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Calling al Christians

December 17, 2015

Calling all Christians




Hello, are you a born-again Christian? Then this letter is to you.

What church in the world you belong to and attend, doesn’t matter. The only church that matters is the church-body. That’s all of us believers with the Born-Again Spirit.

In fact Jesus calls his chosen to: ‘come out of the churches of men and not be partakers of her plagues.’ Rev.18:4

But most of you will neglect leaving your church and will not consider any teaching contrary to what your church teaches. Which is a shame, because you will be the ones that suffer the same fate as your church.

Those of you that are born-again will suffer loss, though you will be saved as one who escapes thru the fire. Why will you suffer loss? Because the church doctrine you believe in so much isn’t teaching you the Way of Jesus.

And because you have not learned how to worship God according to the Way, the house of your faith is unable to protect you from loss due to your sin.

You see you haven’t learned to walk in Jesus the Way he taught and be free from the sin that enslaves you. And you never mature in Jesus according to your measure of faith. That is, while you still walk in this world. You will always be a child whom only knows the Holy Spirit through salvation and not in a life of transformation and awareness.

If you knew the Way of Jesus you wouldn’t be a member of the church-building. Because the church building, regardless of it’s denomination or non-denomination, is not teaching the Way of Jesus.

Yes, they do quote from the Bible, they read the Testaments, both Old and New. They explain about Jesus and tell the reason why he had to be crucified; truthfully.

Evangelism is the bare basics about the Good News in Jesus. And for the most part their doctrine is reasoned from the scriptures, and there conclusion is the Altar Call!

Where any person new to hear of Jesus, were to want to know him as their Lord God the Word in/of Jesus Christ, Son of God the Father the spirit in/of the Word; they can come to God in the sinners prayer. Where they can confess their sin before God, believes Jesus is the Son of God by faith, and accepts Jesus as their Lord God by that same faith, and “IF” he or she was seen by The Father to have been sincere in his or her confession they are given the Born-Again Holy Spirit from God by permission from The Son, to become sons and daughters of God.

Over time you learn more verses and are able to quote them, but your faith is still explained as believing without seeing. This life is your conformity, but what real reason do you have for believing in Jesus?

Miracles don’t count because Jesus did a million of them and they didn’t believe in him.

No, the love you felt when you were born-again is your best and only reason for believing, but that love hasn’t been felt for a long time, has it??

Yet that same love you felt then is found again when you walk in the Way of Jesus as taught in the Bible. Only, it’s not ended in ‘faith tho’ you do not see.’ It’s ended in the knowledge of God’s Righteousness being found true and loving.

Let me be clear…the truth in/of Jesus is alive in the spirit of the truth in/of the Father. Find the truth to fill up your measured amount of faithfulness given to you when you experienced your salvation, when you felt the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in God’s Love; but now you can understand that God’s Love is what makes the ‘substance’ of your faith in hope, and the same Love is what makes for the ‘evidence’ in your faith of things unseen. Who is unseen? Jesus! How do you know he’s real if you can’t see him?

Listen to what he said:

John 17:25-26 Tells us that Jesus reveals God Love to us.

Luke 10:22 Tells us that Jesus reveals the Father to us.

For each Truth you find in Jesus, you grow in the Love of the Father. As you discover the answers to your initial quest of repenting of your slavery to sin, you recognize your desire being for either a riches, worries and or pleasure. And when you try to stop by will-power you find that this verse holds true for you: “for the good you want to do you cannot do, but the bad you don’t want to do you do. What a wretched man I am, who will rescue me from this body of death?”

Yes, Jesus did save us from this body of sin with his gift of Eternal life. But that’s the End Result, while you are living in the world with only a measure of faith, and not the full measure you get in the kingdom at Christ’s return, yet because only the truth can set you free, you can only know as much truth as your measure of faith allows, then for the truth you don’t know you will still sin. Even after being born-again! But not the big sin you couldn’t stop, that sin is done with and put behind you; now your sins will be the little ones that you do but when you see them you can stop them, it’s only when you give in to being like everyone else and expect to be treated with respect when Love is your desire to emulate. Continue to mature in the spirit and find the fruits of the spirit and put on the Mind of Christ. Then you will experience the Joy of God’s Love that PROVES your Faith.

Again…The more truth you find and understand to acknowledge in Jesus: the more Mind of Jesus you put on and the more Agape love you experience. And when you have learned the Way, you will now be able to teach it with God themselves giving the Graduation Diploma.

All that in the knowledge of God’s Righteousness, found in God’s Love. ‘By their fruit you shall recognize them.’ Not the fine clothes and Rolex watches they like to wear, but by the fruits of the spirit in evidence and understanding the Way that you walked in to gain them.

When you repent of your sin, you are not just trying to stop it and turn away from it, but rather you are searching for the motive for your sin. Singular! The one sin you can’t stop. And under that motive is a loving and truthful alternative you can see to submit to doing.

Do it and abide in it until it transforms you and sets you free. Just understand the freedom from your slavery to sin, comes after you grow in some of your transformations.

Free from the sin you didn’t want to do. It may take some time, as long as 42 years, or as long as it takes to prove to yourself that the loving and truthful answer is real and achievable and your fruits have matured.

That my friends is how Jesus taught us to walk in the Way of Repentance from your sin until you find the Truth in Love in the alternative to your sin; then choose to submit to the Way of Love in Truth, abide in it, become transformed to become One with the Love and Truth expressed In the Mind of Christ; thus making it possible to fulfill The New Commandment given by Jesus to: “Love (agape) one another as I have Loved (agape) you.”

This is in essence, The Mind of Christ. And this knowledge is found in a true believer, which is every Born-Again Believer. You just don’t know it yet. Yet some of you have done this very thing but unaware that you were on the Path of the Way. Awareness can be through training of discernment or by spiritually given “Remembrances” of the Word God as spoken by Jesus in the New Testament. And uniquely according to your walk in the Way as I have revealed understanding to, your teacher becomes enabled to teach you. Your teacher, the Holy Spirit, with The Father giving “Remembrances” of Truths to be revealed to you when your Walk in the Way has reached the time that Acknowledging the Revelation through “Remembrance” of Truth is best supported.

Working up to the Understanding in increasing measure until your part measure is attained and the Way is Walked in daily with the Day Star risen in your heart. And that, my Friends is How we worship the Father.

Yes, the Truth of the Way has matured you to looking for Loving, (for love does no harm to its neighbor) and Truthful responses in the Alternatives of our sinful desires that All can Choose to do. And by so choosing we submit to express the Way of Love in Truth and if we continue walking in Righteousness, meaning when we walk in the Way of Love and Truth, We are doing the Right thing. Walking in The Way.

“A Nation of prophets, One in Understanding in the Knowledge of God’s Righteousness and who have the Mind of Christ. We can know it now ‘in part’ but then, when Jesus returns, we shall know it in full even as “I AM.” A True Son or Daughter in The Spirit of Truth in/of Jesus, the Holy Spirit.

You won’t lose out on living in eternity as a True Son or Daughter if you die never having known your fullness of the ‘part measure’; But it is during your walk in the Way that you attain your maturity and the Crowns of Glory.

Do you see now? The churches are not teaching you the Way of Jesus They are close but really don’t teach it. They are just giving us the Bible. Yet it is specific in your revelations in the Word of Truth. Crowns are achievements earned from the growth of maturity in the Mind of Christ. DON’T LOSE OUT ON YOUR CROWNS!!!




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