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The way of things

August 24, 2015

“Way of Things”



Hello everyone. May the Lord Jesus be with you each and every one. For he that is in us is stronger than ‘he’ that is in the world. His Love (agape) is in me even as my Love is his love.

If you think about it, it’s only obvious that He that is in Me is Jesus, Right? And ‘he’ that is in the world is satan the devil, Right?

But check this out- the He that is in me is the Holy Spirit of Truth that Jesus was born with. Born of a woman thus making the spirit of Truth the Holy Spirit of Truth in Jesus.

And when Jesus rose from the dead and was seen by many, he ascended to the heavenly realm and intercedes for us on our behalf, with the Father, for our sins, by claiming we are cleansed, without blemish, by his redeeming blood, spilt in sacrifice to pay the penalty of death for our sins; Past, present and future.

We should be blessed to know our salvation is of receiving the very Holy Spirit of Jesus, where before, I was of a damned spirit. I walked in my feet…but I had a damned spirit and I moved within the spirit I was born in.

The earthly spirit, or of the earth, is a spirit of life. But being of the earth has no life outside of a span of time. When life as we know it ends, we are dead and gone, only to await the final death to pay for the sins we committed in life.

But if I’m saved, my heart of stone was made into a heart of love with a New Spirit, a Holy Spirit of Truth in/of the Lord Jesus.

Halleluiah! I will see Eternity now!!!

But right now I’m very much surrounded by the world. I’m not in heaven yet. And if I die I will have no thought, but time will pass without notice and when Jesus returns I will be risen up to live with him in heaven, as if it was just a blink of the eye.

But right now, I’m in the Holy Spirit and I’m still the one pushing this pen. I still move my feet to go where I want. I’m in control, but now with a new spirit within me I desire more of the things of the spirit.

When I didn’t have it I was of the world and had no after-life other than to pay for my sins in hells fire, and then I’d be snuffed out of existence leaving only my ashes to be walked on. This applies to suicide too.

The things I learned in the worldly spirit were how to satisfy the desires for the worries, riches, and/or pleasures of the world. Yet the things I am able to learn in the spirit of truth in the allotted time of about 42 years, are the ways of Love, found with revelation when walking in the Way of Repentance from the desires that seek satisfaction from the worries, riches, and/or pleasures of the world.

We didn’t have that access when walking in the spirit of life we were born in that is of the earth. But we knew it was available because of the message of evangelism taught us the gospel of Jesus. When we were born again with a New Spirit we were given about 42 years to learn to know God and the Fruits of the spirit known in God’s Love.

helloooOO!!! That’s all well and good, but that’s still me pushing this pen!!! That’s still me choosing to move my feet where I want them to go. I have yet to live the 42 years and haven’t learned the knowledge of God’s Righteousness YET! I have yet to learn how to walk in His Way!!!

But when I learned the Ways of the spirit during the next 37 years, as exampled by the fruits of the spirit, I matured to knowing the Way of Jesus. And things changed. Knowing the Way sees those who don’t know the Way.

Jesus said, ‘I don’t judge you, the Word itself will judge you.’

If you know the Way, it’s still you pushing the pen or moving your feet, but now you do so with more joy because when you walk in the Way of Jesus and abide unto transformation, Jesus makes his home within you. And your joy will be complete.

Yeah you can get a big head because you know that which is ‘hidden’ and everyone else is either lost or stuck on first base still believing by the blind faith the churches teach in willful ignorance.

But now when you read he that is in me is stronger than he that is in the world, you see that He is Me! Moving my shoes but as One with/in Jesus.

Most Christians never achieve this Oneness in the Mind of Christ. Most don’t even know it exist except in verse: “we have the Mind of Christ.” The word for Mind translates into: having the thought, will and emotion of Christ Jesus.

We find it as we walk in the Way of repentance, we see the Truth in Jesus and so acknowledge it, we choose to do it – to Submit to it, we learn to abide in it and it brings about our transformation to walk as One in Christ Jesus, to be stronger than I was when still walking in the ways of the world.

In time, the choices to submit to add up and you begin to feel the effect of love from walking in the Truth. And when you reach maturity in walking in the Love of/in truth; you see the Way and know that this is what Jesus taught but has been lost in the second century only to be revealed in the end-times again. (God the Father did this so that the number of those saved can be a full measure.) So that None of the chosen will be lost.

And when you have put-on the new man created in righteousness and true holiness and see how to walk in the Way, then you too will see that we stand as strangers among those of the world yet we are separate from it.

Some of you already see how being a Christian means not doing some dumb thing that hurts others, but you will do dumb things until you reach maturity and the Day Star rises in your heart to shine from within. And that can take up to 42 years. It took me 37 years.

When Jesus comes for us, let’s be found walking in his Way.

‘My friends, I call you friends for you now know my purpose and share in it.’ (Short version rendering of remembered verse.)

To all who walk in the Mind of Jesus, the Love of the Father and the joy of living faithfully in Spirit and in Truth: Good Day.



Any questions? Call me any-time before 8:30pm pacific time.

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