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An open letter to all Adventist’s

January 26, 2016

“An Open letter to Adventist and other Truth seekers”





 I am certain that Jesus did not teach us to “seek my, (His) face through the signs of the times.
Those only to show his faithful that all is proceeding as planned and to prepare yourselves; and don’t lose faith before establishing it.
But he did tell us to seek him out none the less! Yet the number of teachers that know to teach us the Way to How to seek his face are few. I can count them on one hand.

We can consider that the verse that says: “seek my face and turn from your evil ways.” Are saying that seeking and turning are interlocked and when you are doing one you are also doing the other. How simple is that?
How does God want us to seek his face? And How do we turn from our evil ways? We read the Book of Isaiah. A book of prophecy for the End-Times; chapter 31 verses 20-26:

Says in part … ‘though I give you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction your teachers will no longer be kept in a corner. You shall see your teachers and hear a voice behind you saying this is the Way walk ye in it; whether you turn to the right hand or turn to the left hand.’
Yes, the teachers of the Way are to be revealed in these end times; thus by the revelation of prophecy we know that we are to look for and expect the teachers of the Way and that we should learn it.
Why? Because it is how God kills two birds with one stone…so to speak. We know that we need to seek God’s face and turn from our evil ways. Well God makes the two objectives into one, for if we turn to walk in the Way of Jesus that the teachers teach and not walk in the evil ways of the world by choice, of submitting to the Revealed Way of Love found in the Way of Truth found in and of Jesus through the Way of Repentance, which is our continuous movement of Repentance to the sins we don’t want to do.
The Way, it’s the same doctrine Jesus taught his disciples to walk in the Way as it was how he goes to the Father.
And it’s the Same Way that the Apostle Paul confessed to when he said he worships God according to the Way.
But what is this doctrine that the churches aren’t teaching?
The church that teaches on the signs of the times has seen the writing on the tower of Babel…you can tear it down but we can rebuild it and build it higher!… Now you would do well to recognize the teacher of the Way and adapt your way accordingly.
In the teaching of the Way of Jesus God makes Repentance as a foundation built of and in Jesus. And we build on this foundation with our acknowledged Way of Truth in Love we ‘find’, ‘see’, ‘understand’ and add to our Being as we submit to what we ‘find’, ‘see’, ‘understand’ and acknowledge as the Truth in Love, in and of Jesus Christ our Lord. God. And Abide therein until we are ‘transformed’ into the Mind of Christ both in Spirit as we are born again and of the Mind of Christ as we Repented of, turned from our evil ways to find, see, and understand to acknowledge and submit to as our new Way until in transformation we become one with The Mind of Christ. To become fully known when we are entered into his kingdom.
The church that teaches to believe by faith is guilty for teaching the lie of blind faith. And all the lazy Christians eat it up because it’s so easy to say, I believe by faith.
“Blessed are those who believe without seeing.” We read, but this doesn’t mean: I believe in Jesus even though I can’t see him. That’s just an admission that Jesus isn’t noticed in your life. That’s why we are given: ‘in every season be ready to give reason for your belief in Jesus.’
‘Come now let us reason together, though your sins be as Scarlett they shall be as white as snow.’
When we see the reason of it, when two minds meet to become one, when we see eye to eye, then we are to acknowledge the knowledge of God’s Righteousness in the Truth of Jesus.
It happens at salvation, it happens every step in the Way.
We are taught in the churches to repent and believe the good news, and we are led to believe the good news is found in God’s purpose through Jesus. And by Way of Jesus we find eternal life. All we need to do is confess our sins and accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour; be born again. And in the spirit put to death the misdeeds of the body.

Yet because God is One, all of this is knowledge of the Way is in/of Jesus, for it is by walking in the Way of continued repentance to find the truth in love to submit to, abide in, and become transformed by to become One with in the Mind of Christ Jesus. Thus coming to know him face to face in increasing measure until the time of his coming when we will know him in full even as I AM.
That’s what walking in the Way does and continues to do until your part measure is full and sufficient unto thee for your faith to be founded. For Luke 10:22 clearly tells us it is Jesus who reveals to us the Father and John 17:25-26 clearly tells us that not only does Jesus reveal the Love of God to us but he also resides in us.
This is a powerful Truth because when you walk in the Way of Repentance to find the Way of Love in Truth; it is the knowledge of that Truth that will bring you back into the Love that the Truth shows you to submit to until transformation is successful and you can progress to the next level of increase, until your part measure is full and you are confident of being given to know the fullness without measure of the Mind of Christ Jesus in Truth.
“He who hears my words and does them, shall know the Truth and the truth shall set him free.” Fully free at Salvation, increasingly free as you grow in the knowledge of Love as reflected in the fruits of the Spirit. And known in its fullness as the Way.
The mind of Christ is founded on Love that does no harm to its neighbor, and in Truth that applies to everybody equally. It will be the Word in/of Jesus, spoken by Jesus
When we repent from sin by reconsidering it from the understanding that all sin is a lie that we choose to commit to satisfy our need to satisfy our worries, riches, and/or pleasures; we can look for the Way to overcome our sin by looking for an answer that satisfies but does no harm to its neighbor, and applies to everyone equally. Then submit to doing it until it becomes you in Love and Truth.
As you search your innermost being for the truth of why you sin and finding the loving and truthful alternative to submit to until it becomes you; you might find yourself getting mad at someone…this is your anger at your own felt short-comings being made visible in the actions of the person you are mad at. Start walking in the Way of Repentance again; why are you reacting the way you are? All to see the truth of self-awareness to acknowledge the truth in Jesus.
Thus you will develop the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, self-control, long-suffering, patience, faithfulness, temperance, and meekness.

Do not grow weary in finding the Good and submitting to the Good for only God is Good and we have God in us through Jesus.
Walking in the Way of Repentance to find the Way of Love that is found in the Truth buried by the ways of the world that you are repenting from one sin at a time, so that you can be found putting off the old man and be seen putting on the new man created in true holiness and righteousness. One with Jesus.
And by coming to know the Mind of Christ we also get to know the increase of God’s Love associated with the truth we increase in.
Love in joy, love in patience, love in faithfulness, love in peace, love in gentleness, love in forgiveness, and love in meekness.
When the knowledge gained finding the thought, will, and emotion of love that does no harm as a personal movement of walking along the Way is known in its fullness and sharable with others, then you will know the Way of Jesus.
But be warned God is not mocked! Every person will sow what they reap. And every house will be tested, for you cannot build any other house than the one already built-in Christ Jesus. Let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another. For every man shall bear his own burden. Yet as we have therefore opportunity, let us do Good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.
“For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature. And as many as walk according to this rule, peace be on them, and upon the Israel of God”. Gal. 6:16kjv
Millions of people have heard the gospel of Jesus and have accepted him as their God, their Lord, based on the power of his testimony and life’s actions in our behalf. You know you have accepted him when you know you were saved when you bore witness to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
However only God the Father judges who is sincere and able to finish the race, not us. So basically the heart of sincerity is known before the Mind is acknowledged.
We have all repented to some degree, just not in the understanding of purpose and intent. Never the less the Way has been revealed for a purpose to separate the wheat from the chaff. Walk in the Way starting today. I’ll be seeing you in heaven.



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