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This Country

December 17, 2015

‘This Country…’




This country was founded by our forefathers who fled to this land to escape persecution brought upon them by those who rejected Jesus Christ as Lord God, in a nation overseas.

From foundation to growth, we as a people of Christ, built cities and moved west. And it was our strong Christian principles that brought this nation together. Built upon the shoulders of strong men and women who moved west to live the American dream…freedom to live on the land and build a home to see the rising or setting of the sun, raise a family and praise God in Jesus for his many blessings.

Others who came to our country were free to be free, for in Christ Jesus we are One. It was our collective hope Christ Jesus would become their Lord too. And we let them become Citizens if they swore to fight for the Flag and Nation of the United States of America, and abide by our ways.

And our ways were easy, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” Jesus Christ is Lord God; and we love you in the name of Jesus.

Thus we are…were…Are a caring Nation!

But it only took a little time for satan to work his evil and bring yet another empire to its knees. With the ol’ one-two punch he made new laws to satisfy the snivelers that didn’t believe in Jesus or were so sinful that they couldn’t hold their heads up in a “Christian” population. After that more laws were made that took Jesus out of our schools, out of our minds and eventually out of our hearts.

“The love of many will grow cold.” Jesus Christ.

He’s done it before. The devil that is, Empire after Empire from the Roman Empire down to the Babylonian Empire. Only in the American Empire there will be no new empire after it falls. This time the chosen in Christ Jesus will enter into God’s Kingdom when Jesus returns…at the end of this last Empire.

This is the last Empire, and Jesus WILL Return!!! And I pray to God that you are able to survive these times a comin’ and see our Lord Jesus face to face! You will be blessed beyond imagination; and those of you my brother’s and sister’s in Christ Jesus that are resurrected to a new life, a new body, spiritually pure, immortal; the past forgotten except as you acknowledged the Truth and put on the Mind of Christ in this life. (According to your measure.)

Our nation is under coup by the forces of satan and persecution comes closer. We need to Repent as a Nation!! None of the presidential prospects have what it takes to lead us in this pressing matter. None have the knowledge of How to walk in the Way of Repentance that Jesus taught. Or do you think it’s natural that there are over 2000 different Christian doctrines being taught.

We are called to have One Mind, The Mind of Christ Jesus; not 2000 guesses at what Jesus wants from us in repentance.

Obviously a lot of Christians got confused about the Way of a Christian. Living in Agape Love, established in The Truth of their Faith that Jesus is Lord. But on a whole different level, personal becomes under the control of the professional. The government formed to serve us became a beast of self-aggrandizement. A tool of satan. How it happened was the gradual erosion of our Christian ideals, with no competent Christian leader to keep government for the people, by the people.

We are called to be: ‘ a Nation of prophets’ but our vision was never given the clear path of understanding to follow, from the lack of the teachers that weren’t there, to set you straight on the firm foundation of Jesus. Proven by one’s walk in the Way with firm understanding of the Way.

You don’t know the Way of Jesus. No fault…just fact!!! God kept the teachers of the Way hidden until these end-times! One now stands revealed by his teaching of the Way. But does it do any good?

Christians are supposed to be Meek…open minded, not to become less of a Christian but MORE!!! Truth and discernment are important for witnesses to grow in maturity. The church-body has become expert at bible studies that only teach the blind stepping out in faith. Not the Way at all!

Rather than a government for the people by the people we now have gov. both local and federal that abuses their position to take advantage of us and legally steal from us. They no longer protect us they just drive around looking to abuse us more. That they get attacked by terrorist or people fed up with being picked on just serves them reasons for confiscating our guns that we use to protect ourselves or loved ones. They enforce illegal laws without regard to their corruption. It’s the job they tell themselves but it’s really the lack of Jesus known in the Love of The Father. And they become only concerned with their own families who depend on them to screw the decency of equality under God of those who suffer from the unjust laws.

We are living in a time when Good is called evil and evil is called good. And a lot of people are falling for the bogus temptation of instant heaven with twenty virgins for everyone who dies for the cause. It’s all connected to satan who pulls all of the money strings and the Nations tremble.

But God calls the shots! Satan can’t touch a Christian without Gods [permission] and only as much as God allows. He is evil, this Lucifer devil, the evil he has brought into the world to enslave us and kill us, is countered by Gods many miracles and the Holy Spirit given by God to help us find God in Jesus. And such we have many experiences where God himself steps in to guide us and protect us until we can protect ourselves.

All we are asked to do is prepare ourselves for the Lord. This is accomplished by walking in the Way of Jesus.

It’s easy to do, and we all do it in a haphazard way that takes us longer to grow up in than we would if we were to walk in the Way that Jesus taught. Many deceive themselves telling themselves, (and any who will listen), that anyone can just choose to do the right thing. But they hate to hear, ‘But you can’t do the right thing if your spirit is without the Righteousness of Jesus. You can yearn for love in your life, but if Jesus didn’t die for you, your mom, your family and friends and everyone else who believes in him; then your life has no value. It will die, be resurrected at the White Throne Judgment to be judged and sentenced to permanent death after the period of payment is given for your punishment for your sins in the lake of fire. And you are no more. Just ashes under the feet.

Make no mistake the only life after Jesus returns is one where the sinners are gone. We are all sinners, some more than others and some less than others but we are all sinners. But in living for Jesus being better than living for the devil, We Christians have Jesus pay the price for our sins…All of them, past present and forever more while we live only in part according to the measure of our faith. And because Jesus proved His Word is Truth, by rising from the grave to live as our Lord God the First-fruits of the Holy Spirit. And all that have received this very Spirit from the Father are God’s chosen.

After what they did to Jesus and sin to this day, their stay in the lake of fire will be a Just punishment for denying Jesus and refusing his gift of eternal life; even after you knew him and continued to live in sin by choice; knowing the harm and pain you did unto others, wantonly…your death will not be easy.

God the Father, spirit of/in the Word, spoke: I AM. And The Word in/of the Father, in spirit became separate yet One. “I AM” was the definitive mechanism spoken into being. A Son of God who was the Father inside and out, and inside again! What a joy to the Father to have his every thought conveyed to “I AM” and “I AM” would speak it into being. And they would rejoice together in the makings of the universe, the earth, and more importantly the people of the earth. For before The Father made his exact image and being into “I AM” the lives of the people were already seen and worked out for the best for those who love God. And if you love God the Father then you ought to love him in his Son “I AM”.

This same Son of God knew what would happen in the Garden of Eden and the fate of Adam and Eve and the fallen from grace of the devil who perpetrated the whole fall

Yet he and the Father are one and knowing the gross evil that would compass the people before his chosen would come to him for the glorious eternal life he has given to all who have the Holy Spirit of Jesus; the same “I AM” made to be born of a virgin woman so that not even the birth sin of the fallen will stain him. Jesus Christ lived as God among men and we knew him not, and did with him what we will.

But before we crucified Jesus before he finished his mission to die sinless and resurrect to life again and take his life back from the shades of Hell where he wrestled the keys of life and death away from the

Devil; Before all that!!! God the Father already worked out the best for all that love him and his Son Jesus. I AM.

And when the Christians and the Chosen are in heaven at last, then we will know all that the Lord rejoiced at with the Father in the making.

But that’s all after this final war with the devil is over and this present and last Empire has crumbled.

With roots all the way back to Abraham having sired two children; but only one was a child of promise. Isaac son of Abraham in union to his wife Sarah. As promised by God “I AM”. From whom came next in lineage in the eventual birth into Jesus.

Of the child born of the servant of Sarah, whom Sarah gave over for relations in the dark when Abraham was intoxicated with too much wine. This, thought Sarah, would remove her shame for not having a child and not having faith to believe God’s promise to Abraham. This child was given to become a mighty nation to protect the chosen in a time when the chosen are being persecuted by their own governments. But like satan to actively work to remove Jesus from our Empire of the chosen a nation of prophets, he would also actively mislead the Nation of the child of the servant woman to persecute this nation as the tyrant they hate but they have been blinded from seeing that the Beast of all governments are taken from the chosen to be used against the chosen and that they are brothers by a different mother and Jesus is known to be a son to Abraham’s lineage, through Mary the virgin mother of Jesus “I AM”. You can receive life in Jesus too! Don’t let those who rejected you by telling you they have no part in you, lead you to hate what they so zealously hold dear in Abraham, his relationship to God, and how Abraham cares for both of his children. But the child of promise is the lineage of Jesus the Son of the God He loves and serves. But if you embrace the Christian as your brother in Christ Jesus you will have found your salvation and purpose backed mission in life.

The oppressors to God’s chosen come in many voices from many Nations. Some under spiritual control by an evil spirit high in the devil’s regard to carry out his tasks to the death. Some nations have been Neutral in the past, but this time there is no neutral zone. This is the end of the world as we know it. After this total world affair hits the fan there will only be one outcome. All sinners gone and everything under God’s command.

Make no mistake, this war between light and darkness, truth and lies must be done and when it is final its outcome is already known.

I just hope you all pic the side of Jesus.


Stay Strong!



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