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‘The Soul of Christ Jesus’

June 27, 2016




My name is james, but I call myself J.J. I‘m 62 years old, and am on a mission. I’m gifted in the gift of prophecy and consider myself a prophetic teacher of the Word of God, so as to comfort, strengthen, and encourage the church-body with words easy to understand.

Yet, even though I teach a simple Way of love and truth in the Lord, most of you will reject my teachings. They are not my teachings but the Lords; I just share them with a depth of insight and understanding that you have to find for yourself in order to establish your faithful belief. I just show you HOW to find your answers in the Lord.

Most of you will reject the Word I share and never benefit, but some of you…one here, one there, another elsewhere will be able to “acknowledge”, in the spirit, the truth of what I share; yet you will still be trapped in the worlds wisdom of the Word of God. I know because I was trapped also until I found the Way.

You will say you understand me, and offer up your own understanding of your gospel beliefs as a way of showing me you understand, but when I clarify the Way of the true gospel, which clashes with your expression of truth and you will soon reject me and the word I share. (see my article ‘The Teaching of Christian Churches Today’)

I can understand how it is. Many of you have been soured by the constant call for donations. Why just today I saw an issue of a local newspaper and on the front page was a story of a Radio station that was to become the ‘Soul of San Diego’ but after two years had to close down due to lack of funds to continue.

We know why it didn’t succeed, you liked the idea of a christian radio station that would address the need for christian music and talk that didn’t cross the line of vulgarity that a lot of radio stations have crossed. But that wasn’t enough for your donations. What’s in it for you? Music, that to me is almost useless, or talks about Jesus but it’s not really enough is it?

It’s the same way at the churches…you go to one and don’t like the message so you try a different one. The Bible says that we only want to hear what our itchy ears want to hear. And after hearing some of the music that some of the other stations are playing I can understand why you like it. It’s vulgar, threatens you and excites you.

Some of the same complaints were given to ‘Rock n Roll’ in its hey days. Yet a lot of the good songs that we like, speak a good word. Jethro Tull wrote an album that tried to show ‘us’ the feelings of what he thought of the churches that believed God had to be wound up on Sundays, while the rest of the week went to hell and back by next Sunday only to wind up God again.

Devo showed us their view of life and Truth, there songs of hope, showed us that superstitions like stepping on cracks to break our mothers back were just that, superstitious malarky.

Breakfast in America by Super Tramp told us that there’s a long way home or a short way home and it is up to us to choose which way to go. But what is the short way home?

The songs don’t tell you. The artist that wrote them are seeking the truth too! Some of the songs tell us that we don’t have to live like a refugee…for every one has hurdles that can trip them up. But we can overcome them as easy as changing our view and understanding of them.

Churches are popular when they give a sermon that touches our heartstrings, but their answers are tempered by their churches doctrine. And we look for our answers elsewhere at another church, in another song, or another book, another conversation or just by reading the Bible and praying for understanding. But none of them are giving you the Way of God’s Love and Truth with the reasoning that clarifies the meaning.

None but me. And I can only do it through my gift of prophecy. But Christianity is so much more! “Do good to one another, especially to our brothers in Christ.”  Are you doing this? Yes, you are giving to the churches, you are feeding the hungry, you are giving your tithes to one homeless bum at a time. But is that enough? What are you giving yourself? You have a job, you are making out, but times are tough and you can’t give as much as you would like and even if you could it’s not enough and will need more. And you hope that others will be as giving. And then, you could use some help too!

When we look at Hurricane Katrina or the tsunami and earthquakes in Japan, we see the need to help. How many of you are artists and performed for charity? How many of you are actors and gave to a fund raiser? How many of you give just so you can have a tax write off? That’s ok, the needy don’t complain about that kind of giving, they only wish they had the job that makes them good money so that they could give when the time comes.

As a God fearing country we collectively give more to distressed nations than any other nation. But what are we doing to perpetuate the giving?

I’m not talking about your saving until the next big disaster that calls out for your help. I’m talking about the continuing crisis of homelessness, hunger and peace of mind.

A homeless person or a person facing eviction due to losing their job, the needs are ever there and ever needed for more money, more food, more of everything that is needed.

What are you going to do about that? Seems hopeless doesn’t it?

Its not…we look for a leader when we elect a president, that can take our problems and eradicate them. We know that increased taxes are needed, but it’s never enough, the hungry are hungry again.

But there are many who need help for a short time until they can get on their feet. Some take longer than others, some haven’t got the sense to get on their feet and stay on them. That’s why we have disability programs. But they are threatened by cuts in the countries budget or the states budget. You can’t say that you don’t want to have your taxes pay for these people because some of them are old, lame and/or crazy and God uses us to care for them.

Churches can only do so much and then they need more donations. All at a time that the call of Christianity is being overcome by self interests. No one has time for God anymore. Do you?


I am calling on all of you who read my words, who like them, who strives to find understanding…to MOVE yourself to make a difference. The churches don’t need you near as much as I do. Near as much as YOU DO!

Are you reading me here? Are you seeing the need for fast action? We don’t have much time left…do you listen to the news…do you hear the predictions for the near future, made by sensible people, how the economy is failing fast and the threat of Martial Law is feared within the next six months.

Are you joined up to a militia? Are you preparing for the tuff times ahead? I can say this, The Mormon Church members are advised to store a years supply of food for when the dookie hit’s the fan.

The time is now and you can make a difference. Depending on your contributions size and regularity to a fund I want to establish for the true Christians in our own back yard. A fund that can be used to prepare for tomorrow, and help us today.

I call on every one who professes Jesus as Lord and Savior, to join with me in this effort. Are you an actor…can you give more? Are you an author…can you give more? Are you making good money at a good job…can you give more? Are you a foundation created to do good…can you give more? Are you just a poor christian that wants to help…I love you for it.

Yes, I know every Tom Dick and Harry preaching the word are asking for your financial help and it makes you sick.

Then get sick, but GROW-UP! And know that the world requires financial support-for clothing, food and expenses, and a Teacher of the Word is meant to earn their living from the preaching of the Word.

Call it a tithing, a donation, a salary, a love gift, but don’t call it missing. You can say you don’t need me to show you the way of the Bible but “prophecy is for believers.”

I have the gift, do you? Then answer me this – why are you even reading this? You should already know of God’s doctrine called: The Way. Do you know it? You don’t. and while your small tithe is like getting blood from a turnip, it does next to nothing in the bigger picture. It supports your church is all, and that’s just one doctrine among the over 34,000 different christian doctrines being given in the christian churches of the world.

That’s chaos among the people that want to know Christ Jesus for real. If you think you can send me ten dollars and call it good then you are sadly mistaken. I’d spend it and it would be gone. With nothing to show for it. But “if” I received it regularly along with others who would contribute in size or regularity, then I’d be able to do something so that you could be proud of it and have something that can benefit yourself and the other christians in our country.

But to do that I NEED all of you to join with me make contributions and follow me in my blogs teaching. Yet what do I have? A lot of you saying, ‘I like this article.’ check! And not one of you has asked a question of faith, become a follower, or made a financial contribution to help ease my needs financial; and I can’t pass the hat or set it down in front of you while you read one of my articles.

You really are a poor excuse for a christian. Yes you are. Who are you!?! You work…I’m unemployed; you live in a house…I live on the streets; you give to the homeless…I write articles and ask for a donation.

Your thoughtful but not really very caring. Family, friends and Jesus are suppose to mean something to you. You would help a family member or a friend, and you probably give a little at church. I don’t know anyone who gives the Biblically standard of 10% in their tithes. And that’s probably more for show than sincerity.

If you do give at your church, your church should be able to do more, but does it? No, the fact is, the more you give to your church the more you cause it to grow and yet it benefits you very little.

Did they reveal the teaching of The Way? Did it give you an answer to your question of faith that gave understanding and direction?

I know the answer is no. because I know that God purposely hid the teachers of The Way until they were to be revealed in these end-times. (see Isaiah 30:20-26)Your churches are still stuck in the teaching of evangelism and Harm you when they try to tell you what you need to do to walk as a true christian. I KNOW THIS!!!!

Prove me wrong! I wish you could but you don’t know of The Way do you? No harm done “IF” you can admit it and MOVE yourself to learn it. But are you? You can read of it in my articles; not all of them, some of my articles are on other topics, but most are on The Way.

But do you like them? Then do more than just checking the Like-Box, join with me and follow my teachings in the Word, and help me to make a difference by sharing with me the financial burden of establishing a fund that I would like to be able to use for all of our benefits, especially of my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

You can do so through my pay-pal account under my e-mail url  You can also e-mail me any questions you have or share them with the readers here in the comment section so that they can see the answers that are given in The Way. Or you can just say hi.

It’s up to you, but you knew that! It’s always been up to you….


In Him,


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