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Faith II

October 22, 2015

Faith II



Each person has been given a ‘measure’ of Faith.

Yet a fruit of the spirit of truth is ‘faithfulness’.

When Jesus said, ‘ye of little Faith’ He was referring to the amount of faithfulness in your faith.

If the faithfulness is little, then your Faith is said to be little.

He was not referring to the size of your ‘measure,’ but of the ‘substance’ and ‘evidence’ of the faithfulness in your Faith, which is lacking in the understanding of the ‘Hidden’ in Christ Jesus, and allowing ‘fear of the world’ to dominate you.

Notice though, Jesus always asks: why did you fear? Or, Why did you disbelieve? Or, Why did you doubt?

Faithfulness in Christ Jesus is a growing up to maturity in the knowledge of God’s Righteousness.

Righteousness rather than the wrongness in/of the world.

Paul teaches us in/of Jesus saying, “What causes fights and quarrels among you? Do they not come from the desires that rage inside of you? You do not have them because you do not ask God. And when you do ask you ask amiss wanting only to satisfy your desires for pleasure.”

And like a weed, this compulsive ‘deceitful desire’ for sin that satisfies one, two, or all three of the temptations, and blocks your ability to find the truth in understanding and acknowledging Jesus as Lord; and you do not grow into maturity.

Now I’m not talking about your salvation in Jesus; that is between you and God.

But whether you are saved or not, you were and are taught: ‘with regard to your former way of life, to put-off the Old man, (you before,) corrupted by its deceitful desires; and put on the New man, (you after,) created in true holiness and righteousness.’

But the New man you are putting on is the Mind of Christ, but it becomes your mind too! Notice Paul said:

“But the natural man, (he who is not saved nor aware of the spiritual experience of being born-again,) receiveth not the things of the spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know, because they are spiritual discerned. But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. For who hath known the Mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the Mind of Christ!” (Emphasis mine.)

For the man not yet saved, if you are found walking in the Way when you acknowledge the truth you have found, to be the truth in/of Jesus of the New Testament, then you are to know its blessing as both – to your salvation, and to your increase of the knowledge of both – the Love and Truth of God; In accordance to the amount given in your measure. Not yet full of both – your equal measure of knowledge in your part measure, and of knowing the fullness of Christ Jesus at his return, to his Full Faith without measure!

We will truly be One when Jesus returns, but we are to walk in his ‘Way’ NOW!!! So that we can know the fullness of our part measure NOW!!! And make your calling and election sure, for if you do these things you will never fall; (into hell) for so an entrance shall be administered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

We were not taught to practice the presence of Jesus, we were taught to be the image of Jesus knowing his Mind as our own mind of thought, will, and emotion’s.

It’s full of the knowledge of God’s Righteousness, and understands the things of the spirit and knows that which is hidden in Christ.

Practicing the presence of Jesus, doesn’t only Not make any practical sense, it doesn’t use the Words of God, nor does it have any knowledge to be found in the Way of Love.

When you walk in the Way, all that happens to you is clearly written in the Word; and when you witness the ‘increase of love’ (as written) found by the ‘repenting of sin’(as taught) unto ‘the acknowledging of the truth in/of Jesus’ (as needed)and ‘submit’(as taught) to walking in the love in/of truth as the ‘Way’ teaches, you see the truth of the Word and you experience the love of God in/of the Word; and you become confident and assured of your faithful belief in Jesus; author of the Word in the Way.

But if you can’t remember the Word as it is taught in the Bible, then how can you discern the Way of Jesus? As he is the Image of the written Word. And if you stumbled onto the path that leads to Righteousness and looked for the Love in truth as the alternative to your sins motive, How can God the Father give you a spiritual ‘remembrance’ of the Word if you don’t know it?

So much for a Para-phrased Bible, and so much for you who try to be spiritual without Jesus or his Word. If it is your wish to be cut off from the source of spirit and life, where you wither and die, then you may so choose, but beware the suffering of the consequences, for God won’t be mocked by anyone, and the consequences are final.

All Christians are taught to walk in the “Way” here. Let him who hears, hear! Such is what your faith in Jesus should be built on; Where Paul likens the building of our faith to that of building a house in heaven. You can build it using sticks or stones, gold or silver for it will have to pass a test of fire. If it survives the fire you will receive your reward; if it burns up you will suffer loss but you will still enter heaven but as one who has escaped the flames. You don’t need to feel the flames if you remove the temptations that cause them.

Had Thomas known the substance and evidence of faith, he would have been blessed for believing without needing to see to believe. For we see with more than just our eyes. We have the eyes of the Mind and a heart that knows and sees the love of God.

But understand, he wasn’t being scolded, Thomas hadn’t had time to learn the wisdom of a New spirit, he didn’t have it yet. After he got it, then he would be able to correlate the truths Jesus taught and establish his faithfulness in the true holiness and righteousness in/of the personal Mind of Christ Jesus. Thus knowing the love in/of God in direct proportion to the truth uncovered and acknowledged, this he’d submit to doing and abiding in until it transforms him to be One with.

We have time, a little less than 42 years, but I can teach you the Way and take less time than the 42 years it would take without a teacher. It’s only for your good to be comforted, strengthened and encouraged in these end-times unfolding, where the love of many will grow cold. Walking in the Way is the only remedy!



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