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Who are You?

February 8, 2016

‘Who are you?’




Did you grow up loving life or dreading it? Do you move aside for others walking towards you? Are you shy, bashful, plain or good-looking?

Do you open doors for others, do you smile a lot or consider yourself a people person?

What happens in life and how we react to it, accommodate it, or adapt to it will factor in to whatever Attitude we ‘put-on’ in the world. It will be a large part of who we choose to be.

In some degree, based on our attitude, some of us (from All of us) will be loving and the others will be hateful. And all of us will become a slave to sin.

Now sin can alter a life because it isn’t known why we sin except on the deeper levels of self-examination. Past the lies of deceit we make up based on our attitude and sin slavery; past the desires for the worlds worries, riches, and/or pleasures; past the confusion of all the Whys and why nots; The Truth in Love is found even as it is given in revelation.

This is important because every person who does not know the born-again spirit of Our Lord Jesus, is already dead in their sins; yet the self-examination required in Repentance will lead the Lost Souls to be saved; and the Saved, to grow more mature in the Mind of Christ.

“first cast the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” KJV Matt.7:5 a Truth of teaching to those who walk in the ways of the world, and a proof of verse, (among many…) once you have finished your walk in your measure of faith.

A true healer of the mind is one who has first had a ‘problem’ with their thinking and suffered the hardships such ignorance provokes and learned to overcome the ‘problematic mind-set’ in themselves first and now can help you, because they now see clearly how to clear out the problems and share in the rewards of awareness and understanding in what life is all about. And who we are individually. A psychiatrist might think that what I just said is attainable without all the jive for religiosity, but without Jesus you don’t find love and truth nor peace and hope; for all of the world shall pass away unchanged without the life giving spirit of Truth in/of Christ Jesus.

When you find “it” in your “Ahh Ha!” moment of your revelation to Truth, (which applies to everyone equally,) and in The Love, (that does no harm to its neighbor.) then you will be given a Spiritual “Remembrance” by God the Father of the Word of Christ Jesus that you have read in your Bible reading/studies and you either Choose to Acknowledge the Truth in/of Jesus and Accept or Reject him as Lord. And as you can see after having that spiritual moment of understanding in the revealed truth as coming from the spoken Word of Truth spoken by Jesus in the Bible, found in Repentance, from your own personal sin… only a miss-guided soul could reject Jesus.

And let me add I advise you to read the New Testament Bible either King James Version or the N.I.V.

As you continue walking in the Way of Repenting from the sin that you want to stop but can’t; you will always have to choose to submit to the newly revealed Truth and the Love Way you ‘see’ in the Truth, in answer to the question of: ‘why do I do the sin I don’t want to do? Or why am I angry? The knowledge of Faith is Vast but we are given only a small measure to come into understanding of.

It is said that when the apostles were imprisoned for their faith, that when the prison guards would look in on them while they slept, they would be seen floating above the floor.

It is the accumulation of the feeling of love, (Agape) found in the revealed Truth and the acknowledging of Truth that proves our faith. And just how many Truths you will see to understand is measured in increments. Of an increasing amount until your part measure is full and ‘is sufficient unto thee.’ for your established belief in our Lord Jesus.

A walk in the Way of Repentance, (Metanoeo) described as: the reconsidering of our sin from a divine viewpoint of thought, will, and emotion and then choosing to submit to the divine Way./ and by choosing to submit to doing the Way of Love in Truth that we find revelation of in ‘remembrances’ given by God, the Father by divine appointment…IS How we walk in the Way of Jesus… For as we increase in the increments of faith we grow to establish the Fruits of the Spirit. And in those Truths we are given to understand the author of is Jesus and when we submit to being one with the Spirit in Truth we are given to know the Love,(Agape) of the Father. And, The Mind of Christ! Knowing how he feels about ‘it’ in thought, will, and emotion.

This is how we worship the Father, by becoming one with his only begotten Son. This is the understanding of the tree branch engrafted into another tree. We are the branches of a lost tree when we are born-again we are engrafted into the tree of life we have in Jesus. And the branch that bares fruit is pruned, but every branch that does not bear fruit withers and dies and falls off the Tree of life..

Walking in the Way of Jesus is how we manifest the Mind of Christ Jesus and learn the mature growth of the fruits of the spirit. Becoming One of Mind and Spirit in accordance to our individual measures, to be given in full without measure, when Jesus returns.

Yet it is each person’s choice, which direction they will walk…in ignorance born of worldly desires and an unclean spirit, or born-again with a Holy Spirit that teaches us in the awareness of self in respect to the knowledge of God’s Righteousness in the Truth in/of Jesus Christ, My Lord

Becoming One of Mind and Spirit, in accordance to our individual measures, to be given in full without measure, when Jesus returns to lay claim to his kingdom. It is promised and our proven hope: a world of love and truth in each and every soul.

And he will return soon!! Blessed will be the man or woman found walking in the Way when Jesus returns for they will abundantly ministered an entrance into the everlasting kingdom. But he or she who rejects Jesus as Lord after having tasted his goodness, will not see life and only a swift death remains in Hell’s Eternal fire, and then no more.


But for all of those saved, all of what God is, is known and we are One…God the Father in Jesus, Jesus in us, and also God the Father in us through Jesus and we and Jesus in God the Father and we are One. True sons and daughters of God the Father in Jesus.

All of you who choose to find love and truth and turn away from the ways of the world and all of its abuse, will soon open your hearts to know the Father’s love and your faith will be proven, Jesus Lives! Jesus is Lord; or how am I able to know the love of God in Truth unless it is Jesus who shows it to me! Though we don’t ‘see’ Jesus.

Revelations are coming true under our very eyes and the war with Isis and the pestilences and toxic waste is all part of these end-times.

There is no other Way to God except through Jesus; yet a lot of ways to go to hell. Let’s stay out of hell all together, then and now. Now that you have learned to see the right of things, all those you meet and are abused by, can be forgiven because they have yet to come to know the love in Truth in/of Jesus as you have come to know.

God be with you in his Love, and Jesus will be with you in Righteousness of Spirit and Mind in Truth.

May God watch over you in these end-times. Be brave; Be strong; Be blessed.



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