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“The Mis-guided Love of Amos Rundle”

May 27, 2016

by: worksbyjj


“You should have seen it . . .

Jason knocked Amos down and when Amos started running Jason pulled his gun and started shooting at him. Missed every time but boy did that Amos run like his feet was on fire.”

“No, no, no, you got it all wrong Jessie, I know cause I was there and heard and saw everything . . . Jason and I were working on the barn when Amos drove up and called Jason out. When Jason heard Amos call him out saying, ‘Come on out Jason you double timing thief I’m going shoot you dead.’ Well, Jason stopped drilling the hole he was making with his drill and calmly walked out there to face Amos down; why he even carried his drill in his hand cause of his planning on coming back to work after talking to Amos, but ol’ Amos drew his six shooter and started waving it around and yelling at Jason saying, Jason done stole the love of the woman he was going to marry, only she wouldn’t marry Amos as long as Jason was alive cause she was in love with him; so he had it to do so as Beth would be free to marry him.

But Jason stood there just as calm as can be and when Amos done finished his tirade, Jason just took that drill and squatted down and drilled a hole in the ground. And when he was done he stood up and said to Amos, “Amos you may have a gun to shoot holes in me and you know it would take more holes than you got bullets to kill me and when you was done I’d knock you down and drill a hole just like that one in your head, then you and Elizabeth would be over and iffn I died after doing you in, Elizabeth would be alone and never marry nobody.” Then Jason dropped the drill from his hand and when Amos looked down at it Jason done swung his fist and walloped Amos good and done took his gun from him.

Amos didn’t resist much being so dizzy and all from that wallop, but he knew his gun was gone and he froze like and then started to stutter saying, “wait . . . wait . . . wait . . . .” And then he turned tail and ran like the devil was chasing him and even slipped a couple times, which might have been a good thing cuz ol’ Jason was taking aim and every time Amos slipped, a bullet would shoot into the ground next to him and he’d get up damn fast and scurry on until he got in his car and drove away spinning his wheels and flinging dust every where so that Jason couldn’t get a good clean shot and instead put a couple holes in Amos’s windshield.

But Jason was just missing on purpose cuz down deep him and Amos was friends and Amos was gone so long a time that it was only natural that Elizabeth Stanton would want to marry Jason, having grown up with them two until Amos’s folks moved down to Newton Iowa to find work and Amos only being 14 at the time.

Before that, those three were like peas in a pod but I guess ol’ Amos didn’t reckon things would be different and come back when he was 22 thinking he’d come and marry Elizabeth and Jason could be his best man but it worked out just the opposite and I’m guessing he just forgot himself and went loco when his dreams just faded away and reality was too hard to swallow.

You know, one can actually feel sorry for ol’ Amos; you can’t just dig up the roots and expect things to be the same. Like a tree dug up by the roots Amos must have felt he was dying and his memory so dear to him of his early years were to be lost.

You know how it is Jessie, a person’s gotta have roots!”

“yup, you got that right Danny boy, you gotta have roots.” Listen folks, roots or no roots, there is no excusing our actions that we take in life.

For in life there are dozens and dozens of actions we can take in acting out our way of thinking, but beneath all the actions lies the simple truth of the Bible that says beneath every sinful action we take there is a motive we are trying to satisfy; whether it be for worries, riches and/or pleasure.

And ‘if’ we want to know the love and truth of God bad enough we will search our inner-most being for whatever memory, whatever feeling, whatever love that is missing and choose to know the love that “does no harm to it’s neighbor.”

Having then chosen it we must abide in it until it becomes a part of us and thus we be transformed knowing “The Way” of Jesus’ thoughts, will, and emotion and we “see” that this is the root to all true Christians and that anyone who claims to be a Christian will either know “The Way” of being, like I just told you, or they will need to be educated in it so as they too can have the roots of true faith in Jesus and can quit living in the confusions of life, which are only confusing because they don’t “see” the roots of God’s Love is found in the alternatives of the motives/reasons we give ourselves for our committing of sin.

Love is out their to be found in Christ Jesus . . . found and chosen!

Such be why Jesus says in John 3:20-21,

“for every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light that his deeds be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.” So, as Jessie would say: “you either is or ye ain’t walking in “The Way”.

In Him, J.J.

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