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Isaiah 31:20-26

October 12, 2015

Isaiah 31:20-26

by: worksbyjj


When we read this verse we read an End-Time prophecy, telling us that the teachers of the Way are to be revealed, after being kept hidden by the Father. They reveal the lost teaching of Jesus given to the early church, in the first century but lost in the second century.

This same teaching has Paul telling Governor Felix of Rome, that he worships God the Father ‘according’ to the Way.

And Jesus tells his disciples to continue in the Way so that after he is gone the Father will be able to give them ‘Remembrances’ of his Word that he taught, and they would be able to find their Way to the place where he goes to be with the Father.

Since the teaching of the Way is the teaching of Jesus and utilized by God as a conduit to ‘Revelation’ of Truth, shouldn’t We Christians be trying to find the teachers of the Way, so that we can learn to start walking in the Way so that we can One, properly worship God the Father; And Two, so that we can find our Way to be where Jesus is in heaven?

Let us grow up into Jesus even as we have his spirit! And YOU, who think that you are living in the example of Jesus and don’t want to hear a discouraging word, NEED to WAKE UP!!

Jesus told the Jews that the Laws served one purpose: to convict the world of sin, for without the Law there was no sin, but when the law came sin sprang to life. And No One is free to say,  ‘I have no sin.’ All have sinned, All but Jesus.  He was even free from the birth sin.

Thanks to Adam and Eve we are born in sin. And a sinless life is still a life in sin.

No one can keep the entire law based on ignorance of the Mind of Christ…they did not know him, nor have the Born-Again Spirit to comprehend the things of God.

Trying to live by example may teach us humility but not the knowledge of Love. That’s found in the Righteousness of Jesus and his meaning to the ‘Word’, understood in the ‘revelation’ given to us in spiritual ‘Remembrances’ of the Truth of the Word we have read or been taught,  as we ‘walk’ in the Way that Jesus taught.

As it is, the teachers of the Way have been kept hidden by God until these End-Times; and everyone who calls themselves a Christian is commanded to walk in the Way. For it is the only way to fulfill the new commandment given by Jesus, telling us to: ‘love one another as he has loved us!’

But you see the catch is: this love is in the Agape!!! It only comes from God. You can’t fake it or imitate it because its reason is true and stands revealed in the Way.


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