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“What you should understand about the teaching of Jesus”

May 12, 2015

“What you should understand about the teaching of Jesus”


When Jesus taught his disciples How to walk in the Way, They didn’t understand it as we Christians are given to be able to understand.
They had yet to receive the Holy Spirit of the resurrected Jesus; Jesus was still among them and they thought his kingdom had come by his being there. They did not understand the death and resurrection Jesus had yet to commit to.

After the resurrection of Jesus and his ascension to the Father, those of the disciples that continued walking in the Way of Jesus, grew to know a strong faith that stood them in good measure during the trials and tribulations of persecution by Saul, a zealous Pharisee who testified before governor Felix:

“But this I confess unto thee, that after the Way, which they call heresy, so worship I the God of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the Law and in the prophets.” Acts 24:14kjv

Of course this was said AFTER Saul met Jesus on the road to Damascus, where he was to persecute more “Christians,” but was blinded by Jesus and was to receive his sight back at the hands of a Christian.

So Saul, becomes Paul. And Paul was taught by Jesus to become an Apostle to the gentiles; as the Apostle Peter was to be for the Jews.

Many Christians don’t think Paul is important and only listen to the words of Jesus. Yet even when Jesus says:

“He is a chosen vessel unto me, to bear my name before the gentiles, and kings and the children of Israel.”

They still don’t want to listen to the teaching of the Way of Jesus by Paul, a chosen vessel called for this very purpose!!

Now let me ask you one question: Are you walking in the Way and worshipping God the Father according to your walk in the Way??

The Way: It’s a prophesy of the end-times as quoted by Isaiah;
“And the Lord give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner any more, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers: and thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, this is the Way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.” Isa. 31:20

Jesus verified it when he said, “The hour cometh, and is now here, when all who worship the Father, will worship in Spirit and in Truth.”

The disciples, at the time of Jesus were taught the Way by Jesus…Paul was taught by Jesus the Way so that he may be the Apostle to the gentiles. With the New Testament as well as the old, We have both, the teaching of Jesus and Paul, with letters from others in the Way.

But unless you have progressed past your salvation and repented unto the acknowledging of the Truth in and of Jesus, to the discovery of the HIDDEN found in the MIND of Christ; then that’s your loss.

You won’t lose the promise of life but each person is tested with fire; and if what you have “built” survives you will receive your reward. But if it gets burned up you will be saved but as one escaping through the flame.           (I Cor. 3)

The house we are building is built with the blocks of our spiritual gifts, for each gift is an achievement of advancement in the walk in the Way. Which is to say, a walk in the Agape Love of the Father as revealed by the ‘Remembered’ Truth in/of Jesus: this we acknowledge as True and Truth in Jesus when discerned? We do thereby choose to be that Loving and Truthful in all situations cognitive of this understanding; and to Abide in until the Transformation of the renewing of our Minds to be one with Jesus is complete in our given measure until the time to face the Word of Truth face to face and see that I AM. And in the blink of an eye in his Return the perishable shall become imperishable, those that are his chosen born-again.

But that’s all in the second coming of Our Lord Jesus. Praise his Name.

We have the Bible as the more certain Word of God. That is good, believe me for when we walk in the Way of love found as we walk in the Way of Repentance as Jesus taught his disciples and we have been taught of by Paul, through the Word, we get to know for real that Jesus is Lord because he shows us the Agape Love of the Father when we ‘see’ him in our chosen acknowledged Truth we find as we walk in the Way of Jesus.

But here’s the thing. In Gods wisdom, after Paul’s ministry finished, the teachers of the Way were kept away until the second prophesied Hour would come and he would pour out his Spirit and reveal his teachers of the Way, again. That way there would be more Christians brought about through the altar call at the churches of man.

We are in that end-time hour now and the Way has been revealed to one of a nation of prophets yet to be. The clock is ticking and our lives and our heaven sent Way of Life is in danger. The towers have fallen.

How can you tell a real prophet that claims to teach the Way? “come now let us reason together saith the Lord God to Isaiah, tho’ your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white as wool.

The Spirit of prophesy is the Spirit of Truth is our Lord Jesus. His Way is to repent unto the acknowledging of the Truth in him. And with the knowing of Truth, we also are given to know the love of the Father through him, as a testament to stand strong in our faithfulness.

We are given approximately 42 years to come into the Mind of Christ Jesus and unite before the terror of the book of Revelations is upon us and we stand no chance. But at least we will know the Joy of walking in the Love and Truth of Our God. And we will stand strong before the executioner.

Or you may live to see the day of our Lords return as you were prepared for the signs of the times, Now and yet to come.

Every Christian has the Spirit of Jesus in them, but has yet to learn the Mind of Christ Jesus.

Some think to know Christ Jesus is to know the written words of Jesus; but that is only part of what you need to know, IF you are to be educated in the Mind of Christ Jesus. To ‘see’ the Love of the Father with heart, reason, and experiences of spirit given, “remembrances”, to the revelation of the thought, will, and emotion of Jesus.

As you submit to walk in the Way of love and truth, you will be taught by the Holy Spirit to recognize the knowledge of God’s Righteousness, and you will come to know the Truth of the “Hidden” and will witness in your Heart the Agape Love of God the Father: thus making a sure and confident foundation to stand on. How? By establishing the evidence of faith and the substance of faith: knowing God’s Love and Truth. Thus proving Jesus words when you see me you see the Father. And Jesus, whom we don’t see, reveals the Love of the Father whom we do see with our hearts. Praise Jesus. Amen.

But it will depend on you! You have to begin walking in the Way so that you can either be born-again or to grow increasingly in the knowledge to be found in faith, as the Mind of Christ.

You’ve read the Bible…now, for a while, put it aside and begin walking in the Way. And as you walk: looking for the answer to your tireless question for truth to: “why do I do the wrong I don’t want to do, and harm the neighbor who has done me no wrong?” and perhaps you will experience the same anguish as Paul did in Romans chapter seven, and the same deliverance through Jesus.

I came from a strong family. Catholic parents, who laid plan to raise us with a moral upbringing that had me love all of my family and grandmas and kin, as well as a life of innocence and love in my innocence. Spare the Rod and spoil the child was practiced and I was as mischievous as Dennis the Menace. Shown so much in life, but with no restraint, but the knowledge of right from wrong, as shown with a belt and the freedom to explore my boundaries.

I smile. Today I hear on the news about the delinquency of a mother who let her child play unrestrained far from the house. When I was six or seven living on an Air Force Base located in the outskirts of a tropical paradise of Puerto Rico. Should I be the cause of such knuckleheaded condemnation of my mom, who trusted that I was able to take care of myself, as I jumped the base perimeter fence and explored the tropical wonders of this paradise?

Heaven forbid. But hey people, dependability is taught by the wise at an early age and by six or seven and parents have years of cautionary appraisal to credit their seeming lack of concern. I say the woman did no wrong. God was with me then and today. But let me say this to my relatives…I am no longer a catholic. I am a Christian. I walk in the Way as I have been taught to do by the Spirit of Truth and God the Father’s guidance and revelations given in my Spirit given: “remembrances” of Truth hard found in 37 years of personal tribulation of temptation given to me.

I have been born-again and I have been given the gift of prophesy, given to share the teaching of the Way of Jesus.

It’s not in the church, but it is heard in the readings of the Bible. It is sought and found or not. The Agape Love of the Father is revealed at our salvation. According to your measure of faith; and once knowing the presence of the Father by witness of heart to his Love is felt; we lose touch with it. After salvation, life resumes and frame of reference changes back to the Norm.

And we sin. A small sin or a big sin we all sin again as life resumes as we ‘knew’ IT!!! Our spirit has changed and this we testify to witness the indwelling of; the Holy Spirit of God the Father’s only begotten Son, Jesus. But our Mind is not the Mind of Christ and that is why we were given the Spirit to guarantee our salvation and to lead us to the Truth found in the Mind of Jesus Christ.

NOW walk in the Way and match His Spirit within You with the thoughts, will, and emotions in the understanding in the Mind of Christ Jesus. And regain your connection to the Agape Love of the Father and Worship in the Body of Christ Jesus.



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