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November 25, 2015

More …Faster…




It’s happening now on the internet, life accelerated by contextual knowledge. Whether it be in the context of a video, or the context of a book, all under constant access by the smart phone user.

Where Facebook, Yahoo, Pandora, Spotify, and an unlimited number of browser options as they can think of available for access.

Yet now young boys and girls are caught naked online. In a post to a friend, to whomever, and now the law is in a quandary; persecute as adults children 13 to 15 years old using the internet to ‘expose’ themselves; and making the children register as sex offenders for life!! Or rethink how to act as police or prosecutors.

Here’s the irony…take a boy or girl who is 13 to 15 years old when they get molested and become slaves to sins of exposure or prostitution. And since this traumatic based confusion can take years to resolve in state hospitals or prison, these so called ‘victimless’ crimes can still be happening when the child is an adult they end up having to register for life anyway.

Only when an adult person does a post out of their confusion caused by their being abused when they were young, they are prosecuted and sent to prison and have to register for life.

There’s even those self-righteous meddlers who ‘pose’ as youngster to trap the confused adults.

Listen I was molested at 15 and became a slave to exhibitionism for the next 37 years!!! And it was only after finding the Way in/of Jesus that I was set free from my slavery.

These children of the internet are able to see pornography on the net and become confused about life. And tho’ they are children now, give them time to get older and in 30 years they could still be trapped in their sin, and they could still want to post on the internet to those that are the same age as they were when they were trapped. They will still need the help you are willing to give them if they were children but won’t give them as an adult.

The sex sinning adult can go to prison and try to find Jesus in salvation, but what of the child? What will happen to him or her??

They will be given psycho-babble by a psychiatrist that has no end or cure as they do not believe in God or Jesus.

So, no God means no Jesus, and no Jesus means no cures just exercises to practice when the ‘problem’ rears its ugly head. Relieve the stress, breath in, breath out, let the problem just fade away.

All cool until the ‘problem’ rears its ugly head and all the self-control of will power goes out the window and sin prevails in the sin filled environment that no psych can ever get you in control of without God in the solution.

The most any psych can achieve in you is a controlled response acted on in will power. You will still burn in the need and you will suffer in ways that replace the problem with another problem. You say not, but without Jesus you cannot find love, (agape) or Truth in/of Jesus; and your unborn-again spirit still does wrong because it knows not how to remove the desire, and only controls it with will power that will always fail you when the desire intensifies and overwhelms your control.

Then, my children, those of you seeing a psych., be careful you don’t make the psych. Angry with you because then they will not care to read beyond the courts classification of you and will not see any extenuating circumstances that may apply to you. They don’t care it’s an, us versus them, mentality, and to them you are what they say you are a sex offender that is a danger to society. To be locked up hopefully killed by the other self-righteous inmates who think every sex offender is a child molester and better off dead.

Also keep in mind, the courts are big on plea bargaining your case. They know that your crime was a ‘victimless’ crime but they want to lock you away for good. So, they look at your crime it’s a misdemeanor with a prior thus making it a felony and they can give you a prison term. But that’s not good enough for them, they want to keep you in lock down. So they plea bargain and say you are going to prison for 16 months, two years or three years UNLESS you take the bargain plea bargain of ‘harming a minor’. Then they will release you. You may not have harmed anyone but now it’s on your record.

A sex offender that is considered ‘harmful to minors’ is just what they need to send you to see three psych’s before you get released on your next term. And if they rule 2 to 1 against you they can refuse to release you until a board of psychs release you at your next review. A review that is meant to lock up the dangerous from hurting minors, even tho’ that’s not what you did or have done. But you plea bargained it and now have to see the review board every time.

Now the police are seeing children who are trapped in slavery to sexual sins and need help, when they need to see so does the adult offender who was molested and warped by the molestation. Child or adult it doesn’t matter they both need help. They both need to find Jesus.

For the cure, and for the cause of God in Jesus; in his love, (agape) and in his truth that goes all the way to heaven.

But understand this: all sin is ugly; but the ugliest of all is the self-imposed ignorance of God in Jesus, just because our government has sided with the devil.

We must all choose whom we will serve: sin and the devil, Or Love and truth in our Lord Jesus.

Walk in the Way, as Jesus taught and find peace of mind, peace of heart and understand who you are in the world. A son of God. Having God in you through Jesus, and being in God with Jesus.

Call me anytime.




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