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May 9, 2016

by:  worksbyjj






Experience…with it we can run an empire, or a business. Without it, we work a mediocre job or be a great baby sitter; or ask for alms.

With experience comes a length of time to learn it.

We can look back and see all of the lessons learned, the mistakes we made, some of which we laugh at, being so blind I didn’t even see it right under my nose.

But now that experience has as many stories as there are people to live them. Yet there are constants and we say them like: in every bushel of apples there are good apples as well as bad apples. Toss out the bad apples and find a good one.

When you think about it, life’s experiences are best seen when you see it from the perspective of expert. After years of growing up into your expertise.

When you have reached an Understanding in your life; what the experiences would lead to see, where you stand, then and now in relation to knowing your purpose and why you are who you are, and your position in life because of it, as it influences your reason of choice, to declare your stand: a good apple/bad apple.

I hope you picked the good apple as your chosen way to be. Yet at the basest truth of all Truth: Only God is good.

This land was a land of milk and honey and delivered unto us by heavens decree in the name of Jesus whom was in the heart of every pilgrim fleeing England’s hand of persecution for our belief in Jesus. Let the French burn their bibles, we Christians will settle America in the new land.

This country has shared the spirit of America, land of the free home of the brave under one God in Jesus name; many years now.

We were proud to be Christians, strongest in feeling as defined by our new start away from war and persecution for our belief in Jesus. We fought for our freedom and won it. Our heart, our land one nation under God!

Your desire to be a good apple is a reflection of the freedoms we knew in our faith. And this country grew up into this love for Jesus, and every person was free to worship as you feel as long as it doesn’t intrude or bring harm to the lifeblood of this country, or take away from the freedoms we have in Jesus!

But be as it is today, the truth is if you want to know the freedom we have in Jesus, all you have to do is walk in the Way of Love as you walk in the Way of a repentant life that chooses to walk in Jesus. That and read the New Testament Bible. Either the KJV or the NIV.

When we walk in the Way of Jesus, life’s experiences are weighed to be of Love that does no harm to its neighbor, and of a Truth that anyone can choose to do. And it involves a choice for us to make to either submit to the Way of Love in Truth or, to choose to continue to satisfy your need for fulfillment of worldly desires, which only serve to satisfy your need for riches, worries, and/or pleasures.

Your choice defines you.

As you walk in the Way you will increase in your measure of Understanding the Knowledge of God’s Love. But like all experts you won’t know it until you have fulfilled the requirement of the ‘time’ needed in becoming an expert.

After all, it takes time to experience growth in the fruits of the spirit. These reflect your character’s correctness, all are of a Good Spirit; chosen by you and given in an increasing measure until your part measure is full and your faith is sufficient unto your belief in Jesus as Lord.

Don’t worry if you don’t always appear to be godly or loving, our occasional lapses are just reminders to us to enjoy our freedom, but work on it. So it doesn’t happen again. But just so you know it, you can’t fake it because after growing in increasing measure until your faithfulness is full in your faith, you will become one who has learned the Way and can now share its teaching. And one that does know it can easily determine if you know it or are faking it.

You are the expert remember! It’s exactly like Jesus says: ‘cast the plank out of your own eye first, then you will see clearly to cast the speck out of your brother’s eye.’ About 42 years are given for your period of growth, to develop your understanding in the knowledge of God’s Righteousness to your measured faith. To know in full when Jesus returns. But that’s if you have to find it without any help. If you have your understanding made real by reason in sharing, then, you can learn it faster. And walking in the Way has its rewards. You get to walk in and know God’s Love, and you now are free from searching for answers to life as you have found them in Jesus. The Truth beneath your motive for sin that you find and put on in truth and love.

Meaning you are going to be confident in your belief by faith.

You have become an expert of the Way.

This is possible in a major way! Why? Because this country is owned by God and inhabited by his sons and daughters whom are, ‘of a nation of prophets.’

So you see, the strife, the turmoil in the riots is all rooted to the belief that all people deserve a better way of living. The way of early America where life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, one nation, a nation of prophets, under God, in Jesus name, was founded.

But evil crept in and persecution once again makes its trespass on our lives. Takes away our land, takes away the name of Jesus, takes away prayer in school, and takes away The Way even as the evil of psychiatry makes it the way of psychosis to be avoided.

Our country is waking up in this countries election, trying to make Christian change happen. Movies saying ‘God’s not dead’ are all the rage, only, they are just channels that express True Christian misconceptions. They do not know the Way of Jesus nor teach it. They only take the outpouring of the spirit and capture it in the same old teachings that are not true teachings of the Way of Jesus. Having only blind faith.

Only that’s not what we want to get spirited about. We need to wake up to choosing life in the Way of Love in Truth. WAKE UP!!! Christianity is not about teaching the blind to lead the blind!!! Now is the time to choose to know the God of all Good things through his Son Jesus. Only Jesus can show you the Father. And you get to know him personally, by his Love Jesus reveals.

Through salvation, our re-birth of our life spirit, to become one with the spirit of our Lord God Jesus Christ, we become a son of God. This act of salvation is given by God the Father. He is the one who decides who gets the Holy Spirit of his only begotten Son, Jesus. But that’s okay, Jesus gave the Father permission to do just that!

Now the Father knows your heart better than you do and when he tries the reins he knows the outcome. When you walk in the Way of Repentance in the hope of finding and acknowledging the truth in/of Jesus, the Father will know when you are true and give you the salvation of your soul and a new heart to hold the new spirit and feel the Love of the Father when you are saved.

This initial beginning into spiritual awareness comes on you sudden and intense and often has a vision taking away any thought of anything of your own. As you regain your senses of situation awareness, the feeling of God’s love will leave you. And leave you wanting it back!

You know you experienced something, salvation, but you may not know it. It’s important to realize that this is normal and only requires that you begin walking in the Way full- time to get back in touch with the Love you felt at the beginning. For that is how you mature in your measure of faithfulness and know that same love as the ‘substance and evidence’ of the love Jesus shows to you in every step of the Way. In increasing measure until your part measure is full and sufficient unto your belief in Jesus. Ergo God is in us thru Jesus, who reveals him to us by his love.

Since walking in the Way of Repentance brings us to the acknowledgment of Truth wherein the Way of the love of God is known and found, we learn to see the totality of the Way of Repentance to find the Way of Love to submit to, abide in, and become transformed to be one with and in Jesus, thus knowing the Way in/of Jesus. All thanks to Jesus who makes it all possible. By his death on the cross to cover our sins and remove them by his resurrection from the grave three days later; who then ascended up to the Father to speak for us and allow the Father to draw us to him to be one with him in Jesus.

Make no mistake…all is progressing as prophesied and soon your opportunity to walk in the Way to find Jesus, will have no effect because soon he will withdraw his spirit from the world and let the devil kill every living person. Only because that what the devil wants to do God will shorten these end times so that not all will be killed.

I pray and hope you will be found in Jesus.

For in Jesus we walk in the Way he lived and taught, so we can be one with him.

Self-righteousness seeks personal gain at the expense of others, however true righteousness found in the Way of repentance is how we find the truth to our sin and it is our responsibility to see our actions with their underlying desires, and then turn to choose to act in the Way of love that does no harm to its neighbor! A choice between the ‘old self’ and the ‘new self’ is seen and chosen to be one with and in.

It’s not about saying you have to change, it’s about becoming less of who we don’t want to be and loving all in who we really are. That is, if you so choose to grow to know the God of love in truth. You can also choose to enjoy the fruits of the world and support the god of this world who only wants you to sin and be his slave for now, only to kill you in the end. Only his end will come as Jesus is the True God.

I choose Jesus. I’ve known the life of sin. I’ve experienced sin living in me. But God the Father never left me alone. Have you ever heard of ‘Déjà vu’? The belief that you have experienced a particular moment in life again?

Well you have, but only a snippet, to see what the Father saw since before life began. As you experience life, he shows you that you are on course and he is watching over you.

The final outcome is 100% of the chosen will be saved from a sinful world, to know life as a son or daughter of God the Father. But not all of the people of this world will enter into heaven to be with the Father and with Jesus, and many will die and suffer hells death.

“Many are called, but few are chosen.”

And yet we can choose to effect the outcome: life with Jesus as Lord or death with the devil who becomes ashes under the feet of those who live for and in Jesus.

Choose wisely grasshopper! When you have learned the Way you will have arrived.



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