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March 21, 2016





Welcome to the future, now. As a Christian I look forward to life in the kingdom of God in Jesus. Not only will my righteousness be in Jesus, but I will be immortal in Jesus. And blessed is the man of God who is alive when he returns. Sounds scary huh?

Think of it like this, my angst over worldly things I have no control over, will be gone! All of the misdeeds of justice gone-bad with no remedy to be had are gone! I won’t need gas, I’ll fly or transport where I want to go. Everyone I meet is a loving and truthful Christian, and we walk in full pleasure of knowing the love of the Father and of Jesus; whom we will get to meet and talk to, and tell him how grateful I am to know him, face to face.

My new home, personally built by Jesus, will be better than a billion dollar mansion; having ALL THAT I COULDN’T EVEN IMAGINE.

Life among the millennial generation will be a time of peace and good-will towards all. After this period and with those that come to Jesus after the final tribulation, will be even as I AM. Then I think the white throne judgment will take place.

Where all who rejected Jesus as lord and turn to walk after him in his Way, and choose life; for he would that all would so choose. Yet some didn’t. For them is only death after paying the penalty for their wanton sins in life! The bullies, the easy, the haters, the greedy, the callous, the crooked, and don’t forget the one who caused all of the evil sin found in you: satan.

The devil, lucifer will be judged too, but only after the fallen angels are judged and I will partake in their judgment, by the way. (God willing) And after all human and angel fallen have been judged and paid the penalty for their choice to live in sin, to death by eternal fire, I will walk on the ashes of satan. Of the others, my lost brothers and sisters, I will know the sorrow of your passing, but it will become a fading memory that the Father will take away so that only good will surround me.

I and others tried reaching out to you, to tell you about Jesus; about how walking in his Way of Love in Truth revealed through the Holy Spirit found when your movement of Repentance is discovered to the second of its conception in Truth, to be the optimal moment of the Revelation of ‘Remembrance’ of Truth spoken by Jesus, to be found and Acknowledged as true in Jesus. Experiencing in accordance to your ‘measured’ amount of faithfulness to be found in your faithful belief in Jesus, the soul birth of the Holy Spirit and a new heart to feel the things of the Spirit. Notably God’s Agape Love… But did you care?

Then I can only concede, I tried. I couldn’t make you choose life in/with Jesus. You just had to want it more than what life has to offer without him. I’m sorry…

In Jesus you can desire for-real love and truth and say no to the desires of the world. The worries, riches, and/or pleasures… that was all we knew until we knew love is a choice, but you didn’t believe it was found in Jesus. It’s a new day; Take step! As you walk in the Way of Jesus, whom you’ve chosen as Lord…Millionaire’s have committed suicide for lack of fulfillment…you can find yours in the measurement of your faith.

Do you have any joy in the laughter of a child? Do you look forward to the return of Jesus and your instant transformation into a true son or daughter of God the Father, and brother or sister to Jesus!? There is no money in heaven, everything is easily obtained. No one is in pain or unhealthy, and the life of a Christian…well that’s more than I can say. But I will say this, it will be wonderful.

And if you have been walking in the Way of Jesus, your entrance into heaven will be “abundantly ministered”. And your head will be crowned with the crowns of your achievement, and Jesus will give you a new name known only to you and him.

Yet in the community of Christians today we have no unity of the Mind of Christ, no concern for each other and have no understanding in the knowledge of God’s Righteousness, thus no community of believers or their common resources. In a land that was consecrated to us in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, all that is ours by sovereign birth in Jesus…taken from us by the forces of satan that continue even as I speak, the last empire comes to its knees for the coup de gras. But what satan accomplishes is the ushering in of the kingdom of God in Jesus. But it’s not here yet and there is still time for the soul who chooses to know Truth and Love in Jesus, can still wake up to the understanding of the Way and begin walking in it.

There will come a time when the hearts will grow cold and the love of God is not known but by a few, and those few will be persecuted and killed by the forces of satan again; but take heart the times will be cut short so that not all will have died, and they will live to see the return of Jesus. I hope you will be found in Jesus.




One Comment
  1. James permalink

    Today I have blessed with your good message you speaking on your facebook in worksbyjj.
    Thank you.

    Brother James.

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