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“Maum Meditation”

May 4, 2016

by: worksbyjj


 “Anyone who comes in his own name will be accepted, but anyone who comes in the name of Jesus will be persecuted.” The Holy Bible

            In this article of teaching in the word of God we confront the popular movement of “Maum Meditation.”

            I say popular, though I have never heard of it until reading one of their 18 page pamphlets, popular because it started in 1996 and as of 2010 it had over 290 meditation centers world wide and in 2002 won the Mahatma Gandhi peace prize awarded by the United Nations.

            But is it a true source of enlightenment? It’s technique is called: subtraction. It works in seven levels:

  • Subtract remembered thoughts.
  • Subtract images of self, and your human relationships.
  • Subtract your body.
  • Subtract body and universe.
  • Subtract body and universe. (must be two parts.)
  • The self disappears and I become the universe.
  • Subtract the illusionary world of pictures and myself living inside that world.

            “After completely subtracting every layer of the mind and body only the origin remains. Then we are reborn from the origin and reach human completion.”

            Like all meditation we are asked to cleanse our minds, empty them and let God speak to us. Though here it’s not God but- “the eternal never changing mind of the true world.” pg.6

             Or: “I had an amazing experience to enlighten the universe-it’s silent, empty but full of unlimited energy. That’s the place where we are from and where we are going back to.” pg.13

            Or: “I can live in heaven while I am living.”           Or: “when we empty the mind, greed and desire diminishes. It enables us to take a step back from immediate concerns and see more objectively, spiritually become more balanced, be relieved of negative emotions like anxiety and depression.” Pg.17

            And finally, one woman said: “…I realized the importance and necessity in helping others become the truth.”

             All to learn that “truth is ultimately one.” (inside back cover.)

           So what do we have? It tries to bring in some christian similarities…in Christianity we are called to put-off the old man, (subtract); and put-on the new man created in true holiness and righteousness. Only…in Maum Meditation there is no new man to put-on we are simply enlightened that we are truth.

            But how do we get to this truth that is ultimately one?? We are told to… “empty our minds and greed and desires diminish; which allows us to see our concerns more objectively.”

             See them more objectively, yes but, if we see things differently we may indeed change our ways and become more …what? Of truth?

           No. no foundation for truth has been established. Whatever we change our mind to is still a conclusion we must reach and what makes our change of truth?

 “it’s silent, empty, but full of unlimited energy.” is this the truth they are talking about? Why is this unlimited energy that is silent and empty, called truth? This truth is faceless and has no reference point. But biblical truth has the reference point of Jesus.

            Hence, in Maum meditation Jesus does not exist. In fact, saying that it is silent, empty and full of unlimited energy is just that same age old argument that we are all energy and we never die we just change form. But then they contradict themselves by then saying: “after completely subtracting every layer of the mind and body only the origin remains…then we are re-born from the origin and reach human completion.”

             You see, energy is or isn’t. there is no incomplete energy nor is there a re-birth of energy if all we are doing is subtracting away what’s not energy sapping. But this so called re-birth experience is given to give this “religion” a form recognizably christian but without actually making the connection to Jesus.

            This is the failing of all meditations…they experience contact with God the Father and see his totality as being one and that we are all family, but they fail to see that it is Jesus that reveals the Father to us. This is the crutch of our faith! We don’t see Jesus, but we see God the Father through Jesus. (see luke 10:22). Furthermore, in Christianity there most definitely is a death and we will all die forever unless we faithfully believe in Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection; and the fact that Jesus is God in the flesh. The same God that created the heavens and the earth. Curiously I wonder, if in the Maum meditation’s we were all present at the creation of all life and matter?

            Take Jesus out of the picture and all you have is meditation without any purpose or form. From hence we come and hence we return. No sin and evil, no reason or purpose, no death or resurrection to pay for our sins!!!       

            Where did that false self come from? If all we are doing is returning to where we once were, what’s to stop us from making the same mistake again.

            As you can see, in-depth questioning of this practice shows up the shortcomings and the double-talk to expose this practice as a false religion whose only purpose is to blind you to the one truth found in the Bible. My verdict: Guilty! And any followers of this false religion are simply dupes, blind to the true teaching of the Bible. And like all the other false religions out there trying to deny Jesus, I ask you this…why do you feel that you have to deny Jesus. If God is so totally one with all of us why does it, or he, or even she, care about whether we deny or believe in Jesus. Why make it sound like Christianity with being re-born…and why don’t you see that its contradictory?

             Truly the saying that the odds are 9 to 1 against changing your beliefs even if I were to show you the error of your belief as I did here; is true!

                                                                                                            In Him,


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