptures come true for us; but the truth was not found and the joy lasted but a moment and his trials and tribulations raged on.


For every scripture that tells us that God has only good for us is backed by one scripture, God helps those who help themselves! These so-called preachers teach that God will change you, but fail to explain how it is accomplished, and surly fail to show you what you must do to make it happen.


All things work out for the good in those that love God…but we won’t stand for it if our own children are hurt, so why do we stand for it when we hurt ourselves and some preacher says ‘get over it’, shake it off?


Lets hear the truth of it !!! You should be tired of the pep talks by now. “If you hold to my teaching you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Jesus taught us to repent.


The truth is written but understood only when you are given to see the written truth  in relation to the revelation of the Spirit of truth that God the Father gives us when we are walking in repentance unto the acknowledging of the truth in/of Jesus.


And then having so seen the MIND of Christ in truth and agape love that reflects His thought, will, and emotion…you acknowledge it and MOVE to abide in it until it becomes you in transformation and “increases” as you mature to know the Way of Jesus and walk in the fruits of the spirit that have been reveled and continuously chosen to submit to until the day-star rises in our heart.


Once found in it’s entirety of our part measure one can see the emptiness of the sermons of the blind teachers. They teach the bible , that is good. They have services and altar calls, and that is good. They give to the needy, and that is good too; but they all fall short in their teaching: do you hear any of them teaching the Way of Jesus?


I’m not talking about the so-called claim: “We teach only from the king James Bible.” these are the words of God himself when he lived as a human to fulfill his grand purpose, to be our God consenting to die for us so that we may come to live in his love and truth; and know his resurrection as the first fruits.


God is our judge through the word that was spoken. If we receive the Holy Spirit then we are a new creature pure of spirit and given to find the knowledge of God’s Righteousness in the Truth and agape love.


You may have been given a gift in the spirit then, or later, also depending on the Father’s will. Each gift is for the common good, especially to the sons and daughters spiritually born-again.


But each gift is part of the whole, to be able to speak in tongues, yet not able to interpret by gift, we are told to hold our tongues, and desire the better gift of prophesy, that we might comfort, strengthen and encourage the church.


We are told we are to be a nation of prophets! Hence we are all meant to know the ‘hidden’ in Christ Jesus so as to walk in his Way. The same Way that Paul says he worships The Father according to. Do you worship God according to the Way?


But the Way is straight and narrow and only a few find it. But what you don’t seem to want to come to understanding in is: if you will hear a voice behind you saying this is the Way walk ye in it. When ye turn to the right hand and when ye turn to the left…THEN you need to listen to the teaching and MOVE in it, WALK in it!


First you learn this is an end-time teaching. A period of approximately 42 years long, and teaches you to deal with the adversities of life that engage you, so that you learn the revelations of spiritual ‘remembrances’ that reveal the love and truth of God, that you move to submit to and increasingly grow in ever more as you submit, abide and become transformed to be one with God through Jesus in the truths you have been given revelation to.


Your choice to choose to change or continue on in sin is your personal calling. When you choose love and truth the written word becomes the Authoritative Word!


You have to make a stand for truth and agape love. You have to quit thinking it’s in the feel good sermons. It’s not. It’s in your walk. It’s time to learn to make your calling and election sure, and start walking in the Way of Jesus.


In Him,


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