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“When I was young”

June 13, 2016

by: ‘worksbyjj’


I was in my 20’s working for an insurance company in Beverly Hills California, I worked warehouse, office supplies.

Interesting are the two memories that stand out of the many.

In the first I was able to do good by way of sharing understanding that was enlightening to the woman who received it.  I will share that story in a moment.

In the second of the two memories, I am given to remember the words from a co-worker who said, “Everyone is not as religious as you!”

She was right and I was wrong…I was certain that Steve Perry’s song was a declaration of spirituality…what other lights could he be referring to?

I smile now seeing my two memories; so naïve in one and so wise in the other. And then, to know what I know now that I didn’t know at that time in memory. I smile at myself, yet seeming melancholy sadness grips at me when I attach to my co-workers words the truth of the message to the rest of the world I see today.

Yet even more so am I heartened by the proof that “Now is the time for salvation.” it doesn’t matter when the time occurs, sooner or later but only if you are seeking answers of truth on your own, or someone shares with you some wisdom even “IF” the wisdom shared was also naïve of the deeper foundational wisdom.

And so I share this other memory of ‘beginning’ wisdom hoping the persons involved will see themselves and take heed of the message I would have them Attain to, at the end of this recital.

It happened at a Burger KingÔ. I was off work and on my way home when I decided to have my dinner at Burger KingÔ. Retrieving my tray and selecting an open table behind a certain family of two boys about six and seven years old, a girl about nine or ten, the mother and grandmother. The father was absent.

The mother sat with her back to me, across from her were her daughter and own mother. The two boys sat at a seat set to our left; there they played with their toy balsa wood airplanes…tho’ now a days I think they are made of pressed Styrofoam.

As the boys would run to fetch the airplanes they had thrown, they would distract their mother whom was listening to her own mother.

I could hear the grandmother telling her daughter, ‘don’t let yourself get so upset over it.’ but she definitely was upset.

I then heard the young mother tell her daughter, “Go get me some

Ketchup.” as the girl got up to go get the ketchup she walked by me, and of its own volition, my left arm reached out and stopped her. We looked at each other for a moment and then the mother turned around and I said to her, “Are you asking her to get you some ketchup, then say please.”

This was a surprise to me as I didn’t plan to do that, but it turned out to be the right thing to do, the mother struggled with her feelings for a moment and then said to her daughter, “Would you please go get me some ketchup?” and the little girl took off running to get it.

When she came back I was paying no mind and taking a bite of my hamburger. When I looked up at the girl, she was waiting and she gave me a big smile. But as hopeful as she must have been for her mother it was soon apparent that the young mother was still upset over something.

The grandmother must have asked if the young girl could spend the weekend with her because I could hear the mothers exasperated cry: “You always ask for her, why don’t you take one of these brats.” indicating the boys. And almost on cue, one of the boys, the older one, came crying to mama, his plane got stuck up on one of the hanging beams used to hold potted plants.

In a fit of frustration she took the other boys plane and said to them, “Just sit there and behave.” while I stood to retrieve the stuck plane.

Needless to say the boys sat there and would have started crying; I saw it and the girl saw it, if I hadn’t pointedly looked at the older boy and said, “That’s the breaks guys.”

Ha. Ha. That boys sniffles quickly left him and he came over to my table and sat down in front of me and then leaned forward looking me in the eye all the while his right hand would reach under the table and up the side to try and snatch one of my French fries.

“Don’t do that.” I said. And he quickly withdrew his hand only to start up again, reaching under the table and up the side to try and snatch one of my French fries.

By this time his mother was made aware of the situation and turned around to scold her son but I stopped her saying, “That’s okay, I can handle it.”

I then talked to the boy… “I don’t like people that do wrong things on purpose. I told you not to do that and you should have stopped but you didn’t. I see you sitting there and I didn’t mind you sitting down at my table, and if you would have asked me for one of my French fries I would have given you one, but not when you are acting bad.’

I then turned to talk to the mom, “You are just as much at fault as he is. Don’t you love your kids? Then show them your love and don’t let life’s problems make you act differently. Let go of the problems, don’t let them be the reason for you to forget your love. Then I began telling her a story embellished with all of the theatrics of swaying hands and emphasis.

There were these two monks walking a mountain pass to their monastery, when they came to a rope bridge across a deep chasm, blowing in the wind. At the bridge was a young maiden wanting to cross the bridge but holding back for fear that she would fall off into the chasm because of the blowing wind. When the first monk said, “Here I will carry you across.”

But the second monk began wailing, “Oh no you can’t touch a woman; you’ll break your vows.”

The first monk paid him no mind and he picked up the scared woman and carried her across the bridge and set her down and then went along his way. But the second monk continued wailing at him for five miles, “you broke your vows…the masters will be angry at you…you will be kicked out of the monastery…” when the first monk stopped and said, “Look! I left the woman at the bridge, you are still carrying her!”

At the end of the story the young mother saw the truth of it and experienced a complete change of attitude. She started to smile and when the younger boy saw it he jumped up on the bench seat next to her and laughed as his mother ruffled his hair.

When I left the Burger KingÔ a little later, I know I left a happy family behind me.

I fondly remember this also because of how the young girl got up and came over to stand next to me, watching and listening, hoping her mother would be able to overcome the negative reactions caused by something outside of the moment…and I hope she too learned something worthy of understanding in life.

As for myself, younger then and still blind to the acknowledgment of the final Truth; I was still able to help using my limited understanding, but I was not able to show them the Way of all truth, which I’ve come to an understanding of since then. And I’ve learned to value the Way of Love and Truth much more as it has set my feet on a firm foundation for a life in abundance.

Now…to the young mother, to the young girl and the two boys, listen carefully…here’s what I needed to say then but couldn’t:  Since that time we met at the Burger KingÔ I have experienced becoming a Christian. Not like your common Christian confessors, but gifted in the gift of prophesy that I learned over a twenty-six year period.

I’ve learned that there is a “Way” of coming to see the truth that rules all of life through the Love of God. That the Spirit of Truth and the co-existing Love of God that goes with it, is REAL, and can only be found and acknowledged ‘in’ the Holy Spirit given by God the Father as a result of walking in “The Way” of repentance.

No other teaching can reveal “The Way” to you as it is tied to the scriptures that are given to allow you to “see” the “Hidded Wisdom” of  The Word. My sharing of understanding back at the Burger KingÔ was fine for opening your eyes to your obsessive hold of a negative attitude unrelated to the moment where you would lash out on the innocents because of it. But the foundation to your understanding needs to be established on the Word God the Father and the Word God the Son, Jesus.

And so I urge you and encourage you to read my other ‘Teaching’ articles so that you can ‘move’ yourself to find and acknowledge the connection of understanding that you learned that day, with the knowledge of understanding found in our Lord Jesus in this day! Hopefully the day of your salvation!

For Now truly is the time of your salvation! And as you find and submit to the Way of Love and Truth, linked to your existing knowledge as experienced that day back when, then you will begin to grow in your ability to become sons and daughters of God.

That’s it!!! My last word is this… you valued my wisdom then, even as incomplete as it was, then value my wisdom now, I tell you truly it is even better and more rewarding for the abundant life.

Come to see that the love and understanding you felt come alive within you then is founded on the love and understanding found in true Christianity. Not like the churches express, but as a loving and truthful heart expresses in The Way of spiritual maturity.

So… “IF” when you ask yourself, do you believe in Jesus, and find you do not acknowledge him in the understanding of love and truth in faithfulness; then I urge you to put yourself to task and find your salvation in your repentance. It’s a free gift, given simultaneously with your acknowledgment. And in time and continued growth you will be able to see to understand that Jesus truly is ‘The Way The Truth and The Life.’

In Him, J.J.

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