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“How now Brown cow?”

June 21, 2016




When I look around me I see much. When I listen to the news detailed according to various big time critics, or newscasters, I stand amazed.

I can understand why they are popular. Mostly because they fill you in on current events and grand stand the values that ‘they’ those whom are in the news, have violated.

But pointing out the short comings of a person or persons, doesn’t give any value towards spiritual growth. For if all I do is say you sinned, no matter that I show you how and where, and hold up the values that you can see the way you ought to be expressing, and don’t tell you how to get there from where you are at, then all I’ve done is complain…though in this example it wouldn’t be called complaining but rather news casting.

You see, every false religion does the same thing…in false Christianity we say turn away from sin and love one another; but this love is human love when it should be God’s Agape love that we love one another with. Such is the reason Jesus added a new commandment saying: “love each other as I have loved you.”

So, not knowing the Way of God’s love we fake it with our human love of eros, epithermia, storgee, or philio; and end up believing by blind faith that we are good Christians when we couldn’t be further from the truth.

How do we love with God’s Agape love? The bible says we are corrupted by our deceitful desires. Why deceitful? Because you have a reason or motive for committing any sin.

Jesus says we are choked and do not mature in the spirit of our minds because of our desires to satisfy either a riches, worries and/or pleasure. So when you simply resist sinning you are not even looking at the reason/motive behind your sin; and so you never deal with the cause of it.

Yes you can resist sin but it does nothing to eliminate it. Only by looking at the reasons for it can you allow the Holy Spirit to show you a loving and truthful alternative Way to submit to. Once you submit to and abide in the acknowledged Way of love in truth, you will begin to transform your mind into the mind of Christ. And the scriptures will begin to make sense.

With this in mind do you now see to understand such verses as: Matthew 7:all.

When you cast the plank out of your own eye first then truly you will know how to cast the speck out of your brothers eye…experience has taught you to know the many faces of desire and your innermost being has valued the answers you chose to become one with.

Now when you reach out to someone in peril to help them overcome the tormentor of decision, you can teach them to question their reasons for desire, then they can choose to move in change. Or not…after all, God doesn’t make us choose whom we will serve, he only delivers on his promises, and lets us be responsible or irresponsible.

Or how about Ephesians 4:17-24, Romans 12:1-3? There are many more verses that will become clear along the Way. But first you have to begin repenting in the continuing effort to become the person you have it in you to be. But beware….

Today we have over 34,000 different doctrines of the Bible being taught when there is only one true doctrine given. Only the Elite in Christ Jesus will be able to know the one true doctrine of the Way but it doesn’t come about by studying the Bible or by birthright or by blind faith…no the only Way you can know it is first by repenting of your sins; then you will begin to see to understand the scriptures as they are given to be understood.

The bible says that in the last days our Lord Jesus will call out to his chosen to come out from the churches. Out of the church and into his bosom…a wife prepared for the Groom. The Bride is also called out because the time is close that the churches will sin to keep their doctrine beliefs.

While the anti-christ has fooled all but the Elite, it has been done by his words of rebuke and of blind faith; he tells you to believe in your love…he won’t tell you that he is mis-leading you and he won’t teach you to know the truth for there is no truth in him.

I smile…I smile because of the core values that America has learned to value and yet abuse over and over; as the newscasters have so aptly pointed out; But have not shown the Way of, for you to learn. But then, they are not there to teach us, only to report the news that allows them to show us their core values are the same as ours.

To learn the Way of Love and Truth we were meant to assemble and hear the prophets speak, two or more and weigh carefully what is said; all so that we can Love God with all our heart body and soul, and love our neighbor as we love ourselves and as Jesus loved.

Do you know how now…cast the plank out first brown cow and you will.J


In Him,


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