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In Abundance

November 16, 2015

‘In Abundance’



Richard Wilkerson Jr.

I saw you on the 700 Club, I heard your words. Now please hear mine.

We are not ‘Tested’ in faith as “God tempts no man…” your tested faith is the rest: “…But each man is tempted when by his own evil desire he gives birth to sin and sin when full-grown leads to death.”

You want to live and teach of His Abundance, yet fail to know him as the author of the doctrine teaching called “The Way.”

Blessed is he who reads these words and finds his life within them.

“Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

That is, we walk in the Way to find the Truth and gain the Life!!! All in Jesus.

The Way. Jesus taught it to his disciples, how to walk in the Way. He walked in it himself! And when he knew his life’s journey was near an end and he was to return to the Father at the culmination of walking in the Way, he told his disciples to keep to his teaching and the Holy Spirit would be given and explain all things and make the Father known to them.

Isaiah 30:20-26 makes it clear that teachers of the Way will be revealed in the end times, telling us, “This is the Way walk ye in it; whether you turn to the left hand or the right hand.” This teaching of the Way was considered a cult teaching in the time of Paul, special apostle to the gentiles, appointed and taught personally by Jesus; and he confessed before the Governor of Rome, that he too was a follower of the Way and worshiped the Father according to the Way.

The Way is a teaching that if we walk in the Way we will find/be given the knowledge of God’s Righteousness. And this knowledge is transferable if you have the ears to hear.

You said a man’s trials may bend him but they don’t have to break him, but as much as filling your life with abundance can forestall many ‘breaking’ moments, it doesn’t teach us how to harness the understanding of our strength we are to have in our Faith’s faithfulness. A fruit of the spirit.

It is not found in the way of abundance, we need to mature into the Mind of Christ.

Yes we need to build on Jesus he is our foundation, but the way we build is important! The way of abundance was not taught, the Way of Love,(Agape), was taught; And to find the Love of God we are to walk in the Way of Repentance, as taught! Both Ways combined bring us into the Way of Jesus; his truth and the life of love in the Father that Jesus reveals through his truth!

His Way is ‘My Way.’ This is NOT love or repentance as most think, nor as most teach! This is God’s Agape Love…can’t fake it…and Repentance as “Metanoeo” NOT ‘Metanoia’ as popularly taught to be the turning away from sin 180° and turn to God in his written Word. That’s strictly Old Testament.

Your focus on the things of God that doesn’t leave room for the things of the devil is just a glorified turning away from sin 180°.

Being tested by a sin related event but only bending not breaking is in need of finding it’s motive if of yourself or another it doesn’t matter, to understand another person you must first understand yourself in Jesus. How you got there, how you matured in Christ to learn the Way for yourself first!

“Repent and believe.”

Repent: to reconsider our sin from a divine viewpoint of thought, will, and emotion then, when you have received the revelation of remembrances given in the spirit, and now have knowledge of the Truth, you can acknowledge it in a confession: seeing your sin as God sees them, and you can now choose to submit to the Way of Truth in/of Jesus and put on the Love, (agape): that does no harm to its neighbor.

Thus to the sinner they have hopefully repented to the acknowledging of the truth in Jesus and are given the Holy Spirit First, for their Salvation, and Second, as their revealer of the increase in the knowledge of God’s Righteousness. Known as the “Mind of Christ.”

Jesus is our foundation yet he is also the building blocks!!! Which is why Repentance is also called part of our foundation. “Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God,…” Heb. 6:1

And of faith toward God… hence a walk in our journey toward God who says if we come to him he will come to us.

You have it in you to see the abundance of God’s blessing, whether you are saved, (born of the Holy Spirit), or not I cannot say, but as one given the gift of prophecy and coming to discern the truth in/of the Way in/of Jesus, I have learned that the truths are hidden to us, but we can find them and receive revelation in ‘remembrances’ of them as we progress in our walk in/of the Way. It is for all who claim to be Christian, to do!

And when you finally find and acknowledge the doctrine of the Way and walk in repentance unto the truth in love, and continue walking in the Way until the measure of your “part” is full, of the Understanding of the knowledge of God’s Righteousness in/of the Truth in/of Jesus, you will have an equal measure of the heart-felt Love, (agape), from the Father. To be given in full measure in God’s kingdom when Jesus returns. But for now your ‘part’ measure is sufficient for your belief.

It is then the Day Star will rise in your heart and your slavery to sin has ended.

The walking in the Way is a teaching, a truth and the life of God’s love entered into our heart in the agape, making our faith in Jesus sure and confident, and making it possible now to fulfill the New Commandment given to us by Jesus telling us to, “Love,(agape) each other as I have Loved you,(agape.)”

The Good news of the New Testament has long been taught in the church as the life, death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, and his teaching of repentance unto salvation; but his real good news is how to walk in the Way! “Repent and be saved.” “Repent and believe.”

Yet the “Hidden” in Christ Jesus is revealed in the fruits gained walking in the Way, and the Love,(Agape) of the Father is tied to the truth you find, acknowledge, submit to, abide in, and be transformed to be one with The Father in Jesus. With the revelation of the fullness of the Spirit made whole when he returns.

But for now an increase of your ‘part measure’ has its equal measure of understanding and what we know as the Way; and it’s revelation of Truth seen in relation to things sinful, seen as sins loving and truthful alternative that we can Choose to submit to doing is what we do to come to God the Father.

These words of understanding are not found in evangelizing a life of abundance. Nor in replacing sinful ways with what we think are Godly ways yet not in a way given in discerned understanding, making known Gods agape love.

If you like you can visit my blog site at and read more of my blogs.

I want you to know that I’m not passing judgment on you and am only trying to make your faith complete. We are given approximately 42 years to mature to full cognizance of our part measure and know the doctrine the Way. All so we can all be of One Mind: The Mind of Christ.

“For so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

An abundant life is not how we worship the Father, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn the True doctrine of the Way for yourself. For the Way is meant for ALL… To the unbeliever he may be blessed to repent to the acknowledging the truth in/of Jesus and receive his salvation; And to the believer who walks in the Way makes for an increasing measure of understanding that reveals the entirety of your faithfulness in your measure. We don’t see Jesus but in his truth we know the Love, (agape) of the Father which stands revealed in our new heart. The exact same love, (agape) you felt when you first believed, is now known again.

And because verse tells us that Jesus reveals to us the Love, (agape) of God the Father we can now stand firm in our faith in Jesus whom we don’t see, standing strong in/on the substance and evidence of my faithfulness: the Love I know in the Truth in/of Jesus.

Even if you agree with what I say, the omission of the Word’s The Way, in any of your words on the show, let me know that you haven’t finished your walk in faith, and that you need to hear it so that you can learn it and share it. Then I will know you as one in the Mind of Christ, and a brother in Christ, and you will be blessed to be free from your slavery to sin.



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