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Walking in the presence of the Lord

May 4, 2016

by: worksbyjj

Walking in the presence of the Lord Jesus

To how can it be compared? Like a walk in a summer breeze, blowing through you in an exhilaration of God’s Agape Love.

To ask, does the breeze of spirit ever become real, and in the presence of Jesus our Lord, our savior, our brother to the Father we both glory in; do we meet?

What will transpire between us after we have been re-born to our new bodies and met our Lord Jesus and fell to our knees in total awe, be it in humility, humbleness or fear and shame; what will it be like to stand beside him in heaven?

Okay, though I know that we will know the Love of God as being one with God, what other thoughts we will have are lost to me.

I’m sure that whatever we will think and eventually do, will be out of the love we are a part of…yet to get there is dependent on our first becoming one so born-again; not just the physical part, but the spiritual part.

Most who call themselves “Christian” think they are saved but fail to properly repent and find the love of God to submit to with knowledge and understanding of how it is done.

It is done by following the teaching called: the Way. And if you do not know what this is, then you are not properly founded in the Word of God.

It’s a no-brainier! Every Elite Christian knows the Way; it is common knowledge discerned, acknowledged and shared with anyone who wants to know both, God’s Love and God’s Truth through the Holy Spirit.

Yet every Elite Christian is aware that they did not know it until they found it…and that the same knowledge works towards our salvation as well as it increases our faithfulness to believe in Jesus.

Yes in order to truly walk in the presence of our Lord Jesus and have the Love of God flow through us, we need to distinguish between God’s Love and our own and grow wise in the choices we make to ensure our assurances in the faith.

It’s not hard, it is actually easy, but it can take some tine. After all, the verse in proverbs 2:1-5 tells us it’s like digging for buried treasures.

Finding someone to teach the “Way” to you is as simple as listening to me or not. In my writings under the URL: worksbyjj you can find where I share the Way with all who are interested in reading my writings.

You won’t find the churches teaching the Way, they do not know it! But you can! Just look for the ‘worksbyjj’ tag on your internet listings under the URL search for worksbyjj and just follow the christian leads.

I look forward to hearing from you.

In Him,


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