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The Teaching of Jesus

November 20, 2015


The Teaching of Jesus




I dare say that if Jesus was to come today and teach us the Way, every church would reject him. Why?

Because all he did was teach the Way and all the churches thought he was picking at words and telling people it’s not about practicing the presence of God, but finding the truth in love as the Alternative to your motive for sin and submitting to it and Abiding in it until it becomes you in transformation, making and establishing the Mind of Christ within you.

Same thing as practicing the presence of God? NO! How do you practice that? What do you do?

Pray, resist sin, pray for strength, read the Bible, meditate on the Word??? Friends, that is NOT the Way Jesus taught.

Lets pray, lets read the Bible, lets resist sin. But resisting sin is will power and doesn’t work. Yet we can try, then while trying to resist, let’s ask ourselves: what is the motive for my sinful desires? That question has an answer that has a loving and truthful alternative action we can acknowledge in Jesus, and know it’s the right thing to do and everyone can do it if they choose to submit to doing it.

The alternative to our sin is only seen after we ‘repent’ of our sin and see our true motive for our sin. Having seen the truth of your sins motive and having the revelation of the Truthful and Loving alternative given for to submit to doing, we so choose to submit to doing it. And when we have abided unto transformation we have put on the Mind of Christ.

It’s not a practice of acting like Jesus, but the actual changing of our ways to be One with Jesus in our Minds. And our actions in Christ will follow. When the Truth becomes our knowledge and our understanding is in the Mind of Christ, we are One.

There are also times when we find ourselves getting mad at others because we are trying so hard to find the love and truth that our sin covers up, so that we can become like Jesus inside and outwardly by our actions that move to submit to and abide in the Way of Love and truth. And I am inpatient with others who ‘seem’ as if they are all talk and not enough actionable change to kick the old man out the door.

But the truth is, the word of God in the Bible is full of ‘hidden’ meaning not easily seen even by the most ardent of church goers. Thus, How much more hidden is it to them that don’t even know the Holy Spirit of Salvation, let alone not coming into Understanding of the Knowledge of God’s Righteousness as we find it in Jesus?

How can you get mad at those who are blind to the teaching of the Way, when the Bible gives us approximately 42 years to find it? For myself it took me 37 years to find the answers that I needed so that I could be freed from my own slavery to sin in the past 37 years.

It is the understanding of the Way of Jesus that we are given such a long time to find it and know the Mind of Christ. Needed for recognizing our family of Christians. But when you achieve mature understanding in the Way, you will also see the need for sharing it.

In these end-times the Love of many will grow cold, but God’s love doesn’t. a Christian possessed of the knowledge found in God’s love related to the truth found in repentance and submitted to until it transforms them into being one in the Mind of Christ and who continues in the Way, their love is like a well spring overflowing within of God’s Love.

Where the love of God is known through the truth in/of Jesus, there is where Hope is strongest; for Hope comes from knowing the eternal love of God the Father that will never fail us.

This is all proven in the details of verse and spiritual ‘remembrances’ as you walk in the Way of Jesus, as he taught and represented in life, death and resurrection. In learning we achieve the fruits of the Spirit to use as our building blocks of the house we build on the foundation of Jesus. Joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, patience, self-control, faithfulness, and Love,(Agape). And in this Love we are given and able to share towards others we are able to fulfill the new Commandment Jesus gave us: to: “Love,(agape) one another as I have loved,(agape) you!”

The disciples were told to continue in the Way and the Holy Spirit will be given to them after he returns to the Father. We have lost this teaching and have now received it for these times, if you claim to be a Christian then you are to know that you are to walk in the Way also. If you don’t then you might as well where a blind-fold. Because of the three servants given a measure of ‘Talents’ to go and find their equal measure of faithfulness, we would be the one that was called an unfaithful servant.




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